DIY Old Lady Baby Costume

Brielle celebrated her 1st Halloween when she was 3 months old.  I didn’t want to go too crazy on a costume, because she was still basically in newborn clothes and I knew she would be sitting in a carrier the whole time anyway.

I got some inspiration to do a DIY old lady costume and with a few things we had around the house and a trip to Hobby Lobby, she ended up with a great costume.

Here’s what you will need:

2-Piece Bodysuit Dress & Cardigan Set

Baby dress & cardigan

Carter’s makes a lot of these sets which can be bought at any of their stores or Target, Kohls, Walmart, wherever Carters brand clothes are sold.

Gellwhu Cable-Knit Knee High Cotton Socks For Newborn Baby Girls Boys Toddlers 5- Pack (0-12 Months)

Knee high socks or leg warmers

I ordered leg warmers from Amazon, but even basic socks would work.

Tight knit hat that you don’t mind ruining

The ones they give you from the hospital work great! That’s what we used, you just have to stretch it out while you’re gluing because otherwise it will stick too much and not expand over her head.

White Pom Poms - 1"

White or Grey Pom Poms

I got these from Hobby Lobby and they worked great.  I used the 1 inch ones and thought those were a perfect size.  They had different sizes from 1/4″ and up. I imagine cotton balls would work well also.

Hot glue gun

To glue the pom poms onto the knit hat.  Make sure they are close enough together, but spread out the hat so it doesn’t stick.

Mardi Gras Beads

To tie/glue on to the glasses frame. You should able to find these at a dollar store or party store.

Baby glasses

This was the hardest to find that would fit on my baby’s face.  I didn’t want to buy expensive glasses just to pop out the lenses, so these ones I found at a dollar store and they are child/adult size.  They are a bit big, but stayed on for the most part over the wig since it was much bigger.


I added a little coffee mug for the photo shoot and you could add shoes as well. It would probably be easier if your baby is a little bigger and can sit up. Enjoy costume making!

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