22 Easy and Adorable Toddler Girl Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

I think every woman dreams of having a little girl to dress up in adorable outfits, tutus, and bows. It’s been one of my dreams since the moment I decided to have a baby.

Now that my daughter has long enough hair to braid and style, I love playing around with all the different toddler girl hairstyles that I can come up with.

My mom was never able to french braid my hair. I remember how badly I wanted cute, girly hairstyles like the photos below when I was a little girl, but unfortunately, I didn’t get them.

If you’re looking for easy little girl hairstyles, check out the ideas below!

Simple and cute hairstyles for toddler or little girls with medium to long hair. From braids and twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all

Grooming Long Hair Tips for Toddler Girls

Most toddler girl’s hair is pretty fine because they still have their baby hair. As they age, their hair may change texture as the old hair falls out and new hair grows in.

The one drawback to having a toddler with long, gorgeous hair is washing, drying, and especially combing. My daughter HATES when I comb her hair! I try to be gentle, but long hair can get pretty knotty, especially when it’s been chewed on, dipped in yogurt, and rinsed with milk splatters.

I’ve seen a lot of success by using a good conditioner and leave-in hair detangler on my daughter’s hair. Baby Bum’s line of all-natural products works great to make my daughter’s long knotty hair more manageable to comb through.

Although toddlers seem to always be in a rush, make sure to let both the conditioner and hair detangler set in for at least 5 minutes before rinsing or combing it out.

Also, be sure to use a wide-toothed comb and work through small sections to prevent hair breakage and pain. You don’t want your child to be scared of the comb day after day like mine was for a while!

Let the hair air dry if possible instead of towel or blow drying it. Shaking up their hair with a towel can cause more knots and you want to stay away from the heat damage that a blow dryer can cause on their fine hair.

Use Cute Hair Accessories for Little Girl Hairstyles

While I collected a ton of headbands before my daughter was born, I had no idea how quickly she would grow out of them. Plenty of babies take awhile for their hair to grow, but my toddler’s hair grew like a weed!

The baby headbands just didn’t cut it and we needed to stock up on bows and hair ties. They started off to keep the hair out of her face until I realized that there were so many easy, toddler girl hairstyles I could start doing.

You’ll definitely need some cute bows for some of these little girl hairstyles. I’m in love with these handmade bows on Amazon! They are such a great quality for the price because bows can get really expensive! They come in a wide array of colors that you can always match an outfit with.

Simple and cute hairstyles for toddler or little girls with medium to long hair. From braids and twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all

These tiny elastics are perfect to make the gorgeous hairstyles below. You’ll always need small hair bands for the little sections, braids, and twists on fine hair.

With all the bows, barrettes, hair ties, and headbands, and accessories, you’ll need a place to store them all! While you can just shove them all in a box in their closet, you can also use them as a gorgeous decoration in your daughter’s room.

How amazing is this macrame wall decor to hang and store all your daughter’s beautiful bows? Check it out at LivKate & Co’s Etsy Shop!

Now I can’t wait to see my daughter in all of these adorable and easy little girl hairstyles!

22 Quick Little Girl Hairstyles You’ll Love

Having a little girl with beautiful long hair is such a blessing to be able to make cute, adorable toddler hairstyles with. Hopefully, you’ll find some fun, new hairstyles to try out with your little one here!

School Girl Bows with High Pig Tail Buns

Little girls look so adorable with any kind of pig tails. Whether it’s small messy buns like this one, or long ponies, pigtails always bring back the innocence in your little one. These adorable school girl bows from Kates Bows Shop look perfect with this hairstyle.

Side-Part Half-Up Pigtail Buns

This is a simple way to keep your daughter’s hair out of their face, while leaving it down. A half up/half down hairstyle is so versatile at all times. These bows are just perfect for this simple hairstyle.

Pigtail Messy Buns with Back Bows

via BellaLoved Bows

These little, twin messy buns are just adorable and the bows in the back spice it up a little. You can even put one in the front and one in the back for extra cuteness.

Middle Part Twisted Half Up

Simple and cute hairstyles for toddler or little girls with medium to long hair. From braids and twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all
via Bubale Boho

This is a super easy little girl hairstyle. Simply twist the front ends and secure them with mini butterfly clips.

French Braided Pig Tail Buns with School Girl Bows

This hairstyle works great for all hair types and lengths. It may be hard to do with very long hair though as the messy buns would be too large, but from short to medium, it’s so simple!

High Pigtail Buns with Bows

Similar to the messy bun pigtails above, but this one has these beautiful crochet bows in the front.

3 Sectioned Topsy Turvy High Half Up Pony

via Toddler Hair Creations

This 3 section part is adorable with a large bow. I’m sure you can find a quick tutorial on how to make those topsy turvy twists.

French Braided Side Part Half Up Pigtails

I love the French braid coming from a side part. This hairstyle will keep your daughter’s hair out of their face while adding a touch of sophistication. Pair it with two bows and you have a beautiful hairstyle for your toddler or young girl!

Bubble Braid

Jess Oakes gives a step-by-step tutorial for her daughter’s bubble braid. She makes it look easy! Isn’t this hairstyle just adorable for your little girl?

Middle Part Braided Pigtail Buns

These braids aren’t as difficult to do as the French braids were above because you can do it in sections if you have a squirmy little toddler who can’t sit still for very long. Just make sure to make the braids night and tight!

Top French Braided Pig Tail Buns

This little girl hairstyle looks like it will stay put all day- and maybe even until the next day too! Make those brains nice and snug and finish it off with some messy bun pigtails and pretty bows.

Simple Chiffon Drapery Bow

This is another easy toddler girl hairstyle. Any simple hairdo can be made gorgeous with this chiffon bow. Simply tie some hair back and secure it with the chiffon bow for a beautiful and sophisticated look.

3 Section Segmented Pony

Easy & cute toddler girl hairstyles for medium to long hair. Braids & twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all little girls

This toddler girl hairstyle is great for shorter hair, but with longer hair, you can simply tie the rest back. Divide the top section in three and simply tie each piece back to the other.

Middle Part Segmented Pigtail Buns

Simple and cute hairstyles for toddler or little girls with medium to long hair. From braids and twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all

Any hairstyle that leads to a messy bun is just adorable for little girls.from the middle part, divide the rest of the hair into three sections. Tie each section with a small elastic and bring it back to the section behind it. Tie it all together in a small messy bun and ta-da, it’s done!

Side Part French Braid Half Up

A side parted French braid looks great no matter the hair length or style. This would be beautiful with straight or curly hair, long or shirt. The school girl bow completes the innocent look.

Side Part Double Twists Hair Down

little girl hairstyles

This is a simple hairstyle for everyday. Twisting the two side pieces will keep their hair out of their face and last all day.

Double Twisted Buns

Simple and cute hairstyles for toddler or little girls with medium to long hair. From braids and twists to half up ponies, there's something unique for all

Some simple pigtail twisted buns stay in place because they’re wrapped so tightly. I love the bows on the bottom/back instead of the front for a sweet hairstyle.

Side Twist with Low Messy Bun

Easy toddler girl hairstyles

This appears to be a French twist in the front to keep it wrapped nice and tight. Bring the rest of the hair to the side and bottom in a little messy bun.

Diagonal Tie Back with Parallel Partings

Top Pony Split With Half Up Pig Tails

Half Up Pig Tails

This is a pretty easy toddler girl hairstyle. Simple gather two separate pieces of hair on top of your child’s head into messy buns. Attach some bows and you’re set!

Middle Part- Segmented Split Pigtails

quick little girl hairstyles

I hope you enjoyed these quick little girl hairstyles with medium to long hair. I can’t wait to try ALL of these on my daughter soon too!

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