Best Newborn Toys For Development and Stimulation

Although newborns don’t have fully developed senses and motor skills yet, they are still learning quickly about the new world around them.  It’s important to offer different sensory activities for them to explore and discover and start their journey toward developing so many new skills.

There are a variety of toys and activities that your new baby can use to stimulate all their sensory systems.  Most of these toys will target their visual, auditory, and tactile (touch) senses.

My tip is to have multiple sets of toys throughout your house and belongings.  I like to keep a small storage box of toys in my living room, bedroom, car, diaper bag, kitchen, or any area you’ll be entertaining your baby.  This way you’re never without some sort of stimulation/distraction for your little one.

Here are some of my favorites that baby (0-6 months) will love and keep them occupied for awhile.

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Sensory Teether Toy

This one in particular is one of my favorite toys for the little ones. It easily allows your infant to grasp it and chew at the same time, working on his fine motor skills (grasping) and hand eye coordination (bringing it to his mouth), as well as satisfying his oral sensory (teething) needs.

Crinkle Books

These little books could keep my daughter occupied all day long. When they start to grasp around 3 months, they’ll love the sensory (auditory and tactile) feedback it provides and also love turning the pages.

O-Ball Shaker

The holes in the O-Balls are perfect for little hands to grab and move.  This one is a great toy because it has a rattle which allows baby to start learning cause and effect (that he can grab and shake a toy and it will make noise).

Light and glow toys to push

This toy also teaches cause and effect, allowing your baby to push a button to light up and play sounds. Watch your baby start dancing to the music and see his excitement when he realizes he just made that happen. These kind of toys are used a little on the later side of newborns, but at a few months your child will begin to press buttons.

Plush Musical Toy

This is a soft plush toy that combines bright colors, textures, and music to stimulate the senses.  It has the crinkle texture which babies love to feel and hear, musical sounds, as well as dangling parts to chew on and manipulate. It’s really an all-in-one toy!

Crib Mobile

SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Gift 60 tunes Plush Musical Mobile (Blue Sky)

A mobile is great for when your baby starts visually tracking objects around 2 months.  The movement will grab their attention and they can watch as it spins in a circle.  Attach it to the baby’s crib or bassinet, but you will want to remove it once your baby is sitting up and can reach it. There are sometimes mobiles attached to baby swings and pack n plays which are great additions to look for when you’re shopping for them.

Activity gym

There are a ton of great benefits to tummy time in the first few months of life and every newborn should start being on their tummy right away.  [Read my post about Tummy time benefits and some tricks to get your baby to enjoy it more].  You don’t necessarily need an activity gym to do tummy time, but the toys and bright colors give them some more visual stimulation, as well as objects to reach for and grasp.

Floor Mirror

A mirror allows baby to see himself while laying down.  He will be so interested in his reflection and seeing his own face.

Let me know if you have tried any of these toys and what you think of them!

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  1. Mariela says:

    Great list! I bet my newborn would love the mirror on the floor! She loves looking at herself! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. My son had most of these toys as a baby. You are right, they do help with development. They helped him with tummy time and sitting up. Thank you for sharing.

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