The Benefits of Essential Oils for Busy Moms

by | Jan 6, 2020

Essential oils have now become an integral part of lives for many people. They are extracted from different kinds of plants, flowers, and seeds, essential oils are concentrated compounds that are incredibly strong, and must be diluted before they can be put to use.

The reason why essential oils are so popular nowadays is that we are now so aware of the positive effects.

If you are interested in using essential oils, there are many options available to you. Essential oils are already available from your local farmer’s market, or you can buy them at any store that sells organic or well-being products.

Mothers should consider using essential oils for a variety of reasons. Many of the essential oils that are popular nowadays are known for their ability to improve a person’s life.

Moms usually lead hectic days and chaotic nights. They are required to work doubly hard for their kids and other members of the family and juggle their jobs alongside their duties at work as well.

Therefore, it’s often difficult for them to take out any time from their busy day for themselves.

As a result, they are often tired by the time they fall on their beds and are out within an instant. Then, the cycle repeats the next day.

So, how do you take out any time for yourself? It seems impossible. However, as a mom, what you can do is introduce some essential oils into your life.

There is a myriad of reasons why every mom should be using essential oils. Here are some key reasons that are going to convince you to start using essential oils.

Supports Healthy Sleeping Habits

One of the biggest luxuries for mothers in this day and age is sleep.

Many mothers find it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. They often have to wake up early in the morning and usually fall sleep quite late in the night.

Maybe you have a child who wakes up in middle of the night and starts crying, thus waking up the entire house with them. Or, you might find it difficult to just fall asleep with your mind always focused on different your little ones, work, and life in general.

If you are one of those moms who have difficulty in just shutting off your mind because you are flooded with a bunch of various thoughts, consider essential oils that are designed to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Essential oils will help you and your family, sleep considerably better.

Supports Emotional Well-Being

Many mothers often have relatively fragile emotional states. The reasons for that usually differ, but they all stem from the fact that mothers are often too concerned regarding the well-being of their families and themselves, leaving little room for focusing on their own emotional states.

Emotional balance is essential for mothers because it not only helps themselves but also improves their families. If a mother is emotionally fragile or harbors different types of feelings against different members of the family, it’s going to be difficult for her to maintain a cool head.

However, the use of essential oils has been renowned for supporting healthy emotional states and well-being. Essential oils like lavender are an excellent choice because they are incredibly versatile and not only boost moods, but they also help in relieving stress.

Jenn Oldham from says that it is the natural solutions like essential oils that helped her go through difficult periods of parenting. “Parenting with ADHD and anxiety is no joke,” says Jenn.

Parenting can often be quite hard and can take a toll on a person, so it’s recommended that you take steps to relax your mind.

A Healthy Immune System

As the season begins to change, you might want to consider starting using essential oils more frequently. The reason for that is quite simple: they help in boosting the immune system.

Essential oils can prevent different kinds of allergies and can assist in clearing the sinuses. People who have difficulty breathing will realize that their respiratory system and overall immunity will improve considerably.

If you were often susceptible to catching a common cold and just lying in bed for a few days as the weather changed, you might want to consider using essential oils.

There are many essential oils known for their amazing properties, and these oils will make your life considerably better.

Healthy Weight Management

This might come as a surprise to many people, but essential oils also support healthy weight management for new moms.

When you start using essential oils, your weight will begin to fall, mainly because they suppress the appetite hormones from getting triggered at random times, and ensure that you are getting a good night’s sleep.

As long as you eat well and sleep well, your weight will automatically begin to fall until it reaches its ideal level.

. . . . .

We can write all day long about the reasons why moms should use essential oils, but you all should know that no matter how potent and helpful are the essential oils at the end of the day, they are not a cure, not even medicine. 

Essential oils can help to reduce the symptoms of your condition, or some essential oils may promote a healthier life, but they are by no means medicine, and you must not replace the medication with essential oils.

If you have prescribed medicine by the doctor for your conditions, and you want to replace them with use essential oils, you can not stop using the medicine instead of essential oils. Always consult your doctor or person who is specialized in aromatherapy before using any essential oil for medicinal purposes.

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