12 Best Diaper Bags for Travel in 2023

Picking a diaper bag with travel in mind is difficult. The average diaper bag isn’t meant for traveling or staying overnight. The best diaper bags for travel provide parents with the space needed to pack extra clothes and diapers.

You’ll find that most parents prefer a diaper bag backpack for traveling. Backpacks give you hands-free access, and you don’t have to worry about the bag sliding down your arm. Nothing is more annoying than a slipping diaper bag as you try to juggle a baby or toddler.

Our family travels quite a bit, and since we have three kids, I learned quickly what bags work for traveling.

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What to Look for When Picking a Diaper Bag for Travel

Before purchasing a new diaper bag for traveling, you have to consider the most important factors. What I consider most important may be different than what you want in a travel diaper bag.

Here are a few factors to consider.

Type of Diaper Bag

The first thing you have to decide is the type of diaper bag you want to purchase.

Backpack diaper bags are the most popular type, especially for traveling. These bags have the advantage of not hanging on your shoulder, and the weight distributes across your back evenly. It’s easier to carry a heavy backpack than a tote bag.

On the other hand, a lot of mothers prefer not to wear a diaper bag, especially if they use a baby carrier in the back carrying position. Tote bags sling over your shoulder in a traditional style, but be aware that carrying heavy tote-style bags may be difficult, especially when walking through an airport.

Number of Pockets for Organization

Another factor is the number of pockets included in the diaper bag. In general, the more pockets the bag has, the easier it is to organize items.

Think about how many pockets you will logically need. Insulated bottle pockets are essential if you bottle feed and need to take them with you.

You may also like having a pocket for baby wipes; it’s nice not having to find them.

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Another factor is the material used for the bag.

Some materials are fashionable but may be harder to clean. On the other hand, some materials are easier to keep clean but may not look the way you hope.

Ideally, the materials used for the bags should be easy to keep clean, durable, and water resistant. It’s easy for bags to fall into water, and you don’t want all of your belongings to become soaked as well.

Size & Weight of the Bag

The size of the overall bag matters as well. It should be large enough to hold the items needed while traveling, but you don’t want it too heavy. Carrying all the things you need weighs enough; you don’t want or need to add more weight than necessary.

Carrying Options

Do you want to carry the bag as only a backpack, or do you like options? A convertible bag offers various ways to carry the bag such as a crossbody, backpack, or purse.

Are Backpack Diaper Bags Better for Travel?

We travel quite a bit with our kids, whether we are heading on short weekend getaways or long escapes to Florida. In my experience, I can tell you that the best diaper bags for travel are backpacks.

In general, backpacks are more comfortable to wear long term, especially if you plan to walk quite a bit. Backpacks distribute the weight of the items inside evenly across your back and shoulders. So, hauling a diaper bag through the airport won’t be as strenous on your body.

12 Best Diaper Bags for Travel

1. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

One of the top-rated diaper bag backpacks is by Bag Nation. It’s a gender-neutral backpack, featuring the durability you need. It offers 14 pockets for organization, which is essential when traveling.

Bag Nation includes useful features for parents that you’ll appreciate while traveling. The front pocket has a magnetic clip, giving you easier access to things you need quickly. It comes with a changing pad; you never know what the rest-stop bathrooms will look like.

Another nice feature is a sundry bag that comes with it. Plus, the bag has a lifetime warranty!

Bag Nation built their bag to last for years. The reinforced stitching reduces the likelihood of fraying, and the high-quality water resistant polyester ensures the contents never get wet.

2. BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack

BabbleRoo is another diaper bag backpack with top ratings. It features tear-resistant, waterproof fabric, and a unisex design. Plus, it’s one of the largest diaper bag backpacks on the market.

This large diaper bag features 18 pockets in all – that’s the highest amount on this list. It comes with a foldable changing mat and a detachable pacifier case. The straps have extra padding to distribute the weight evenly across the parents’ backs.

I love the durability of this bag. It has sturdy handles with tear-resistant, waterproof fabric. The zippers are strong, and you’ll find a padded back panel with reinforced shoulder straps. Combined, these make it much more comfortable to carry the bag for longer periods.

Overall, this spacious bag works great for traveling and is affordable. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular pick.

3. UpSimples Diaper Bag Backpack

In a world filled with tech, UpSimples eliminates one problem parents often have – charging their phones. This bag has a USB charging port, so you can plug in phones or tablets.

That’s not the only reason to consider purchasing the UpSimples Diaper Bag Backpack. It offers ample space for all the things your baby needs and a convenient side pocket for baby wipes.

UpSimples designed this bag to open from top to bottom, so you easily access the inside bottom of the bag. You’re less likely to loose things that may fall to the bottom. It also has insulated bottle pockets and lined compartments.

There isn’t too much that UpSimples forgot. It includes stroller straps, three large insulated pockets, and layered pockets to separate dirty and clean clothes. Plus, it’s an overall lightweight bag that weighs less than two pounds when empty.

4. HaloVa Multi-Function Travel Backpack

Are you looking for a modern-styled diaper bag that carries all you need? Look no further than the HaloVa Travel Backpack.

Halova features a unique design that creates a sturdy bag. It has a wide front pocket, insulated bottle holders on the side, and a separate wet pocket. The extra sections allow you to keep everything well organized, and the sturdy structure stops the bag from collapsing on itself.

This travel diaper bag has other useful features. The fabric is durable and machine washable for easy cleaning. A zipper at the back allows easy access into the center compartment without opening from the top. Plus, it’s adorable!

One of the drawbacks people note is that it doesn’t include stroller straps, which are convenient to have when traveling. You won’t be able to hang it on your stroller when out and about at your destination.

5. Dikaslon Diaper Bag Tote

The Dikalson Diaper Bag Tote is a great travel diaper bag with high ratings. This bag transitions between a tote diaper bag and a messenger diaper bag. That feature helps meet different needs, which may vary from time to time.

This tote bag has 13 total pockets; four of the pockets are on the outside of the bag. All of the outside pockets close, so nothing will fall out of them. Inside the bag, you’ll find three insulated bottle pockets, five easy-access pockets, and a large zippered pouch.

You can get this bag in three different colors, all gender neutral: dark gray, gray, and black.

6. Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack is a functional bag with a lower price tag and features parents want to see. It’s a waterproof bag that comes with a changing pad and insulated bottle pockets that fit wide-neck bottles.

You’ll find 16 pockets to organize all the items you need to bring with you and your baby. It also has a padded laptop pocket, so after you’re done using it as a diaper bag, it could double as an adult bag.

Ruvalino added other features as well, like dual zippers and thick, padded backpack straps. You’ll find that this is a durable bag with all the necessary features, but some parents say it is smaller than other diaper bags. Also, the bag itself is deep, so it may feel like an endless pit when looking for things if you fail to use the pockets properly.

7. Ruvalino Diaper Bag Tote

If you prefer tote bags, Ruvalino Diaper Tote offers many of the same features in the bag listed above in a tote style. This bag doubles as a messenger diaper bag with a luggage strap for easy traveling.

Inside the Ruvalino Diaper Tote, you’ll find 8 interior pockets, including three insulated bottle pockets. It also includes a parent pocket and two zippered pocket on the outside of the bag.

This spacious bag is roomy enough to function as a hospital bag or an overnight bag, extending its lifespan as your child grows. It comes with a back sleeve that slide overs luggage handles, making it easy to get through airports. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and built-in stroller straps.

If you like the design of the Ruvalino Backpack but prefer tote bags, this one is for you.

8. Freshly Picked Women’s Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack

You don’t have to forego fashion when selecting diaper bags for travel. Freshly Picked created this adorable convertible diaper bag backpack, a vegan leather diaper bag. This bag combines style with functionality, offering a spacious center compartment with several pockets for organization.

The convertible straps are a feature parents appreciate. It allows you to wear this bag as a backpack, a crossbody bag, or a purse.

Freshly Picked lets you have a versatile, fashionable travel diaper bag with a bit of luxury. You’ll love how adorable it looks AND how soft the vegan leather feels.

9. Skip Hop Iconic Duo Weekender Diaper Bag

With the word Weekender in the name of this bag, you know it’ll be a large bag. In fact, this bag is technically an overnight bag, so you have plenty of space. It works as a weekend bag or a diaper bag for twins.

Skip Hop includes two packing cubes to hold diapers and extra clothes for your baby. It has a back sleeve to slide over a roller bag and insulated bottle holders. Plus, it has an abundance of pockets – 16, to be exact.

Staying organized is easy with the Skip Hop Weekender.

You’ll also find other bonus features like stroller straps and a cushioned baby changing pad. However, this bag is quite large, so it may be a bit of overkill for simple outings to grab groceries.

10. Mia + Sophia Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

If you want a sleek, modern travel diaper bag, Mia + Sophia is a top-of-the-line choice. It is the top of the price range on this list, but if you prefer to have a bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, you’ll love this one.

Mia + Sophia offers you all the features you want to see in a bag with style. It includes six insulated pockets, along with 15 total pockets, a separate insulated bottle holder, a USB charging port, a luggage sleeve, backpack straps, and messenger strap. Let’s not forget all of the storage space the bag offers.

You can purchase this bag in a multitude of colors, such as tan, brown, and black.

11. HSD Dad Diaper Bag Backpack

Some diaper bags for travel look more feminine than dads may want to carry with them. That’s where the HSD Dad Diaper Bag comes into play with its military-like design.

This backpack diaper bag has seven exterior pockets and dual zippers that allow you to open and close pockets with one hand. When you open the main compartment, you’ll note that it is quite spacious. Some families use it as their main diaper bag for twins.

HSD offers other features parents appreciate. Not only is it thoroughly tested for durability, but HSD doesn’t skimp on features. It has a baby wipes pocket, two insulated bottle pockets, a changing mat, a laptop holder, and a hydration bladder.

Honestly, aside from the fact that it’s not designed with fashion, HSD Dad Backpack has all you need to travel with your child.

12. Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag

Are you headed out on a camping trip for the weekend? You need a rugged diaper bag that matches the durability needed for your travel.

Outdoor lovers know the name Columbia, and the Summit Rush Backpack includes the features you need when headed out on the trails.

First, it has several pockets for organization, along with an insulated thermal bottle pocket that holds two bottles. The large main compartment is large, great for a weekend trip. It also comes with a padded changing mat, stroller clips, and thickly padded backpack straps.

Columbia uses leakproof lining with Microban Protection and Therma-Flect radiant barrier technologies. This protects your bag from messes, external heat, and bacteria. You need that when spending days outside. It’s easy to wipe clean, inside and outside.

Finding the best diaper bags for travel takes a bit of time deciding what factors mean the most to you. Once you pick the type of bag you prefer, such as a backpack, you narrow down the options. Then, look for a bag that fits your organization needs.

Traveling with babies is all about being practical, down to your diaper bag choice.

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