How to Organize Your House Before Bringing Home the New Baby

Whether it’s your 1st or 4th child, you need to organize your home in preparation for a new baby. If you get this done before you bring your baby home, you’ll be much more relaxed and it will make life a whole lot easier. Learn how to organize your house before bringing home a new baby.

There’s no need to baby proof your house just yet.  You won’t have to worry about that until your baby is at least 7 months old.  What you will need to do is create organized spaces to just make life easier for you.

I’m a big fan of spending a little more money for convenience sake, especially now with being a mom.  I want everything to be at my finger tips and easily accessible with multiple items around the house.  I try to have 2 of everything, if possible, to always have quick access to the things I need.

Since I have 2 floors in my house, I usually have stations set up on our 1st floor and 2nd floor (living room and bedroom), as well as other places throughout my house, car, and even the grandparent’s house.  You don’t need high end, expensive items for all of these areas.  The newer and better quality items I keep in my living room, since that’s what we use the most, but for my second or third items, I use hand-me-downs, purchase items at garage sales, or get a cheaper version of it.

We still had our house baby proofed and were diaper station-ready for our 14 month old, but we needed to add all the newborn gear once again.  Here are my tips and ideas on how I re-organized my home before having the 2nd baby.

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Lots of Baskets

I love having baskets as little organizers throughout my house, especially with babies.  These are great for the little items you need to grab and it’s so convenient to have items placed all through your house to make them easily accessible.  I’ll show you what I put in them through out this post.

Storage Bins with Lids

I’m such a huge fan of these storage bins and now have 6 of them (jumbo size) around my house.  They blend in well with my decor, have an elegant style, and are durable and sturdy enough to hold a variety of items.  Most importantly, they have a LID.  I was looking all over for storage bins with lids to hide all the clutter and disorganization and these were perfect.  I use them for baby toys, toddler toys, shoes, blankets & burp cloths, but the uses are endless.  You can even use the smaller sizes as diaper baskets or they can go in the closet for extra storage.

Living Room/Family Room

Portable Play Yard & Diaper Station

It’s great to have a changing station in/near your living room or where you spend the most time.  We use the Chicco Lullaby Playard (which I highly recommend) that comes with a changer top and set up a little diaper station there.  We have ours in a corner in the dining room, so it’s still easily accessible on our 1st floor. You’ll need changing pad liners for the changer and a diaper genie is also pretty necessary, in my opinion. Don’t forget to stock up on the diaper genie refills too because you will go through those bags very quickly in the beginning- newborns go through 10-12 diapers a day!

In the side pockets of the playard, include: Plenty of newborn or size 1 diapers (you’ll use at least 10 a day), pack of wipes (I love water wipes because they are the most pure and safe for newborns), diaper cream, baby bum brush (makes applying diaper cream much cleaner), extra onesies/sleepers (these zip ups with the zipper at the BOTTOM are all you need for your newborn), burp cloth, lotion/coconut oil, hand sanitizer, and gauze & vasoline (for a boy).  If you don’t have enough room in the side pockets, set up a little end table with a basket or storage bin. I have my 14 month old’s diapers in the side pockets so I needed to set up an additional space for the new baby’s diapers. You’ll be well prepared if you have all these items super close.

Nursing Pillow

If you’re nursing, you’ll probably be doing most of that in your living room/family room space.  Keep your nursing pillow here for convenience. I love the My Breast Friend Pillow and think it’s the best one out there.  I had the Boppy with my first baby and it worked fine, but the My Breast Friend is much better and easier to work with.  The Boppy still causes you to slouch down while nursing, leading to an achy back. My Breast Friend has a strap that you can strap the baby up higher while nursing so you don’t have to slouch.  It also allows you to walk around while nursing- multitasking is a must for new moms!

Tummy Time mat

I have a Tummy Time mat set up in our living room (since this is where we spend the most of our time) and also in our bedroom. I have one new mat and another I got as a hand-me-down. Tummy time should start as soon as you bring the baby home form the hospital to start building their core, neck, and arm strength.

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Baskets of toys

Newborns will love those plush, brightly colored, squishy toys, and after a month or 2, they’ll even be fascinated by teethers and objects they can grab and put in their mouth.  I have a basket of baby toys in my living room, bedroom, and don’t forget about your car! A few you can throw in the diaper bag, but it’s good to have toys to occupy them while they’re in the back seat by themselves, although you won’t need that for a couple months..

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Baby gear

Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger, Black and Gold
Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing - Ridgedale

You should have some kind of baby gear in most rooms that you will be in for convenience when you need to put them down.  In our living room, we have the Boppy Newborn Lounger on the couch, Swing in our kitchen, Chicco Lullaby Playard in our dining room, and Bouncer in our bedroom.  If you only get one thing though, invest in the newborn lounger because it’s the most portable, can be placed on most surfaces, and most babies are very comfortable in it.

Basket of burp cloths, bibs, and blankets

We keep a small bin of burp cloths, blankets, and bibs in our living room for easy access while feeding and holding the baby.

Extra boxes of diapers and wipes

Hopefully you stocked up on diapers on wipes if you found some sales so keep all of this boxes easily accessible.  If you have a closet close by, store boxes of diapers, wipes, extra burp cloths, blankets, and bibs there for when you run out at your stations.

Parent’s Bedroom

Bassinet with Extra Sheets and Swaddles

Next to your bed, you need to set up where baby will sleep.  I love this Halo Bassinet that swivels and allows you to push down the side to easily put baby in. It also has convenient pockets on the side where you should store extra bassinet sheets, extra swaddles and burp cloths for those middle of the night changes.  If you have a bassinet without pockets, set up a basket on your night stand or even store them in the drawer. You can also add extra onesies or sleeper pajamas in there too.

Rock & Play Sleeper

There’s a good chance that your baby won’t like sleeping on her back on a flat surface like the bassinet.  I started my newborn in the bassinet, but he just wasn’t sleeping well, and the Rock & Play changed his sleep patterns drastically! The Rock & Play is safe gear that you can put your baby in for a more sound sleep.  It’s a cozy, inclined space that your baby will enjoy more- and you will to! You can use your phone as a remote to make it rock and vibrate!  Super hands-free.

Diaper changing station

To limit the amount of waking up you have to do in the middle of the night, in your nightstand basket, put a couple diapers, wipes, and changing pad liner in there so you can change the baby right on your bed.

Water bottle

During night time feedings, especially if you’re nursing, you will definitely get thirsty.  Keep a couple bottles of water on your nightstand or always bring up a cold glass of water with you before bed to satisfy your thirst in the middle of the night.

Bottle basket station by bed

If you’re planning on bottle or formula feeding, keep some bottles, formula, water bottle, and bottle warmer right by your bed. This will decrease the amount of times you will have to get up in the middle of the night to prepare a bottle.

Night Lights

Have a night light by your bed and the bassinet for those late night feedings and wake ups so you don’t have to put on the bright light and wake the baby even more.. These night lights are great and have a sensor to turn on only when it’s dark.  Put one in your hallway, bedroom, bathroom, and nursery.

As listed above in the living room, you’ll want to have these items if you will be spending time in your bedroom:

Baby gear

Nursing Pillow

Tummy time mat

Basket of toys


Small plastic drawer organizer

Sterilite 3-Drawer Desktop Storage Unit - Black - image 1 of 3

This drawer organizer is a great option to store all your small pump parts, bottle lids, nipples, breast milk storage bags, adapters, etc. Put this on your kitchen counter near your drying rack for easy storage of these small pieces.

Drying Rack

You’ll need a drying rack to dry all your small pieces from the pump and bottles.  Don’t forget to sterilize all of these items (just boil them in water) before use.  Get this done before the baby comes.

Bottle Brush & Soap

Munchkin 2pk Baby Bottle & Nipple Brush - image 1 of 9

You’ll need these Munchkin Bottle Brushes because you can’t get into those little bottle necks with a regular dish sponge. Dapple is the special soap to clean all the bottles and breast pump parts.

Bottle Warmer
Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Dr browns is the best one, although you can really heat a bottle on the stove.

Dishwasher basket
OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts & Accessories, Teal

If you’re going to be putting bottles and pump parts in the dish washer, you’ll need a dishwasher basket for all of the small pieces.


Postpartum basket


In each bathroom in your house, you should set up a postpartum kit for yourself.  You may not know exactly what you will need because every woman heals differently, but consider including maxi pads, nursing pads, dermoplast spray, tucks pads, ice packs from the hospital, cleansing spray bottle from the hospital, lanolin cream, and hemorrhoid cream. Checkout my post on Essentials for Your Postpartum Survival Kit for everything you should need during recovery.


Closet organization

Cube storage in your nursery closet is a must.  I contemplated installing shelves instead, but these cubes offer so much more space.  In the bins I put blankets, sheets, extra diapers/wipes, swaddles, shoes, socks, extra toys, and everything else that doesn’t go in the drawers and needs to be put in a box. You don’t need a bin for every cube because in those empty spots you can put books, more blankets, or keepsakes that you want to be shown.

Target has a huge selection of all shapes and sizes of cubes for your closet.  Make sure you measure the dimensions precisely because my cubes JUST fit in there, but I wanted to maximize the amount of storage I had, that’s why I used a 3×3 cube. Also, make sure you get the matching bins for what cube set you get because they are all different sizes.

These Room Essentials Hangers are affordable and a good size for baby clothing.  Also don’t forget the hangers with clips for whole outfits so you can keep the pants and shirts together.

You also may want to use closet dividers to separate your baby clothes by months.  It makes it easier to see exactly which clothes you should be using at that time.

Dresser organization

The tiny newborn clothes take up very little space in your drawers so you can fit a ton in there.  The BEST way to store clothes in a drawer is by rolling them (I organize all my drawers this way as well).  This way you can see every item in your drawer instead of when you stack, you can only see whats on top.  You can also do 2 layers if needed.

Diaper changing station

You probably won’t be using the nursery too much for the first couple months besides diaper and outfit changes, so there’s not much necessary to set up in here besides a diaper station.  Be sure to include: plenty of newborn or size 1 diapers (you’ll use at least 10 a day), pack of wipes (I love water wipes because they are the most pure and safe for newborns), diaper cream, baby bum brush (makes applying diaper cream much cleaner), extra onesies/sleepers, burp cloth, lotion/coconut oil, hand sanitizer, and gauze & vasoline (for a boy).

Touch light and night lights

These adjustable night lights are great to put on the dresser next to the diaper changing station and you can adjust the brightness on your own.  These are great for the middle of the night or even during the bedtime routine later on if you don’t have a small lamp and don’t want to completely wake up your baby.  Regular night lights are also great to have in there and in the hallway.

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You’ll definitely be prepared for baby if you follow these tips! Are there any other ways you organize your home?

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