Gift Ideas for a New Mom – That She Actually Wants!

When a woman in your life just had a baby, it may be tough to find the perfect gift for them.  Sure, tiny baby clothes and bows are adorable and flowers and balloons are great for celebrating, but what do you think new moms really want??

If they’ve already had a baby shower, that was the time to celebrate the new baby’s arrival.  Chances are they’ve already received plenty of clothes and baby gear so why not take this opportunity to pamper the NEW MOM and celebrate all the work she just did for the past 10 months! She’s probably sore, sleep deprived, and hungry so gifts for her would be the most appreciated.

Here are some ideas for things that I would want after squeezing a watermelon sized human out of my body:

Salon Pampering

Help this mama feel good after all she has been through.  Gift certificates for mani/pedi, massage, facial, hair cut/color, yoga sessions, etc. If you know her favorite salons or activities that she does to relax and unwind, this would be the perfect moment to offer her that.

Quick Eats

It’s hard enough to get off the couch when you’ve had a baby, let alone cook a nice meal and clean up after it. Gift cards for quick eats that her partner can pick up or she can get delivered, make a nice gift.  Think of places like Panera, Jersey Mikes Subs (since she couldn’t have cold cuts for almost a year!), Chipotle, or just a local pizza place.

Date Night

Once things have settled down after a few weeks and the parents are ready to get out and leave the baby with a sitter or grandparent, a gift certificate for a nice dinner out and date night would be much needed.


Offering to babysit for that first date night or any other special parent’s night out.

Mom Jewelry

image 0    image 0

They can keep their children close to their heart with personalized jewelry with their child’s birthdate, name, initials, or birthstone. Gold bar necklaces are very popular now. Stackable rings or a bangle would also look beautiful.

House Cleaning

Your house officially becomes taken over by the baby even BEFORE you bring him or her home from the hospital.  Cleaning is a chore that would be better left to a professional.  A gift certificate for a house cleaning would be a great idea for a new mom.

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Meal Delivery Service or Frozen Meals

Having a newborn in the house makes it much more difficult to get to the grocery store to prepare and clean up dinner.  If you like to cook, consider making them some platters or trays of entrees that can be frozen and quickly heated for a nice home cooked meal.  An even better option would be a meal delivery service, like Hello Fresh, which delivers all the ingredients for gourmet meals right to their door and quick, easy to follow instructions.  Also, if you sign up through that link, you can save $60 on your first meal plan.

Fab Fit Fun

FabFitFun is a unique subscription service that sends you full size products all related to beauty, fitness, home, and wellness that women love.  Make her feel special to receive surprises in the mail every month!

Amazon Gift Cards

No question, Amazon Prime is the best service out there. With their speedy delivery (sometimes offering SAME DAY!), this is a new parent’s dream for all those last minute things they need to purchase for baby.  If they already have an account, gift cards are the way to go.  If not, get them a yearly subscription to Prime.  They’ll love it!

Mom shirts

Mama Tees | Custom shirts. Order yours at Boardman Printing. Visit Facebook/BoardmanPrinting

These funny sayings on comfy shirts/sweatshirts are cute to wear on those lounging days where you don’t even want to get out of your pajamas.


Women love wine right?  What better way to relax after a crying newborn than a nice glass of wine.

Coffee, Coffee, & More Coffee

New moms & dads are exhausted! Having a newborn really takes a toll on your body and mind so running on coffee tends to become a routine. Gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or their favorite coffee chain are a great idea.

‘Mama’ Wine Glasses or Coffee Mugs

            image 0

Along the lines of what I mentioned before, before or after an exhausting day with a newborn, coffee and wine is a must! This is a cute way to show off those drinks.

Funny Parenting Games & Books


Kinderperfect is a game similar to Cards Against Humanity, but the crude parents version.  Sometimes you just need a break from adulting and this is a great way to do that.  Dear Baby: I’m Sorry is a  hilarious book about the not-so-joyous times of parenting and know that you’re not alone!


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  1. Fantastic list, I hope EVERYONE takes note! I’d also add a nap to it. My husband comes home from work single day and shoos me away to go take a nap and I swear, its the best gift of all!

    1. marissalabuz says:

      Ah that’s a great idea! Naps are a must and you’re lucky your husband is so gracious to give you that time!

  2. Great ideas!

  3. Wine is such a good gift especially after a long day of crying! I would’ve also loved some spa days and still would!

  4. These are all GREAT ideas! When I had my son someone got me a spa day and it was the best gift I could have asked for. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Freezer meals were the greatest gift I received after giving birth! I WISH someone gave me a house cleaning service or a spa service!!! That said, we had some supportive family come help out, which was appreciated too!

  6. I want ALL of these things. I love this list! Pamper that new mama, for sure.

  7. I love this! In fact I got a wine glass for Christmas last year that says “mom is off duty!” And I LOVE it! Excellent gift guide!

  8. Love this list! I would have loved any of these gifts when I was a new mom! 🙂

  9. Freezer meals and a nap were at the top of my list! You have compiled a bunch of great ideas… can you give this to my husband? 🙂

  10. As a recent new mom, yes, to all of these. Although the babysitting wasn’t one I was ready for, I just wanted my baby all to myself… Though if someone would come over and just hold her in the same room for a while, that would’ve been fine… Or even long enough for me to shower or what not. lol

  11. I’m going to save this article and send it to my husband. He’s missed the mark when it comes to gifts for me so I think this could really help him– our kids too!

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