10 Coordinating Winter and Holiday Photo Ideas For The Whole Family

by | Nov 10, 2020

Get those cameras and festive Christmas sweaters ready! It’s time to take that perfect coordinating family photo you can share with pride to your friends and family.

I know that finding coordinating outfits that the whole family will love can be tough, but whether you’re hoping to capture the sweet nostalgia of Christmas or something a bit more candid — there are a bunch of great ideas for you to choose from!

The holiday seasons tend to overload our to-do lists and the last thing you want to do is add yet another item to your checklist. That’s why I decided to do the hard part for you.

I searched the internet and all the social channels for this year’s BEST coordinating Christmas outfits for you to choose from. (You can thank me later!)

2020 has been hard on us ALL, but that doesn’t mean we can’t soak up the joy of the season. The holidays are the best time to reclaim some of that joy that may have been lost earlier in the year. What better way to do that than getting in the holiday spirit with these adorably coordinated outfit ideas?

So sit back and enjoy all my hard work and choose one of these ideas to adorn your Christmas Cards this year!

1. The Classic Pajamas

Matching pajamas are always a hit and these red plaid pajamas and this santa baby set for the whole family are the perfect choice! Whether you’re taking a picture in front of the tree or at a Christmas tree farm, this is one time of year that it’s ok to be seen out in your pajamas!

2. Coordinate With Plaid

Using a mixture of of plaid colors adds little more visual interest to your family Christmas photo! The adorable red bows on the girls and earrings on the mom really ring the style in!

Just be careful not to use too much plaid as different prints could clash. Have one or two staple plaid outfits and the others can just pull a color from it.

3. Neutrals

Neutral tones against the snow can make for an awesome Christmas look! Just don’t put everyone in white, but matching different shades of creams, beige, black, and brown will always be a classic look for holiday photos.

4. Pastel Colors

Who says that you can’t wear pastels in the winter? Pastel colors against the white snow make for an absolutely beautiful family Christmas photo! They’re easy to coordinate with different shades, as well.

5. Get Formal

Getting all dressed up down to the matching ties, can be an absolutely adorable way to create a coordinated Christmas look that will make your Christmas photos really stand out! Dress in your Sunday best or outfits that you would wear to a wedding. A formal photo ops is always a good choice.

6. Use Red

Check out these ideas for coordinated family photos this holiday season. Christmas card photos will look beautiful with these mathcing outfits

Red is the perfect choice for family photos because it really captures your attention and eye! Plus, it’s the perfect coordinating Christmas color! Choose red for the whole family or simply add a pop of color with some red hats or pants to pull the look together!

7. Christmas Tree Farm

A Christmas Tree Farm is the perfect choice for this coordinating plaid family photo! Choosing coordinating outfits doesn’t always mean choosing the same colors! The dark colors coupled with the white and tied together with the plaid makes this photo a perfect choice!

8. Cozy Blanket

Adding a cozy blanket to your photos can be an easy way to coordinate and make your photos really feel like the holidays.

9. Santa Hats

Simply adding a Santa hat to your family photo can help bring the whole look together! It can also help bring that Holiday feel when the weather may be too warm for more traditional winter clothing!

10. Scarves

Check out these ideas for coordinated family photos this holiday season. Christmas card photos will look beautiful with these mathcing outfits

Scarves are the perfect winter accessory and can really help in tying your family photos together for the holidays! Opt for fun Christmas colored scarves or simple plaid for the best results.

I hope you got some great ideas for your coordinating family Christmas Photos! Family and friends are sure to adore whichever you choose to adorn your Christmas Card this year!

Check out these ideas for coordinated family photos this holiday season. Christmas card photos will look beautiful with these mathcing outfits

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