Ready, Set, Go! The Fast Track to an Ultimate Road Trip

Summer is filled with possibilities for family fun and enjoyment. If you want to see new places or experience some favorite summer spots again, a road trip is the perfect choice.

Before you head to your destination, you’ll need to plan well and be prepared. This includes ensuring that you take the necessary steps to keep safe and minimize risks.

Other tips can help you pass the time and enjoy every mile of your road trip, no matter where you’re going.

Have the Right Car Seats

If you have younger children, they will need proper car seats. In a crash, the best car seats will protect smaller riders from injuries. Like seatbelts on older children and adults, car seats can also prevent fatalities.

There are three different kinds of car seats: car seats for babies, car seats for toddlers, and boosters. Car seats for babies are rear-facing and come with a base that you secure to the seat and a detachable carrier.

Babies up to a year old should ride in these car seats. Toddler car seats are for children ages 2 to 7 and can be either forward- or rear-facing.

Typically, once the child is about 40 pounds, it’s time to switch the car seat so it faces forward. Finally, boosters raise the height of the child’s seating position.

A seat belt secures the child. Children will usually begin using a booster seat once they grow to about 3 feet tall.

Not only do you need the right car seat for your child, but you need to install it correctly. Make sure it is snug in the seat and not sitting too high or too low.

Also, properly buckle up your child in the seat. Also, remember that car seats have a life span.

Most high-quality car seats should last and be effective for seven to 10 years. If you have a model older than 10 years, you should not use it.

Stay Buckled

Everyone in the vehicle should remain buckled throughout the road trip. On long drives, it can be tempting for some people in the car to unbuckle so they can move around or lie down.

However, you and your passengers must stay buckled at all times while the car is in motion.

Service Your Vehicle

Good vehicle maintenance is a crucial part of safety. If your car is in poor condition, it is unlikely to perform well enough for a long road trip.

It will have a higher chance of breaking down or experiencing serious safety issues. Before you depart, take care of services such as oil and filter change, brake check, battery check, tire inspection, and transmission fluid replacement.

Play Some Games in the Car

Your road trip will probably include routes through the gorgeous countryside with picturesque views and stunning scenery. However, chances are good that there will be portions of the drive where there isn’t much to see.

These stretches can seem endlessly long and boring, making the time pass slowly. To combat this, try playing some games in the car.

You and your kids can play classics such as I Spy or the Alphabet Game. Road trip trivia games or always a hit, as is Would You Rather?

For big music fans in your car, you can try Guess the Lyric, where you say a line or two from a song and have others guess what the song is.

Take Some Breaks

It’s especially vital to take breaks if you have younger children. Kids will get restless and will need time to stretch and wiggle.

Pull off the road every few hours to use the restroom, walk around, switch drivers, or take a brief rest. This tactic will also keep the driver fresh and alert.

Limit Driving at Night

It is not uncommon for people behind the wheel to feel drowsy. If you drive at night, you are more prone to falling asleep.

As much as possible, avoid driving during the nighttime hours. Plan your trip accordingly so you can do most, if not all, of the driving during the day.

From the right car seats to fun games and consistent breaks, make sure you incorporate the right elements of a successful road trip. As you follow these guidelines, you can enjoy your adventure on the road this summer.

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