10 Essential Items to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Dad

Gone are the days when dads were laughed at for planning the new baby’s arrival. Now, a father’s participation in the process is highly encouraged, as all the help matters to a new mom.

Planning a baby’s birth may be a source of joy for fathers, as they will be there to ensure that their baby makes an entrance to the world in style. Dads also play a crucial role in their partner’s pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.

But what should go in a hospital bag for dad to show his readiness for the birthing process? 

Top Items in a Hospital bag for Dad

There are many resources online where a mom to be can get information. Things like, the best postpartum underwear is certainly something that a new mom should take care of.

However, there are much fewer resources for dads to take heed in. While there are a few obvious items that you can pick up for when a new baby arrives, (Like the best stroller for parents, the best baby swing for colic , and even the best baby wipe dispenser ) in this article we’ll lay out the smartest items that every dad should pack in his hospital bag.

To make the preparation to receive your newest family member smooth, here are 10 essential items to put in the hospital bag for dad. Many of these items will be to support the new mom, but it’s smart to have overnight items for yourself, as well.

Tips for how to pack a hospital bag for dad before labor and delivery and how this will support mom during childbirth.

1. Loose Money 

You will need some loose cash to pay for transport, like cabs or parking fees, and you will also need to pay for snacks at the vending machine or to buy food at the hospital cafeteria. Loose money reduces the chances of waiting for change and enables you to pay for services or products where debit or credit cards are not accepted.

2. Smart Phone and Long Cord Charger

This might sound a bit simple, but in the confusion of getting a cab or car keys when mom goes into labor, it is quite easy to forget these items. When you start packing in advance, buy an extra charger for your phone or other electronics so that you can pack it in advance.

A long cord for your charger is ideal because many hospitals don’t have outlets close to the hospital bed or couch that you’ll be sleeping on. This will be beneficial when you’re laying down doing skin-to-skin with your new baby and need to use your phone while it’s charging.

3. Camera and/or Video Camera

Women will always want to document each and every moment, especially during a time as special as this. However, they may not feel up to photos during or after childbirth.

Be sure that you don’t miss the chance to document the journey. This way, your wife and little one has something to reminisce about. Although many smartphones have quality cameras for high-quality videos and pictures, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup camera or video camera in your hospital bag. 

4. Healthy Snacks 

You might be in the hospital for a long time and you’ll want to eat healthily. The hospital’s vending machine might not have healthy snacks or your preferred type of snack.

It is also important to keep the new mum in mind when packing these snacks. Bring some of her favorite non-perishable goods. She might not be in the mood for hospital food or may just be craving something she has not eaten in months after delivering. 

Tips for how to pack a hospital bag for dad before labor and delivery and how this will support mom during childbirth.

5. Medication 

Remember to pack any medication that mom or you are required to take. While at it, throw in a few painkillers for yourself. You may feel like mom is the only one who will be in pain, but you’d be surprised how the stress of childbirth and uncomfortable hospital couches can take a toll on your own body as well.

The hospital might sell you these, but why incur more costs when you have the same ones in your medicine cabinet or for a lower price from a local pharmacy?

6. Massage Oil 

At some point during labor, your partner will need something to relieve the pain and a massage can go a long way. Also pack her favorite essential oils, so you are ready to alleviate her moods during the process.

7. Toiletries

After long hours in the hospital, freshening up will do you some good. Rather than leaving the hospital to rush home for a shower, pack some toiletries to ensure you don’t have to leave your partner and baby. A toothbrush, toothpaste, some wipes, tissues, mouth wash, deodorant, and fresh-breathing gum like mint will keep you fresh. 

The mom might have packed her stuff, but it will go a long way to include a few items in there for her, too. Who knows, maybe she forgot an essential toiletry item when packing her items. 

8. Clothes

You can’t stay fresh in the same old clothes you have been running around the hospital in. A fresh pair of comfortable clothes like shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and others will do you some good and keep you smelling fresh as ever.

If your partner is going for the water-birth option, the change of clothes should have some swimwear. You might not be in the pool with her, but you might get significantly wet while trying to make her comfortable.

Tips for how to pack a hospital bag for dad before labor and delivery and how this will support mom during childbirth.

9. A Playlist 

According to research, music can help alleviate anxiety levels during labor. Anxiety during delivery can have adverse effects, affecting both mom and the newborn. A small playlist of your partner’s favorite music will go a long way in keeping her calm during the delivery process. 

It is important to talk this through with your partner, so you know the kind of music they are comfortable with during the process. This music will also help make the birthing room feel more of a homely place, as opposed to a four-walled hospital room.

10. A Pillow and Blanket

You might be in the hospital longer than anticipated, and the hospital beddings definitely won’t provide you the comfort level you desire. Pack a comfy pillow for your neck and a blanket to keep you warm if you need to get some sleep on the chair in the delivery room.

The delivery process is different for every parent, but preparing with the essentials will make a lot of difference for every situation. Packing these 10 essential items in your hospital bag for dad will do you and your partner a lot of good. 

If you will be driving to the hospital, ensure your car is well serviced and fully fuelled. Try out the baby’s car seat in advance with a few trials to ensure it fits in the car safely and stays steady. 

Also, you can do things like ensuring to bring a pack of tissues for those happy tears and maybe a push present for the new mommy. Pushing a human out of a human body is no joke, and a small gift can help her see your appreciation!

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Tips for how to pack a hospital bag for dad before labor and delivery and how this will support mom during childbirth.
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