55+ Unique and Memorable First Day of School Picture Ideas

The first day of school is a significant milestone for students and parents. It’s a time filled with anticipation, excitement and a touch of nervousness.

One of the best ways to commemorate this special day is by capturing memorable pictures. There are plenty of way to capture the first day of school pictures, some cute, funny or silly.

Why should I take first day of school pictures?

You should take first day of school pictures for so many reasons. At the end of their school career, it’s so neat to line the pictures up and see how they grew, matured and changed.

First day of school pictures are a great memory that can be cherished forever, and a fun way to commemorate their milestones.

How can first day of school pictures be used?

I want to share some fun ideas on how to use first day of school pictures. It is silly to have all of those pictures without putting them to good use.

There are so many fun ways to use these pictures, and I can’t wait to share those with you!

Sharing on social media platforms to celebrate this milestone with family and friends.

Sharing on social media is a fun way to celebrate and share with friends and family. And let’s be honest, show off your little cuties!

One thing I love about social media (especially Facebook) is that it gives you “on this day” for previous years. You can share these memories year after year and have a fun way to easily look back.

Creating a photo album or scrapbook to document your child’s journey through their academic years.

Creating a scrapbook is a fun way to document your child’s journey. Something fun is that as they get older they can help.

Maybe each year you decorate it with their favorite style for the year! Here are some great scrapbook ideas:

Comparing and showcasing your child’s growth each year.

It’s so fun to compare year to year your child’s growth each and every year. This is fun to showcase in the form of a gallery wall, collage, or anything else fun you can think of! Keep in mind that you can use tools like Picsart to make instant collages, so this option may be the easiest.

I love to see the growth from year to year. Watching them change through pictures is so neat to see and keep!

Displaying framed pictures in your home as a reminder of their educational journey.

Making a wall of first day of school pictures is a great way to display their growth! I also like the option of a digital picture frame which makes it easier to add pictures and is less clutter.

What are some tips for capturing memorable first day of school pictures?

Capturing those first day of school moments can be a bit challenging if you are doing it last minute or with lots of first day jitters.

Making sure to prepare with your kids and your props is important. I want to share my best tips and tricks before jumping into the ideas I have found.

Plan ahead by choosing a location, gathering props, and preparing outfits in advance.

Planning ahead is a must, especially with multiple children. Planning ahead, allows you to have the picture you are wanting, versus something last minute and thrown together.

Make sure that you have your location picked out. I would suggest doing a test run in a few spots around your home so that you can figure out what your best lighting option is going to be.

Another thing you want to make sure you have is your kiddos first day of school outfit picked out. This helps cut down on the stress of picking out the perfect outfit.

Make sure that you have your props together, too! Some props you might consider having are:

Encourage your child to express their personality and excitement through their poses and expressions.

Encourage your child to be excited, funny, even sad! Let them express their personality during this time because later down the road you will appreciate their honest emotions!

Use natural lighting or appropriate lighting equipment to enhance the quality of your pictures.

The key to good pictures is good lighting. Natural light is preferred because it is more natural and created the best pictures.

If you don’t have any good natural lighting options, some simple lighting equipment is great to enhance the quality of your pictures.

This equipment is inexpensive and great to have on hand to create great DIY pictures.

Be patient and take multiple shots to ensure you capture the perfect moment.

Patience is key in taking first day of school pictures. There is probably a lot of excitement, jitters and emotions going on during the first day.

Make sure to take lots of pictures to ensure you’ve gotten a good shot. I would quickly review your shots before calling it quits.

Get creative with compositions, angles, and props to add interest to your pictures.

Make it fun and get creative! Create a fun photobooth, use props, change angles and poses to add interest and a fun flair to your pictures.

Each kiddo can easily express their personalities with different poses and props!

Just Simply Mom’s Favorite First Day Of School Picture Ideas

These are my favorite first day of school picture ideas! These ideas are fun and can easily be recreated and changed up to add your own flair.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and fun for your first day of school picture ideas!

Super Hero Theme


Back to school hero’s! Use some of the super hero costumes you may have on hand to create this cute picture!

You could caption something like: “Super kids back at it again!”

Sibling Love


Capture the moments of sibling love! Even if it seems like they are constantly fighting (like mine) they can find come comradery in supporting one another during the first day of school.

Cute Pose


I am really loving this pose! I love that they are kid of back to back looking at one another.

This would be cute to take in the play room (if you have one) or even outside!

Back to Chillin (for Mom!)


Back to school means back to the peace and quiet for stay at home mom’s and dad’s. This picture is meant to be silly and light hearted!

Get in the Car!


Sometimes our kids aren’t so eager to go back to school. This picture is fun and playful, “dragging” your kids into the car!

It is sure to give everyone a good laugh!

Location-Based First Day of School Picture Ideas

Location, location, location. These are some fun places to take back to school pictures that are easy to access!

Front Porch


The front porch is a great place for back to school pictures. The lighting is typically great in the morning and you can prop up a sign or a cute banner.

The front porch is an easy, yet great place to take pictures.

Virtual School


If your kiddo does virtual school, their desk at home is a great place to take their back to school picture! This is a great and almost candid picture to grab for the first day!

Garage Door


The garage door is an easy place for a back to school picture! If you are in a hurry, you can easily grab this picture while going out the door.

Add a cute sign (that you can use year after year) and you are set!

Driving off to School


If you have highschoolers that are driving to school, taking a picture of them before driving to school is a cute way to document their last years in school.

They may be tired of first day of school pictures at this point, but this is a cute way to get them to take a picture for you!

At the Car Dropoff


We are really just trying out best here! This picture is meant to be a funny and silly back to school picture!

Other Ideas:

  • Front Porch Pals: Capture your child’s excitement by taking pictures on the front porch, showcasing their backpack, and holding a sign with their grade level.
  • School Sign: Visit your child’s school before the first day and take pictures near the school sign or entrance, emphasizing the anticipation of a new academic year.

Prop-Based First Day of Picture Ideas

Props are a fun way to spice up pictures and add a little pizzazz. Props get the kiddos excited and really bring out their personalities!

Use a Balloon


I don’t know a kiddo that doesn’t love balloons. Balloons are fun and a fun prop to have on hand for first day of school pictures.

Use a Flag


Cute flags (whether they are like the one above or a yard type flag) are a fun way to make a unique back to school picture!

Large Chalk Board Sign


Chalk board signs are so cute and versatile for back to school pictures and beyond! You can even write something that is unique or personal about on the sign.

Desk Photoshoot


How neat is this little set up with an antique desk! I have seen these types of desks at local thrift shops so they aren’t too hard to come by.

You could also do this on the edge of the kitchen table to give the same effect. Use some of your favorite books and school supplies to add props to the shot!

First Day Balloons


Back to school balloons are a great way to create a fun and interesting back drop in no time!

Other Ideas:

  • Chalkboard Chronicles: Use a large chalkboard or whiteboard to jot down your child’s grade, their favorite things, and their aspirations for the year. Let them hold it and pose for an adorable snapshot.
  • Scholastic Props: Incorporate books, globes, or other school-related props to signify the educational journey they are embarking on.

Fashion and Style First Day of Picture Ideas

If your kids are into fashion and style, these could be the ideas you’ve been looking for!

Show off Accessories


Let your kiddo show off their fun and unique accessories! This little girl is adorable and this shot really brings out her personality!

Faux Walking Pose


I always love the shots that look like they person is walking. I love this picture of the girl headed out the door in her chic first day of school outfit.

Personalized Outfits


Personalized dresses are all the rage for little girls, and for good reason. They are adorable and modest!

I love that this little girl is posed with her cute dress reading a good book!

By the Bus


If your kids are anything like mine, they love the bus. If you can, try and grab a cutesy shot like this by the bus.

You may have to be patient and take the picture at school, but this photo is darling.

Too Cool for School


If your little one is too cool for school, catch them on the playground instead!

Other Ideas:

  • Back-to-School Fashion Show: Showcase your child’s carefully chosen outfit for the first day of school by arranging a mini fashion show at home. Take pictures as they strut their stuff.
  • Grade Progression Montage: Document your child’s style evolution by taking a picture of their first-day outfit each year, creating a visual timeline of their growth.

Creative First Day of School Picture Ideas

If you are looking for a few fun and creative first day of school picture ideas, these are for you!

Sharing their Interests


I love the idea of using an editing app to add some text to a picture of your kiddo. You can add things like what they want to be when they grow up, favorite color, favorite character, etc.

Last Day vs First Day


It would be really neat to compare your child’s picture from the last day of school from the year before and the first day of school this year.

So much can happen over the summer, so comparing is pretty neat!

Back to School


With an app like Canva, you can create some pretty unique photos. Canva is super user friendly and even has a free version!

Letter Board


Use a fun letter board to take pictures with! You can add their name, the date, and anything else you can think of.

Letter boards are a fun and creative way to change up the picture!

Other Ideas:

  • Reflections in Mirrors: Capture a reflection of your child getting ready for school in a mirror, symbolizing self-reflection and growth.
  • Framed by Nature: Take pictures of your child amidst the beauty of nature, such as standing near trees, flowers, or a scenic backdrop.

Candid Moments Picture Ideas

Candid pictures are my favorites. They capture the raw and real moments.

These are some of my favorite candid picture ideas to grab.

Before Going In


Snap a picture before going into the school. You can do this by the car or on the way into the building!

Photo Op at the School Welcome Sign


Grab a picture by a school sign! Ask your kiddo to feel all of the emotions during this picture.

The little guy in this picture looks excited to start the year. I love his authentic emotions!

In Front of the School Entrance


The entrance to the school usually has pretty landscaping and good lighting that make for a cute first day of school picture!

Bus Stop Buddies


If your kiddos ride the bus, take a picture of them and the bus buddy gang. This will be cute to compare over the years!

Walking into School


Take a picture as you are walking your child into their class. This is a neat picture to take because you can compare pictures year after year and watch them grow.

Other Ideas:

  • Bus Stop Buddies: Capture the essence of friendship by taking pictures of your child with their friends at the bus stop or while waiting for school to begin.
  • Goodbye Hugs: Photograph the tender moments shared between you and your child as they say goodbye and head off to their first day of school.

Emotional Expressions

Capturing real and raw emotions is what pictures are all about (even if they are sad). Ask your kids to really show how they feel about their first day of school!

Happy and Sad


Some kids are happy and some kids are sad. Both emotions are okay!

Capture them and ask to show how they really feel about school on the first day!

Excited Parents


Many parents are really excited about the first day of school, kiddos maybe not so much!

Very Excited


If your cutie is excited ask them to show it! I love when you can tell that kids are happy/excited with their whole body!

Ready or Not here I Come!


This little dude looks like he is ready to take on the year! Ready or not, here he comes!

Traditional First Day of School Poses

If you are more of the traditional type, I’ve got you covered with these first day of school poses.

The Whole Family


The first day of school is a family affair! Get the whole family in on a cute first day of school picture.

If you have a tripod, you can easily set a timer on your phone and get the perfect shot.

Backpack Pose


Ah, the traditional side post with the backpack. An oldie, but goodie!

This pose will never fail you! I take a picture like this of my kids every year, no matter what other pictures I decide to take.

Headed Out the Door


Grab a picture of your kiddo while they are actively headed out the door!

Holding the Lunchbox and Backpack


I always love seeing this pose floating around. It’s so cute to see kids (especially little ones) holding their backpack and lunch bag ready to go!

Other Ideas:

  • Individual Portraits: Capture your child’s excitement and nervousness with a classic solo portrait. Highlight their unique style and personality by focusing on their facial expressions and outfit.
  • Sibling Bond: If you have multiple children, photograph them together, showcasing their sibling love and support as they begin the school year.
  • Family Snapshot: Include the whole family in the photo to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your child’s life.

Funny First Day of School Picture Ideas

If humor is more your style, you’ll love these funny first day of school picture ideas.

Get the Fur Siblings Involved


Get your fur babies involved! I love that this little girl is pretending to dance with her puppy!

Hanging on for Dear Life


While some kids are running out the door with excitement, others are holding onto the door for dear life!

No More Horsin’ Around


If you have horses or are good at photoshop, this is a cute and humorous picture to take!

Toy Story Inspired


This is one of my favorite funny picture ideas! If your kiddos are Toy Story obsessed like mine, they will definitely love this!

Bonus is that it’s easy to set up!

How can I make the first day of school pictures more meaningful?

Making meaningful memories is important. As your kids get older, you want to have sweet sentiments to look back on and remember.

I wanted to touch on how to make first day of school pictures more meaningful and personal.

Incorporating personal elements, such as favorite books, toys, or hobbies that reflect your child’s interests.

Really showing elements of your child’s personality is important for creating meaningful pictures. Using items that reflect their interests is great for making pictures memorable.

You can use favorite books, toys or hobbies to show your child’s interests at that stage in their lives.

Including handwritten signs or messages that capture their hopes, dreams, or goals for the new school year.

Doing a child interview sign can really bring out the person that they are becoming. This sign can help to capture hopes, dreams or even goals for the upcoming school year.

Involving siblings, parents, or close friends to create group pictures that symbolize support and togetherness.

Siblings, parents and best friends form a group of people that support and love your child. Showcasing that in pictures is amazing for creating memorable pictures.

These pictures will not only impact your child, but others like friends and family as well.

Documenting the entire day, from the moment your child wakes up to when they come home, to create a comprehensive story.

This is a fun way to remember their first day of school, and doing this year after year can make for a really neat compilation video! You can capture all of their raw and real emotions on the first day and that’s so special.

How can first day of school pictures benefit my child?

First day of school pictures are so beneficial with nostalgia, boosting self esteem and seeing themselves grow and do hard things!

Boosting their self-esteem and confidence as they see themselves excited and ready to start a new chapter.

Self-esteem is important for kids to have, especially with those first day jitters. Seeing pictures from years prior can remind them of the fun they had on their first day and encourages them to do it again!

Creating a sense of nostalgia and providing a connection to their past as they look back on their academic journey.

Everyone gets nostalgic from time to time. Looking back at old photos creates a sense of appreciation and healthy confidence going into that first day of school.

Serving as a visual representation of their growth and accomplishments throughout the years.

Seeing photos from previous years is a visual representation of their growth and accomplishments year after year.

Encouraging them to reflect on their goals and aspirations, as they see their progress from year to year.

Sometimes, kids need some encouragement on their first day. Looking back at photos and reflecting on goals and aspirations can be encouraging and the push they need to get out there!

Frequently Asked Questions About First Day of School Ideas

The first day of school can be nerve racking for not only the kids, but mom and dad too! Addressing those questions now can help to ease the crazy during the first day of school so you can capture those special moments!

How do you take pictures on the first day of school?

To take pictures on the first day, all you really need is your kiddo, whatever props you are wanting to use (if any) and a cute space with good lighting.

You can create a fun space to take pictures in, but if you aren’t up to that don’t worry! The garage door, brick wall, in front of the school will work just fine!

I use my iPhone to take pictures all of the time and they always come out fantastic. I turn my phone on portrait mode to get the best picture and select natural light.

Instead of having your kids say the traditional “cheese”, try having them say “hey” while smiling. This brings their smile up and makes for a great picture.

As for lighting, try to get somewhere there the light is not in their eyes or behind them. You may do a few dry runs around the time you are planning on taking pictures to get it just right.

What are the best colors for school pictures?

I like to have my kids wear colors that compliment their skin tone when they are taking pictures. This helps their eyes to pop and compliment their complexion.

I try not to have them wear anything with a super busy pattern. Clothes with a busy pattern can be distracting and look funny in pictures.

What should I put my child in for picture day?

I recommend putting them in something that represents their personality best. I really try to put them in something not too busy or loud, so that their picture turns out well..but remember it’s okay if they want something else!

For girls, try to have their hair out of their face and down if possible. As for boys, combing their hair and using gel to style would be awesome!

The first day of school should be fun and exciting! Try and prepare for the pictures as much as possible in the days before so you aren’t scrambling that morning.

Overall, remember that their pictures should represent who they are in that season of life. Don’t take them too seriously!

I hope the ideas that I found helped you! Let me know if you have anymore ideas in the comments below!

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