14 Lessons I’ve Learned About Life Since Becoming a Mom

Becoming a mom is one of the biggest life changes a woman can experience. You’re quickly thrown into brand new challenges and stress, as well as the most joy and love you will ever know.

There are so many lessons you learn through motherhood that you would have not understood before having kids.

I have two kids under two years old and since becoming a mom, my perspective on life has changed drastically. Things that once weren’t as important, now are, and things that I thought were significant back then, mean nothing now. 

I’ve been pushed to my limits and managed to take on things I didn’t think were possible before becoming a mom. Now, more than ever, I know how to be strong, grateful, present, and prepared.

The following lessons you learn from motherhood will stick with you forever.

There are some lessons that only motherhood can teach us. We learn a lot about the important things in life through raising and caring for our children.

1. Be grateful for everything you have

We don’t always stop and realize all the good things that have happened to us. We go about our day to day and sometimes the little things in life can seem tough.

However, being a mom to my two beautiful children makes me feel so grateful everyday. You have been given the best gifts that life has to offer by being able to care for your little one and mold them into the person they will become.

The fact that the washing machine ruined my favorite shirt or I burned the rice for dinner tonight are such insignificant things compared to what is really important. 

2.Prepare for the unexpected

Don’t just expect that something won’t go as planned, but be ready for those situations. You can’t control everything, especially with kids, but you can prepare for it.

So always have extra supplies and snacks, a back up plan, and a phone number of someone who can help.

3. You will always figure out a way

The days can be long and tough and you may just feel like the smallest tasks are impossible. However, you will always make it work and figure out a way to manage.

These learning moments even help you to become a better mom. The struggles are just lessons that make you more knowledgable when a tough parenting situation comes up again.

4. You can’t please everyone

As your family grows and your children take priority, you will realize that you have to prioritize your life and obligations. This may mean missing your brother-in-law’s birthday party or Easter with your second cousins, but you have to do what is best for you and your family.

Before you had children, you may have been able to stretch yourself so thin and attend every event and answer everyone’s phone calls, but it’s much harder now. It will make others upset, but they should be understanding of your new role as a mother. 

5. Be present

In today’s society we are all too consumed with technology. I am so guilty of constantly having my phone out for the next best photo opportunity.

We’re always looking for the next exciting thing to happen, instead of really being present in the moment that’s in front of us. If our face is hiding behind a camera and our mind is waiting for our babies to start walking or talking, we’re letting these moments slip away.

We can’t get this time back so remember to make those special memories today. 

6. There’s no being selfish

Life is no longer just about you. In fact, it’s very little about you and more about your children and family as a whole. You will instantly be caring for another person more than you care about yourself.

7. Stop comparing your life to other’s

With social media taking over our lives and having access to it 24/7, we are driven to always wanting more. Our lives don’t ever seem as great as that one friend’s or Instagram blogger’s.

Their houses always seem cleaner, kids are always happier, and their lives seem so much richer. However, their day-to-day probably looks a lot like yours. Just remember those photos are highlight reels of their life and you’re only seeing a small snippet of reality.

8. You’ll never be fully prepared

Nothing will actually prepare you for everything you will encounter as a mom. No parenting books, college courses, or mom blogs. Everyone has different experiences because every child is different.

So learn as you go, seek the advice of others who have been there, and be confident that you’ll always figure it out.

9. Function over style

Forget what’s on trend or stylish, I’m all about comfort and convenience. Clothes, accessories, vehicles, you name it.

If it’s going to make my life easier, I want it. I used to think that I would never be caught in a mini van, but if it’s the only way to hold all my precious cargo, I’ll take one.

10. There is no love like the love for your child

When those big eyes look up at you and their tiny little fingers wrap around your hand as you hold them all curled up in your arms, you know you would do absolutely anything for that child.

You can’t even remember a day without them because life seems to have started when they were born. The feelings you have for your baby is one of the most purest loves you will ever experience. 

11. A mother’s job is never done

Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or work-from-home mom, you’re always on the clock. You’re constantly on call when it comes to your job as mom, even if you do get a break once in awhile for a Target run or a pedicure.

You’re never actually alone in your thoughts because your mind is always on your kids. The worries joys stay with you at all times.

12. Marriage needs to be worked on

Once you have kids, your life completely revolves around them. From their feedings and nap times to birthday parties and play dates. Now add to that: work, household chores, and a little free time and there becomes very little time for you and your spouse.

It’s so important to keep your relationship strong because that is the root of your family. Talking about your day over baby cries and dirty diapers just doesn’t cut it.

Date nights and spending time together after the kids go to sleep really help us remember where we started.

13. You will live through your children’s joy

Seeing a life sized Elmo or taking a spin on the flying teacup ride at an amusement park may not have always been your idea of fun, but it will be now.

When you see your child’s eyes light up at the slightest thing, you’ll want to do those silly things more.

14. You are one strong woman

Thinking about everything that my brain and body has been through in the past 3 years just blows my mind. I’ve learned both the physical and emotional strengths I never knew I had.

I have grown 2 humans, nourished them, kept them safe, fed, clean, entertained, and loved. I’ve wiped tears, juggled plans, ran to doctor’s appointments, and pulled all nighters.

I’ve had moments of emotions, exhaustion, and then complete triumph, all with only the help of my husband. We were made for this, and not until motherhood do we realize how strong we really are. 

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