500+ Feminine Baby Girl First and Middle Names for 2023

Coming up with a name for your baby can be so tough. After all, it will be attached to them for the rest of their life. You may have been racking your brain for months trying to come up with that perfect name, but nothing is clicking.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a feminine first or middle name for girls and depending what is most important to you, there can be a lot of variables. Just know that you may not be so fond of a name at first, but once you start associating it with your baby, you will fall in love with it.

Below is a list of beautiful and feminine baby girl first and middle names for your little one. I would choose any of these names for our daughter because they sound so feminine.

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Once you decide on your baby girl’s name, how adorable are these nursery wall signs below? An absolutely gorgeous way to display your little one’s name.

Tips for choosing a name

Here are some questions I asked myself when picking baby girl first and middle names. You can rank them in order of priority for your family because not all of them will be as important as others.

  • Do you want to use a family name or initial?
  • Does it have a nice meaning to it?
  • Does it have meaning to us or our family?
  • Are there nicknames for this name that we want to use or avoid?
  • Is it too popular?
  • Is it too unique?
  • Does the name sound well with your last name?
  • Are there any negative associations you have with it?
  • What will her initials be?
  • What will that name sound like when they’re an adult or professional?

The biggest advice is to ignore what others think or have to say about names you are considering or choose. It’s such a personal decision for you and your family so don’t let any other outside influencers change your mind.

Once you have it narrowed down to 2-4 names, I suggest picking one name per week during your pregnancy, and referring to your baby as that name. Every time you talk about “the baby,” call her by that name. When you refer to her nursery or her movements in your belly, call her by that name.

At the end of that week, change it to another name. Do this for several weeks with your top choices to see which name sticks and feels the most genuine to you. Once you start actually referring to your baby as this name, you will feel even more of a connection to her.

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Beautiful and Feminine Baby Girl First and Middle Names

Here are some beautiful and feminine baby girl names (first and middle) and common nicknames you could use for them, as well.


Abigail Marie “Abby”

Adalyn Jane. “Addi”

Addison Grace. “Addy”

Adriana Michelle

Alana Victoria

Alina Elle

Alessia Rae

Alexa Kate “Lex,” “Lexi”

Alexis Jade “Lex,” “Lexi”

Amelia Faith

Angelina Gabrielle

Aria Lynn

Arianna Paige “Aria”

Arielle Charlotte

Ariella Beth

Ashley Joy

Aubrey Lynn “Bree”

Audrey Grace

Ava Marie

Avery Shae

Avianna Hope “Avi”, “Ava”

Amelia Celeste

Alice Grace

Alivia Rose

Aurora Jade

Adeline Faith

Anastasia Maeve

Arabella Joy

Annabelle Claire

Athena Skye

Aurora Belle

Alexis Willow

Amara Faye

Anaya Jade

Adrienne Sage

Ashlyn Paige

Addison Hope

Allegra Noelle

Ainsley Harper

Aria Mae

Avalynn Blair


Bella Rae

Berkely Michelle

Blakely Rose

Brianna Lynn “Bree”

Briella Mae    “Bree”

Brielle Elise “Bree”

Brooke Elizabeth

Brooklyn Riley

Brynn Victoria

Brynlee Rose “Bryn”

Beatrix Jade

Bridgette Grace

Brinley Maeve

Bryony Claire

Bria Seraphina

Blair Eloise

Brighton Mae

Belinda Violet

Brenna Celeste

Blossom Faye

Birdie Noelle

Bellamy Skye

Breanna Willow

Baylee Juliette

Brianne Celestine

Brylee Harper

Bronwyn Elise

Baylor Sage

Blair Evangeline

Brisa Coraline

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Caitlyn Grace

Charlotte Hope “Charlie”

Chloe Paige

Claire Savannah

Cadence Grace

Calista Jade

Camille Olivia

Capri Maeve

Carly Elizabeth

Carmen Sophia

Cassidy Mae

Catalina Rose

Cecily Faith

Celeste Violet

Celia Maeve

Charlotte Rose

Chelsea Noelle

Christina Claire

Ciara Harper

Clarissa Skye

Clementine Rae

Colette Isabella

Coraline Grace

Cynthia Hope


Daisy Michelle

Delilah Avery

Daisy Mae

Delilah Grace

Danielle Marie

Dakota Rae

Diana Rose

Daphne Grace

Delaney Hope

Deborah Anne

Dahlia Maeve

Destiny Rose

Denise Elizabeth

Daniela Jade

Delia Claire

Dawn Victoria

Diana Maeve

Delphine Noelle

Dorothy Grace “Dottie”

Darlene Mae

Dixie Harper

Dominique Faith


Elisa Grace

Eliza Tess

Elizabeth Victoria “Liz,” “Beth”

Ella Rose

Ellie Meredith

Elowyn Joy

Emalyn Tess

Emily Beth “Em”

Emilia Louise

Emery Lynn “Emmy”

Emma Rose

Emmy Grace

Erin Elizabeth

Erika Jane

Evianna Marie “Ev,” “Evie”

Evelyn Grace “Ev,” “Evie”

Everly/Everleigh Faith “Ev”, “Evy”

Eden Sophia

Eleanor Mae

Eliana Rose

Elise Gabrielle

Elodie Claire

Ember Lily

Emerald Grace

Emilia Jade

Emmeline Faith

Estelle Amelia

Evangeline Hope

Evelina Joy

Everly Kate

Evie Charlotte

Eleanora Jane

Elara Mae

Elina Juliette

Elowen Grace

Elysia Faye

Emmerson Skye

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Gabriella Michelle

Gianna Lynn “G” “Gee Gee”

Grace Elizabeth

Gabriella Mae

Gemma Rose

Georgia Grace

Giselle Sophia

Genevieve Claire

Giuliana Hope

Gabrielle Jade “Gabby”

Gwendolyn Maeve “Gwen”

Gloria Celeste

Gracelyn Victoria

Geneva Willow

Galilea Noelle

Gia Harper

Giovanna Faye

Goldie Mae

Guinevere Rose

Grayson Faith

Gwyneth Elise

Gracie Mae


Hannah Alexis

Harmony Rae

Harper Lee

Hayden Everly

Hazel Elizabeth

Hailey Rose

Heidi Grace

Holly Marie

Hope Victoria

Hadley Maeve

Helena Claire

Harmony Jade

Hayley Olivia

Heather Mae

Haven Sophia

Halle Gabrielle

Harmony Rae

Hayley Jade

Hazel Mae

Hope Emily

Harlow Violet

Honor Amelia


Isabella Marie “Bella”

Isabella Grace

Isla Maeve

Ivy Elizabeth

Isabel Rose

Imogen Claire

Iris Victoria

Ivy Mae

Ingrid Olivia

Indigo Jade

India Celeste

Irene Joe

Ilana Hope

Isadora Faye

Imelda Grace

Imani Skye

Isabelle Jade

Ivana Marie

Isolde Faith

Inessa Willow

Indira Mae


Josephine Grace “Joey”

Julia Elizabeth

Juliana Paige “Jules,” “Julie”

Jasmine Grace

Julia Maegan

Jade Elizabeth

Juliette Claire

Jocelyn Grace

Juniper Mae

Jessica Hope

Jacqueline Jade

Joy Victoria

Joanna Elise

Jolene Claire

Jordyn Olivia

Jayla Skye

Jemma Grace

Janelle Jade

Jolie Faith

Juliana Marie

Josie Willow

Jane Amelia


Kaitlyn Jade “Kate”

Kaylee Joy

Kelsey Jane “Kel”

Kensley Michelle

Katherine Grace

Kendall Lee

Keira Elizabeth

Kayla Rose

Kennedy Claire

Kelsey Grace

Kira Victoria

Kimberly Mae

Kinsley Jade

Kiana Hope

Kristina Jade

Kiara Celeste

Kaelyn Olivia

Kamila Skye

Karina Faye

Kelly Mae

Kaya Willow

Kendra Faith

Keilani Marie

Kenzie Renee

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Lia/Leah Victoria

Layla Beth

Liliana Marie “Lilly”

Londyn Elizabeth

Lily Grace

Leah Mae

Lucy Elizabeth

Luna Rose

Layla Claire

Lauren Victoria

Lila Jade

Lydia Mae

London Hope

Lexi Skye

Livia Faith

Liliana Rose

Leilani Jade

Logan Olivia

Lena Mae

Lucia Grace

Laurel Jade

Lacey Willow

Lyra Faye

Leona Marie


Mackenzie Mae “Kenzie,”

Madelyn Grace “Maddy”

Madilynn Sophia “Maddy”

Mariah Abigail

Maribel Jane “Mary”

Maren Isabelle

Madison Avery “Maddy”

Melody Reese. “Mel”

Mia Elizabeth

Mya Daisy

Madeline Grace

Marissa Jade

Meredith Lee

Milana Rose

Magnolia Mae

Matilda Elizabeth

Mikayla Hope

Mallory Claire

Mariana Skye

Mabel Olivia

Monroe Mae

Melody Grace

Miranda Jade

Marlowe Renee

Mercy Victoria

Maribel Faith

Meadow Rose

Maxine Elaine

Mira Celeste

Morgan Elizabeth

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Natalie Katherine

Norah Abigail

Natalia Grace

Nora Elizabeth

Naomi Jade

Nova Rose

Nyla Grace

Nadia Claire

Nevaeh Hope

Nicolette Marie

Noelle Sophia

Natalia Faith

Nicole Olivia

Nia Harper

Nina Victoria

Neveah Celeste

Natalya Skye

Noralee Celeste

Natasha Rose

Noemi Claire

Nadine Marie

Nellie Grace


Olivia Rose “Liv, “Livvy”

Olivia Grace

Ophelia Rose

Octavia Claire

Odette Elizabeth

Olive Sophia

Orla Jade

Oona Faith

Olesia Victoria

Odessa Hope

Oriana Jade

Olympia Skye

Opal Celeste

Oakley Mae

Onyx Willow

Odette Marie

Ophira Faye

Orchid Grace

Ocean Olivia

Olwyn Claire


Paige Elizabeth

Peyton Grace

Paisley Michelle

Penelope Victoria

Piper Maeve

Paige Elizabeth

Phoebe Rose

Peyton Claire

Poppy Mae

Presley Jade

Priya Victoria

Pearl Olivia

Priscilla Maeve

Paloma Faith

Patricia Skye

Phoenix Celeste

Portia Grace

Petra Jade

Primrose Mae

Paula Willow

Patricia Mae

Pippa Grace

Here you will find an extensive list of beautiful, modern, and feminine first and middle names for your baby girl plus tips on how to make the difficult decision of choosing a name for your child.


Rachel Alexis

Ryleigh/Riley Jo

Ruby Grace

Riley Maeve

Rose Elizabeth

Rebecca Jade

Rachel Mae

Rowan Olivia

Reagan Hope

Remy Claire

Raquel Victoria

Ramona Grace

Rosalie Jade

Reese Celeste

Ruth Sophia

Remi Skye

River Maeve

Raven Willow

Regina Faith

Rhiannon Marie

Renata Faye

Rosalind Maci


Samantha Lynn

Savannah Rose

Scarlett Elizabeth

Sophia Jane “Soph”

Stella Brynn

Summer Joy

Sophia Grace

Scarlett Rose

Savannah Elizabeth

Stella Jade

Sienna Claire

Sadie Mae

Seraphina Grace

Selena Victoria

Sydney Olivia

Skye Elizabeth

Samantha Grace

Sloane Olivia

Sage Victoria

Shelby Faith

Shiloh Rose

Simone Grace

Sasha Mae

Serenity Jade

Soraya Elizabeth


Taylor Grace

Trinity Rose

Tabitha Elizabeth

Tessa Jade

Thalia Claire

Talia Grace

Thea Victoria

Tess Olivia

Tori Mae

Tatum Hope

Tiana Claire

Tatiana Skye

Teagan Faith

Tenley Grace

Theodora Jade

Tallulah Mae

Tia Celeste

Trixie Grace

Tiara Rose

Tabby Olivia


Una Grace

Ulyssa Maeve

Ursa Elizabeth

Urielle Jade

Unity Claire

Ulalia Rose

Ursula Grace

Urania Jade

Umi Faith

Ulrika Willow

Usher Faye


Valerie Lynn

Vera Beth

Victoria Rae “Vicky”

Violet Abigail

Victoria Grace

Violet Maeve

Vivienne Rose

Vanessa Elizabeth

Valentina Jade

Valerie Mae

Veronica Claire

Vera Grace

Viviana Hope

Vienna Jade

Virginia Olivia

Veda Celeste

Vada Skye

Valeria Faith

Vicky Mae

Veda Willow

Vanna Grace

Vivica Faye

Verity Rose

Viola Claire


Yara Grace

Yasmine Rose

Yvette Elizabeth

Yasmin Jade

Yvonne Marie

Yuri Olivia

Yvaine Celeste

Yasmin Grace

Yolanda Faith

Yuri Olivia

Yolanda Mae


Zoe Michelle

Zara Grace

Zelda Rose

Zariah Hope

Zion Olivia

Zuri Victoria

Zoya Isabelle

Zella Mae

Zinnia Claire

Zola Sophia

How we chose our daughter’s name

My first born baby was a girl and I was ecstatic about it. I love all things girly and feminine and couldn’t wait to dress her up in bows and pink everything!

I had so many girl first and middle names that I loved so it was a bit hard to decide on just one. However, once we came across the name Brielle, we instantly knew that would be it.

There is a beach town at the Jersey shore, very close to where we live, called Brielle. My husband and I had only been living in the area for about a year and a half so we weren’t too familiar with it.

One day while pregnant, I was driving down the highway and saw the sign for ‘Brielle Next Left’ and thought that sounded like such a pretty girl name.

At that point, we didn’t know what the gender of our baby was yet, so I thought to myself, if it’s a girl, that should be her name. I ran it by my husband and while we hadn’t been agreeing on any names together, he actually really liked this one.

A few days later I had gone to the doctor for a check up and the nurse came in and on her coat said her first name, Brielle. I told her that was a crazy coincidence and that I was thinking of naming my baby Brielle too.

At this point, I still didn’t know what the gender of my baby was, but I took it as a sign from God that I was having a girl and that was meant to be her name!

I hope you liked some of these beautiful and feminine baby girl first and middle names. Just know that the name you pick will be just right for her. It may feel weird at first to call your baby by their name, but soon it will feel so natural and fit in your family perfectly.

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Here you will find an extensive list of beautiful, modern, and feminine first and middle names for your baby girl plus tips on how to make the difficult decision of choosing a name for your child.
Here you will find an extensive list of beautiful, modern, and feminine first and middle names for your baby girl plus tips on how to make the difficult decision of choosing a name for your child.
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