10 Incredible Parenting Apps you Need to Download

As a new parent raising kids can prove to be a very difficult task for couples, and that is why we wrote this article for you. The article below is meant to give pointers on the best parenting apps to help guide you on your new quest to parenthood. 

There are various parenting apps available online. Apps for parenting are specifically tailored to assist you as a parent in traversing the challenges that come with parenting. In the article, we have handpicked some of the best apps you need to download as you begin your journey on parenthood.

The parenting task is not as easy as most people think. Some required material may not be available online, on the other hand, some books must be in hard manual copies. 

Baby-Led Kitchen

One of the biggest concerns for parents is nutrition and how you feed your baby. However, this app was specifically tailored to help you in such situations. It comes with a vast library of recipes for preparing meals for kids.

The recipes are for children ranging from six month old to the time when your child can be fully feed on normal solid foods. The meals are budget friendly and cheap for you; they have also been tested and tried to ensure your baby gets the best of the best nutrients.

Baby Rattle

This application lets you turn your phone into a baby rattle and enjoy a library of various sounds. Doing this will ensure your baby is not bored by one boring sound. You can change the sounds periodically and keep your baby hooked. It is a must-have application for every parent.

Baby Monitor 3G

If you leave your baby alone at times, this is the application for you. All you need to get this application started is two phones. One phone is kept with the baby strategically positioned so its camera can view the baby, and the other is the one you use to monitor and view your baby.

It works both on wifi and mobile data. It gives notifications on when the baby awakes from slumber. This application is like a CCTV for tracking and viewing your baby.

Growth Book

Growth book is an application that lets you keep track of your baby’s growth until they reach the age of five. It is subdivided into various sections that let you track development in terms of milestones or achievements at each step. It includes a vaccination tracker, a food tracker and various other facts.

Potty Whiz

Potty training is a very big step in child development. Potty whiz makes it easier by offering an activity tracker and a hand remainder. You can monitor your child’s sessions and keep track of improvements and progress.

You can even set up a potty schedule so that you can be with your child when they need to do it themselves.


Reward encouragement is one of the best ways to motivate kids and teach them responsibility. The application allows you to do this by giving you a chance to give negative or positive reviews to your child based on their behavior, performance, and activities. Rewards are given per the total points the child accrued.

Recipes For Kids

It is an application meant to encourage kids to cook with their parents. It comes with a big library collection of easy-to-prepare recipes for kids. You can share favorite recipes between family members and friends.

They can also be saved offline to be accessed later. It is a great application to allow you and your child to bond as the child learn various cooking methods and recipes.

Montessori Activities

Montessori activities is an application meant to nurture various skills for kids outside the parameters of school. It does this by offering the kids games infused with helpful lessons within the game. Doing this ensures the kids are not bored and captivated.

This way, they can easily remember what they learn from this app. It also gives you various suggestions on how to get the best out of your child and make it fun for them in the learning process.


The bark is a specific monitoring app to ensure you, as the parent, can see any signs of cyberbullying and filter out tabs to see what your kid is browsing through on their phone. You can control the screen time and review which web pages they are allowed to visit. It is a very cool app for parents who want to ensure their kids are safe while online.

Google Family Link

If you are scared about getting your small child a smartphone, this application is for you. The application lets you check up on your kid’s activities using a master control app from your phone. What it does is it lets you both control and track your child’s device.

With the application, you can track what your child is doing on their device. By setting the screen time, the phone will automatically go off in the period set to turn off for instance in odd hours. You can also determine which content should be available to your child.

We hope the above article will aid you as you begin the journey of parenthood. We hope the information proves helpful and vital.

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