Christmas Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Toddlers love sensory bins.  They are super simple to create and make great activities for toddlers to explore different textures, develop language, and improve fine motor skills. 

This Christmas sensory bin incorporates auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation. There are red & green colors, soft and hard objects, and bells that make noise when shaking.

To make this sensory bin:

Fill a medium-large size bin with uncooked beans.  I used 3 32oz bags with a 5 quart bin. Throw in red & green jingle bells and red & green poms.  I got all of these items from the dollar store! Mix all of the items together and try to bury the red & green items in the beans. If your child still puts things in their mouth, make sure you are watching them closely because they can be a choking hazard.

Make sure they’re using their thumb & pointer finger (pincer grasp) to pick up the small objects. 

Have your child explore all the textures and materials in the bin with their hands.  They can run the beans through their fingers or rub and bury their hands into the bin. 

Ask them questions and start a conversation to develop language. 

  • What is this color? The color is Red. 
  • What do they feel like? These are hard and these are soft. 
  • Shake the bells and say, The bells are ringing. Do you hear the bells?
  • Tell them to pull out the red and green objects.  If they’re a little older, have them sort the colors. 

You can even do this activity several times using the same objects/toys, but different sensory materials and it’s like a whole new activity! Try using rocks, sand, cotton balls, cooked or uncooked rice, cooked or uncooked pasta noodles, cooked beans, etc. The possibilities are endless. Your toddler will love the opportunity to explore all the different textures- soft, hard, wet, dry, cold, etc.

Do you have any other ways that your children love to explore their world through different sensory experiences? 

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