7 Simple Leaf Activities For Toddlers

This is the season when leaves are in abundance.  I’m sure you’re looking for an easy way to get them all off your lawn, as well!  Here are some simple leaf activities for your toddler to participate in that can help to develop language skills and sensory processing.

This is an excellent way to teach your kids new words about color, size, and seasons, as well as tactile sensory processing from touching and feeling the different textures of the leaves. They’re all super simple and don’t require much set up or supplies. Enjoy the beautiful autumn season with your kids!Keep in outch with Custom Holiday Cards

Go for a walk to pick up leaves


You can push them in a stroller or walk with them. This is even just a good reason to go out and get some fresh air. Try and gather at least 2 different color leaves- brown, yellow, red, green. Talk to them about the leaves changing colors during the fall and falling off the trees and tell them what color each leaf is as you pick them up.

Sort them by color


Tape colored construction paper to the floor and have them put the leaves in their corresponding color pile.  Tell them the color and try to have them repeat it, teach them ‘on top‘ as you put the leaves on top of the paper.

Sort them by size


Place one big leaf and one small leaf separately.  Have them now sort their leaves by size.  As you or toddler picks them up, say big or small and have them repeat those words.

Leaf Sensory Bin

leaf sorting toddler

Throw all the leaves into a bin or bowl, along with other small objects or toys.  Have your child fish through the leaves to find their toys.  Talk about the texture of the leaves with them.  Tell them to crunch the leaves in their hands and between their fingers and ask them how it feels or if they like the feeling. Source:

Count the Leaves

As simple as it sounds.  Use the leaves to learn counting as they are gathering them or as they are playing.  Around 2 years old, your toddler should be starting to say numbers up to 10.  They may not understand the concept of counting one-by-one, but this activity can help them learn.

Make a Leaf Wreathe

    leaf wreath        

This is a super easy craft to make with the leaves you collected once you’re done with the above activities. Just have your toddler glue the leaves onto a ring cut out form a paper plate or cardboard and your toddler will be so impressed with his work! Source: Crafts for all seasons

Make a turkey

Leaf Turkey {Kid Craft}

Use your left over leaves to make a simple turkey craft.  Depending on the age of your toddler, you could draw the large shapes and have him attempt to cut it out.  If they are too young, cut out the pieces and have them just glue the leaves on back of the turkey.  Your toddler will love seeing the transformation of paper and leaves into something that they recognize as an animal. Source: Glued to my crafts blog

Enjoy these fun fall activities with your toddler and also check out my Ultimate Fall Bucket List for more fun family activities.

How did these simple fall leaf activities work for you and your children?  Feel free to share in the comments below!




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  1. I love these ideas for incorporating language development into cute fall activities!

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