How to Get Your Kids to Help Housetrain a New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy can be an exciting time for the whole family, but it also comes with the responsibility of housetraining them, so they learn how to behave in your home. Getting everyone involved is essential to make the process smoother – this means even getting your kids involved in training their furry pal!

Although puppies are intelligent and capable learners, most will require guidance from their owners (and possibly kids!) on where it is appropriate to do their business. Read on for tips on making housetraining run smoothly for you and your pup with a bit of help from the kiddos.

Teach Them About the Process

Start by teaching your kids what housetraining is and why it’s crucial. Explain that puppies need to learn where it’s appropriate to do their business, so they don’t have accidents inside the house. Show them examples of the messes a puppy can make and how to clean them up properly.

Also, discuss the fact that housetraining can take time and patience. Explain to them that when training a puppy, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and they might need to try different methods before finding something that works. The most important thing is to stay calm and consistent.

Make Your Pup Comfortable

Anxiety can be a big issue for puppies, especially in a new environment. To ensure your pup is as comfortable as possible and more likely to cooperate with housetraining, show your kids how to introduce it to its new home properly.

Help them create a cozy space filled with toys, blankets, and other items that smell like home. This will give your pup a familiar place to go when feeling scared or overwhelmed.

CBD-infused treats can also be a great tool to help your pup feel relaxed in its new environment. Always buy from reputable sources for your pup’s safety and health. You can also ask your vet for CBD-infused products specifically formulated for puppies.

Establish a Routine

Getting your kids involved in your pup’s routine is vital for successful housetraining. Have them help you with feeding, walking, playing, and interacting with the pup. Also, ensure they understand that giving their new friend lots of positive reinforcement when it goes to the bathroom outside will help reinforce good behavior. This includes rewarding it with treats, verbal praise, and many cuddles.

Creating a strict schedule will also be beneficial. Have your kids set reminders to take the pup outside simultaneously each day so they get used to going in designated areas.

If you notice any patterns of when your pup tends to have accidents indoors, make sure your kids take it outside at those times, so it learns where to go.

Clean Up Accidents Quickly

Accidents are inevitable during housetraining, so make sure your kids understand how important it is to clean up any messes quickly and adequately. Show them how to use a pet-safe cleaning product in indoor accidents to eliminate lingering smells. This will help prevent your pup from returning to the same spot repeatedly.

Lastly, don’t forget to praise your kids when they do a good job helping with housetraining!

Even though there may be some bumps in the road (like accidents or puppy misbehaving), having your kids involved will make it much easier for everyone. Plus, it’s a great way to help them bond with their new furry friend!

Create Clear Rules

Your kids need to understand that housetraining is not about punishing your pup when it makes a mistake. Instead, it’s about teaching it where to go and what is expected of it. Create clear rules for your kids to follow when interacting with the pup, such as no hitting or yelling and always using positive reinforcement.

Remind them that it will take time for their new pup to learn all the rules. They might have to review them several times before the pup catches on, so staying patient and consistent is critical. With your kids’ help, your new furry friend will be house trained quickly!

Bringing a new pup into the family is an exciting experience for everyone. With your kids’ help, housetraining can be a fun and rewarding process that will strengthen their bond with their new pet. Use these tips to get them involved and make the transition easier!

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