Best Unique Gifts For Your Toddler That Aren’t Toys

At this age, your 1 or 2 year old probably hasn’t completely grasped the concept of presents.  For my 1 year old, I could wrap an empty box up and she would have a blast playing with the wrapping paper and box without a toy even in sight!

Since my daughter goes through toys so quickly and ends up playing with a tupperware container instead, I prefer to get her thoughtful gifts that mean more.  This can include experiences, personalized items, or educational subscriptions that continue to come every month.  These are the gifts that keep on giving!

I especially love personalized items.  They are something they can keep for awhile and they will be so proud to see their name on something.  Check out my list of some unique gifts for your toddler the aren’t toys.

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  1. Tickets to Disney on Ice, Sesame Street Live, Circus, or other local events

2. Day at the Zoo or Aquarium

3. Hello (Ages 0-2) or High Five (Ages 2-5) by Highlights Magazine Subscription  This is a monthly subscription so your child will receive a new book every month.   Each issue follows a theme with colorful images, stories, poems, and activities. My favorite thing about these books is that they are made of baby-safe, tear-resistant, washable material and are the perfect size for little hands to hold, fitting easily into a diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment.  Only $30 for a whole years worth of gifts showing up to their doorstep is a great deal!

4. Mac & Mia Subscription clothing box Get boxes of adorable children’s clothing for a fraction of the retail price and pay ONLY for what you want to keep.  It really takes the hassle of going shopping at the store with energetic toddlers running around.

5. Photobook of family My little girl absolutely adores her photo book that we made for her.  I put in it all photos of her and a relative and each page has just 1 large photo.  It’s a great way for your children to learn and get familiar with loved ones and they also love looking at photos of actual people and not just cartoons. Check out my post on Creating Your Own Family Photo Book for your Toddler

6. Customized book with child’s name Put Me In The Story uses adorable stories with beautiful images and customizes a book with your child’s name in it.  A true keepsake that they will be reading for ages.  I remember my book that I got with my name in it for Christmas when I was really young and it was my absolute favorite book of all time. Use code STORYTIME to save 20% or Groupon has a coupon listed, so definitely purchase that to save more!

7. Personalized chair  My daughter loves her little chair from Pottery Barn and will eat her snack in it, watch tv, and read books. For a more budget version, Personal Creations offers these beautiful chairs and buy a Groupon Promotion first to save much more!

8. Personalized bath robe or beach towel These are just adorable for little toddlers as they’re learning how to hold on to their towels.  What’s cuter than a little waddling baby in a robe? Personal Creations offers these beach towels and plush bathrobes in baby & kids sizes, but make sure you buy the Groupon promotion for it first to save a lot more!

9. Customized  name puzzle A puzzle with their name on it will help them learn the letters of their name while also practicing on their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It’s also really cute to display in their room.

10. Personalized book bag/ travel bag We travel a lot from Grandma’s house and aunt’s and uncle’s houses so we got this adorable book bag to use as my toddler’s travel bag. You can also use them for day care or preschool. Personal Creations offers these adorable book bags, but make sure you buy the Groupon promotion for it first to save a lot more!

11. Teepee Create a small personal hideaway for your little kiddo.  They’ll love feeling like they’re in a fort where they can take their books and toys into a quiet space by themselves.

12. Toddler Helper Stand  This would make such a great gift for a toddler who loves to help mom or dad in the kitchen.  It is sturdy enough for your toddler to stand on it and has a large enough standing base that the child can move around a bit. It makes them a perfect height to stand at the counter and help cook.

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