Encouragement for New Moms – 5 Ways to Love Yourself

Becoming a parent is unlike any other journey you’ve been on. All mothers need some inspiration to get through the day-to-day struggles, so here is some encouragement for new moms.

Congratulations mama! You’ve made it through a huge transition: pregnancy and childbirth. Now life has been kicked into high gear and you’ve crossed over to the other side of becoming a parent.

While you’re just starting to get acclimated to new mom life, you may realize just how tough parenting is. All moms need encouragement sometimes, so here are five ways to love yourself and be an amazing mom.

Encouragement for New Moms

First, I want you to remember just how amazing you are. You’ve just created and grown a brand new human being. Sometimes we can forget what a miracle it is.

So, now I hope that you’ll take some time to stop and savor it. I want to share 5 ways to love yourself and encouragement for new moms.

Being a new mom can also be tough. There may be lots of advice flying your way, plusyou’re exhausted and your whole world has just been turned upside down. 

Take these tips to heart and I think you may find the compassion and love you need to really enjoy the journey.

1. Listen to Your Body

No matter where your weight is at or how many stretch marks there are, let’s pause and celebrate just how incredible your body is.

Without any guidance from you, your body has created a human being and delivered it into the world. Your body is wise.

Check in with your body and if it’s crying out to you (through pain, low moods or otherwise), pay attention. It will be tougher to create the time, but ensure that you are nourishing yourself.

Get some light exercise and rest when you can. If you’re not feeling like yourself, talk to your doctor.

Moms can fall into baby blues and while you might feel like you’re on an island. This is very common and there’s lots of amazing help.

Allow your body to continue being amazing.  Love it, listen to it, and work with it to create a great state of well-being. 

2. Trust Yourself

You are new and this and it can definitely be daunting but, you were actually made for this. While there are a ton of great resources and I encourage you to seek them out, I don’t want you to underestimate what you already deeply know.

You may not even realize this knowledge is there, but if you are able to quiet the noise around you and find quiet times to be with your baby, you will build an incredible trust.

Trust your guiding instincts. There will be lots of conflicting advice and while I don’t suggest you completely ignore it, you may want to quiet it for awhile and check in with yourself to feel through what feels right to you.

Trust yourself enough to be the amazing mom that you already are!

3. Ask for Help

I know this is going to sound like I’m talking out of two sides of my mouth, but many things can be true at the same time!

I still stand by trusting your gut and going with your intuition when it comes to navigate being a mom. However, there are times when it all might just be too much.

At those times, I encourage you to ask for help. If you need a friend, someone to talk to, a babysitter, a doctor, a cleaner, some help with meal prep – whatever it may be – you don’t have to do this all on your own.

People will want to help you and when you are more nourished, rested, and supported, you can enjoy motherhood more.

We’ve heard the metaphor a million times, but it’s only because it’s so true … Parenthood is like on the airplane when the oxygen mask comes down. You have to take it first so that you’re well enough to support others.

Amazing moms thrive in great communities. Ask for help and be open to accepting it.

4. Love Yourself

This is always good advice for life, but especially when you’re a new mom.

Love yourself. Love the incredible body you have and this miracle of life. Can you love yourself in this moment even if you feel like life has been flipped upside down? Can you take small moments to yourself to do something relaxing or revitalizing?

Remember what makes you feel nourished and be sure to include that in your new routine.

Are there are other things that you love and bring you joy that you can infuse into your day? Can you have a screen saver that makes you smile?

Can you turn on your favourite music? Can you wear your favourite colour? Can you text your best friend?

Love yourself every day and find a million small ways to infuse your moments with joy.

5. Enjoy the Adventure 

You have just entered a foreign land with a new addition to your life and a whole new family dynamic. While you can absolutely put things in place to create a great environment, take notice when your desire to control things just may not be working.

Can you find it in yourself to look at this as an adventure? Can you be open and curious? Maybe willing to make mistakes? Can you blaze new trails and enjoy the thrill of this beautiful new-ness that you’ll never get back?

This baby is a blessing. Enjoy every small moment and seize this incredible adventure. While you are definitely the caregiver, you may just find your child to be one of your greatest teachers.

These moments as a mom are special and amazing and demanding and exhausting. All the things! I hope this encouragement for new moms has helped you to shift your mindset to one of openness and love.

Love for yourself, your baby, your partner, your family and everyone around you.

Can you invite the new-ness and use it as an incredible opportunity to learn and change and grow? When you love yourself, everyone else feels the love and that has a powerful effect.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes and have frustrating moments. Feel your emotions and still choose to love yourself in all of your raw messiness.

This is the awesomeness of being a mom. You were made for it and you will be incredible.  Please enjoy the adventure!

About the Author

Adrienne Enns is the CEO of May You Know Joy Inc. Her mission is to inspire our most intentional living through products, conversations and experiences. Many people worldwide enjoy her beautiful line of intention cards. She is the author of Intentional Days and host of The Intention Sessions podcast. She is on this beautiful adventure called motherhood with her 2 teenagers.

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