13 Ways to Stimulate and Play With Your Newborn

Oh, those sweet little newborn coos and wiggly movements that come from a fresh new baby. Those adorable sounds won’t last for long. Just within a couple months, you’re wondering where that tiny baby went. After having my second recently, I realize how fast this time does fly by and I want to cherish every moment that he’s this little.

In those first few weeks, your baby seems so very fragile. Their little heads and bodies flop around because they don’t have adequate neck control or muscle strength. They’re operating on reflexes alone and just repeating the cycle of eat, sleep, poop.

Although it may seem like there’s not a lot to do with them because their senses haven’t fully developed and they sleep all day long, but you can really use this time to stimulate and bond with your baby. The older they get, the more they will start to respond to these actions. If you start from the beginning, you’ll really see how they develop and grow with each and every milestone.

Here are some ways to play with your newborn baby in the first 4 months, as it goes along with their development.

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Imitate their noises and facial expressions

They’re starting to realize they have a voice so let them know that they are being heard. When they start making sounds and noises, repeat after them. They’ll love hearing it back while also familiarizing themselves with your voice. Also, you can imitate all the little facial expressions they make: yawning, grimacing, smiling, or eyes wide open. They should start smiling around 7-10 weeks. If your baby isn’t smiling yet, just show them your big smile and they will start imitating it too!

Tummy time

Tummy time is such an important activity at this age to strengthen their neck muscles, allowing them to hold their head upright.  It also improves strength in the arms, hands and fingers for fine motor skills, sensory stimulation through out their body, and gets them ready to start rolling. You can begin putting them on their belly from 1 day old.

It may be easier to start out propping them up on a Boppy or pillow so they’re not completely flat. It’s great to use a tummy time mat, like this one, for added stimulation This mat is great because it has it’s own little propping pillows plus overhead toys when he can really lift his head up or laying on his back. However, if you don’t have one, placing them on a blanket is totally fine.

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Encourage them to explore their bodies

They will soon start to become aware of all of the different parts of their bodies. You can help facilitate these milestones by bringing their hands to their mouth, in front of their eyes, and touching objects. You can also have them sit in front of a mirror to look at their reflection and point to all the features of their face.

Stretch their arms up high and circle them around. Bring their feet to their hands and allow them to bear weight and stand while you’re holding them up. Cycle their legs and push them into and out of their bellies.


Babies love massage probably just as much as adults do. You can gently rub or massage all the parts of his body from his toes to his back and all the way out to his finger tips. This will help them start feeling and discovering different parts of their body.  When you give a massage, they are starting to get a sense of where their body is in space, including all their limbs being attached to them.  Be gentle, but still firm. You won’t hurt them!

Try this after a diaper change or bath time. You can do it when they’re in just a diaper with baby lotion or coconut oil to make it smoother. You could also just do it over their clothes at any point in the day.

Try different positions

You probably have your baby on his back most of the day in some kind of inclined device, such as a swing, bouncer, rock n play, or newborn lounger. These are great devices to make them feel comfortable and still cozied up like they’re in the womb. However, make sure you’re switching up the gear regularly so they’re not in the same position every time you put them down.

Try laying them flat on their back and watch how much they stretch and kick. In this position, they can move their head and neck more to look around. You can also lay them on their side. This way, they’re half way to rolling to one side or the other so that may help them get started on that. Of course, being on their bellies is great stimulation too, as stated before. You can try positioning them sitting up with support, propped up on a boppy, or in the corner of a couch.

Face to face

Face time has a whole new meaning with babies. Babies respond the greatest to faces, especially mom and dad. They are drawn to familiar faces and the more they see yours up close, the better they will respond when they see you and are in discomfort.

Sit up with your knees bent and prop the baby against your legs. This way you can be face-to-face, about 1 foot away. Your baby will become aware of the features of your face and start smiling before you know it. While giving them that face time, play games like Peek-A-Boo, demonstrate smiling, and laughing, as well.

Sit them up

A newborn will be put down a lot or just held on their backs most of the time. Not only is this position great for face to face and better eye contact, it will help strengthen their neck and trunk muscles and reduce time spent on their back (potentially leading to a flat head).

Once your baby has pretty good neck control (probably around 2-2.5 months), you can start using a Fischer Price Sit-Me-Up. This is one of my favorite gadgets for little ones because it gives me a place to put them down, without worrying about them spending too much time laying flat.

Use toys of different textures and sounds

You can use various objects on their skin so they can feel all different textures. Plush stuffed animals, soft toys, hard rattles, coarse bristles on a brush, cotton balls, lotions, etc. The options are endless. Just rub those objects on their hands, arms, face, or legs so their brains start to recognize all the different sensations. This is a great all-in-one toy that has different textures, sounds, and music to stimulate all the senses.

Your baby’s sense of hearing is almost fully developed when they are born. Explore different toys of various sounds, like squeaking, bells, musical notes, etc. Put the objects on different sides of their head to see how they look and respond to where the sound is coming from.

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Lay them on their backs with toys overhead

Place your baby under a mobile or on an activity mat. At just a few weeks old, they will start gazing at the objects floating above them. This promotes visual fixation and tracking as your baby starts to follow objects moving around. Use toys that are brightly colored, make noise, or rotate.

Baby talk

I know it may seem silly to talk to a newborn when they can’t understand what you’re saying yet. However, this is a great way for them to become familiar with your voice and new sounds. Even if they can’t understand you, your voice will start to become recognizable. This will help soothe them when they are in discomfort, knowing that mom is there.

Use their name when you speak to them, read books, or sing songs. Although your baby won’t know their name is referring to them until around 6-7 months, It will give them a head start at recognizing it.

Sing to them

Your baby is starting to learn the sound of your voice so those sweet lullabies or fun sing-a-longs are music to his ears. He’ll start smiling, cooing, and laughing before you know it and just hearing the familiar sounds of mom or dad will surely make him happy.

Snuggles & Kisses

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to do this because it’s probably what you spend your entire day doing. My favorite thing to do is get my baby naked in just his diaper, wrap him loosely in a super soft blanket, and kiss him all over his belly and neck. He’s 3 months now and started laughing and giggling like crazy when I do this! The best thing you can do for your baby is give them all the loving skin to skin contact that you can.

Just let them be

Even when they’re not doing anything, they’re still learning! That’s the beauty of babies. They’re taking in so much information through their senses at every moment. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about if you’re not stimulating him enough.

Just enjoy the time with your little one. They don’t stay this small for long!

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