How to Decide on A Blog Name

This can be one of the hardest first decisions that you have to make for your blog.

The domain name for your blog is what your web address will be ( The name (or title) of your blog is what will appear as the logo or heading of your blog.

These will most likely be the same, however, they technically don’t have to be.

The name will stick with you throughout the entire life of your blog and be the foundation of your brand. Once you buy this domain, it is yours and can’t be changed.

You would rarely ever change your domain name once your site is established and successful because it can be terrible for Search Engine Optimization and your traffic.

However, the way some people get around this is to just change their site title. So if you’re really unhappy with your domain name down the road, there is an option to rebrand yourself.

But back to deciding on a name.

Picking a name for your blog can be a huge decision. Here are some ways to brainstorm and get ideas to make your blog name unique and memorable for a reader

Availability of a Domain Name

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that most likely the first 10 names that you come up with will probably be taken. Therefore, you’ll want to come up with a list of a few names to get you started.

Don’t get your heart set on a blog name before you check if it’s available below.

The good news is that there are soooo many unique names available, you just have to get a little more creative than if you bought a web address in 1999.

Brainstorming ideas

You may be thinking, where do I even start with trying to come up with a name?

The best way to start is to jot down a bunch of words and phrases related to you and your topic.

See which words mesh together well to form a title. Consider moving words around or other phrases that use a play on words.

You may think of words that are somewhat unrelated and some that are related.

Get Inspired

Take to the internet for inspiration. There are tens of thousands of blogs on the same topic as you.

Search through Google, Pinterest, and Instagram for blogs in the same niche to see what jumps out at you.

You obviously can’t copy the same name as another blog, but you’d be surprised how well it opens your mind to thinking outside the box and coming up with relevant words and phrases.

This step and jotting down word ideas will be the best way to get started.

Don’t be TOO specific

There’s a chance that you could switch blog niches once you get started.

You’ll see what topics you enjoy writing about more, which your audience is most interested in, and what topics are trending.

This can slightly veer your blog in a different direction altogether. Therefore, you may want to select a site name that is a little broader than your actual niche, but still relevant to your topic.

My blog name, Just Simply Mom, is pretty broad and anyone can guess that it’s some sort of mom blog. This gives me some wiggle room in changing my niche or writing about anything related to parenting or family.

For example, if you wanted to start a blog about DIY wedding decor and named it Something Blue, that would fit perfectly.

However, once you exhaust all your ideas for wedding decor and want to start blogging about DIYing all your kid’s birthday party decor, the name no longer fits.

So maybe a name more focused on all things DIY would be a better idea in case you decide to go broader down the road.

It could always go in the opposite direction though and you may get even more specific, or niched down, in which case DIY titles would work, as well as wedding titles.

Be aware of the spelling and words you use

You want a follower to be able to easily type your domain into their search bar so don’t choose words that are too complicated or commonly misspelled.

Simple one or two-syllable words are best.

Be memorable

Of course, you know that this is the ultimate goal when choosing a name, but how are you supposed to know what your readers will remember?

Do your homework!

Check out other blogs and see what’s working, what sticks out to you, and which names flow off the tongue.

For example, when you just use your name, visitors may have a hard time remembering it. However, if you use memorable words or phrases, it will often be a favorite.

I love fun, unique site names.

Swaddles n Bottles, Pigtails and Pinot, and Coffee and Coos were some of the first blogs that I stumbled upon when looking into blogging. I think they’re absolutely adorable mom blog names and totally memorable from the first time I visited.

They also perfectly depict their niche and most of the topics that they blog about.

Change up words to see what works

If you have your heart set on a name that is unavailable, see how you can switch it around to make it work.

Try changing tenses, making words plural, swapping words around, using abbreviations, etc. The options can be endless.

If you had your heart set on Whine and Cheese as your blog name, try Whine n Cheese, Cheese and Whine, Whine and Cheeses (that sounds weird, but you get the picture…)

Simply Mommy was my original brainchild for a site name, but of course, it was not available.

So I tried many other alternatives. Simply Mom, Simply Mama, Simply Momming, Momming Simply, Just Simply Mommy, until I finally came up with Just Simply Mom and it stuck.

Did I love it at first?

No. I was mad I couldn’t have the name I wanted, but now I love it and the name doesn’t bother me all.

Choose an Optimal Length for your Site Name

The perfect length for a site name is 2-4 words. Anything longer than that would be too difficult to say and remember and 1 word is just too short.

Don’t JUST use your name

Unless you’re a coach, already have your own business, or would like the focus of the blog to be on you and your lifestyle, I wouldn’t choose just your name as your blog name.

As I stated before, names are hardly memorable unless the reader has visited your site several times.

However, the one pro with using a name is that you have a ton of wiggle room with what you can blog about.

If you’re set on branding your own name and hope to someday be an authority in a certain topic, go ahead and use it.

You Don’t Have to Stick with Related Words

Your blog name doesn’t necessarily have to contain words that directly relate to your blog or brand, although it may be easier to remember when they are.

However, if there are words that mean a lot to you, you can go with that too.

Use a Blog Name Generator

Use this name generator to help select a name. Simply put in a few words that describe your blog and it will give you tons of ideas for blog names.

I especially like that it gives you popular phrases using the words you chose which can be easier for the reader to remember.

Some of the names they come up with are silly, but it can help you start thinking outside of the box and use a little more imagination to come up with the perfect name.

Don’t use a different site name and domain name

If you are set on a blog name that isn’t available, don’t try to buy a domain name that closely resembles it and try to use the blog name you chose as your blog name.

For example, Express (the clothing store) had a domain of for the LONGEST time. I guess they finally changed it, but whenever I would type in, it would take me to a different random website.

Their store name must have been around before the internet craze or maybe they would have changed their name to be consistent with their website.

I really wanted the blog name Simply Mom and hated that I had to add the ‘Just’ to get an available domain. However, I would not have all my blog branding, logo, and name ‘Simply Mom’ when my domain is

It would just be too confusing for readers to come back.

You also have the option to choose a .net or .co extension if your heart is set on that blog name, however, it’s not recommended. These addresses specify what kind of business you provide and blogs typically fall under the category of .com (for commercial or personal businesses)

. . . . .

I know picking a blog name can be overwhelming and seem time-consuming, but try not to give it THAT much thought and get stuck there.

There is a LOT more to do to get your blog started so don’t waste too much time here.

Once you buy that domain name, the rest of your blog will start falling into place!

Go ahead and check whether your name ideas are available below.

Picking a name for your blog can be a huge decision. Here are some ways to brainstorm and get ideas to make your blog name unique and memorable for a reader
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