27 Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Saying goodbye is hard, especially for the funny little elf your children have grown to love! I know it seems like your elf just arrived, but it is time to start planning his/her departure!

I have been on the lookout for last day Elf on the Shelf ideas! I can’t wait to see what you think!

Why should I do a special last day event?

For little ones, it is easier to say goodbye if their elf is doing something silly or cute!

What should I do for the last day?

This is entirely up to you! You can do an extravagant event or you can keep it simple and easy! There are no rules regarding the last day of elf on the shelf!

Keep it fun and light hearted would be my suggestion!

What day does the elf typically depart?

The last day for elf on the shelf, according to tradition in December 24th. Scout elves say goodbye to their family and hop on Santa’s sleigh!

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How should I prepare my children for the last day?

Setting expectations that the elf will leave at some point is a good plan that way they aren’t caught off guard! You can do this a few different ways, but my favorite is referring to the elf as a guest and explaining that he/she leaves on Christmas Eve.

Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Okay, let’s get into it! I am so excited to share these last day elf on the shelf ideas with you! I enjoy doing the elf on the shelf with my kids, but I am glad when it’s over!

Doing something for the last day with your scout elf is like the the grand finale!

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Funny Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

How neat is this elf scavenger hunt, complete with 22 clues! So fun for a last day elf on the shelf activity!

Hugs and Kisses

Via @herricktheelf

I love this funny last day idea, and it is pretty simple too! Simply wrap your elf in tin foil, print out a cute little note on the paper like regular Hershey’s kisses and place your scout elf next to a bowl of Hershey’s kisses!

Prepare for Takeoff

Via @meg_belennn

Cleared for take off! I love this idea, complete with a sweet and simple goodbye gift!

Vanished into Thin Air

Via @meg_belennn

Your little ones will get a kick out of this one! The scout elf wanted to leave a little memento behind!

While You Were Sleeping

Via @tonithebrave

Most of the time scout elves cannot be touched because it takes away their magic, but goodbyes can be an exception if you choose!

Cute Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Sugar Plum Fort

I love the idea of a cute little fort for the last day of elf on the shelf! You can make this as elaborate or simple as you like!

Zip Lining Back to the North Pole

These elves are eager to get back to the North Pole! A little zip line fun, made possible some twine of fishing line!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

If your little ones are Frozen obsessed, they will especially love this goodbye! One last snowman before heading to the North Pole.

Washing Up for the North Pole

Scrub a dub dub, elf in the tub! The elf needs to be squeaky clean for his/her trip back to Santa!

Elf Photo Booth

This elf photo booth is such a fun idea and I love that this blog has the printable props for you!

Easy Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Spell it out

Via @nuttynatalie82

This is an adorable goodbye and super simple to recreate with whatever you have on hand.

Going Away Gift

Give your elf some energy with a sweet treat to get back to the North Pole!

A Teary Goodbye

Via @nuttynatalie82

Goodbyes are hard on elves too! They have their bags packed and a note for your little one!

Connect 4

One last game before going back to the North Pole. This would be cute with any games and stuffies that you may have around the house!

Email to Santa

Uh oh! Your elf lost track of time! He/she needs to send an email to Santa! Your kiddos will be so excited for one more day with their elves!

Sentimental Last Day Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Christmas Eve Box

This is popular in our house! Our littles always get a box with pjs, popcorn, hot coco mix, and another snack! It would be cute to make it from your elf!

S’mores Box

Via @rufflesandraindrops

This smores kit is adorable and a perfect sentimental gift for little ones

Slumber Party!

How cute would it be to have a slumber party on the last night of elf on the shelf?! I know my kiddos would be so excited!

Hot Coco Party

I love the idea of having a hot coco party for the last day of elf on the shelf! A hot coco bar would be so cute!

Bake Cookies Together

You can do this one from scratch, or if you are short on time use the pre-made cookies! Either way, this will be something that your littles never forget!

Last Minute Ideas

Printable Letter

A letter is a last-minute, yet very sweet idea for your little ones! You can get your own personalized letter here, which makes it that much easier!

A Quick Snuggle

Elves don’t necessarily need magic to fly to the North Pole if they are hitching a ride with Santa. So a quick snuggle on the last day could be acceptable if you so choose!

Emoji Letter

Via @modernmomlife

Your elf is just as sad as you are! I love the idea of an emoji letter!

Sledding Back to the North Pole

Sledding back to the North Pole may not be the quickest route, but if there is a will there is a way!

Trapped Elf

The toys don’t want the elf to leave either! Santa will free the elf, but not before the toys try to hold him/her hostage!

Free Elf Pass

Saying goodbye can be a little easier if it isn’t for too long! Your elf can leave with a note left behind stating Santa has given the elf one FREE pass to come back before next Christmas! Perhaps a Valentine Surprise?

Birthday Surprise

If you would like to allow the elf one last visit, but are not okay with the kids choosing the date – perhaps your elf could leave behind a pass to come back for your little one’s birthday! What a special treat!

Remember, goodbyes are hard! Doing something special on the last day of elf on the shelf makes saying goodbye a little bit easier.

What are some things you have done for the last day of elf on the shelf? Let me know in the comments below!

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