37 First Grandchild Announcement Ideas for Your Big Reveal

If you are giving your parents the first grandbaby, you must be giddy with excitement! There is definitely something extra special about that first grandchild.

New parents have shared that announcing their pregnancy with their parent’s first grandchild is a moment they would never forget. Their parents still tell the stories to everyone who visit and a unique reveal is worth it for all of them!

Announcing your pregnancy may be on of the happiest days of your life while seeing the reaction to the news that your parents would be grandparents for the first time. Revealing a pregnancy should always be done with care and creativity because it’s something that will stay with families for years 
to come.

You might be feeling the pressure on how to announce, but I have you covered! Keep reading for 30+ first grandchild announcement ideas!

How To Make a First Grandchild Announcement

There are lots of different ways to make a first grandchild announcement, and the good news is that there is no right or wrong way! You can do a virtual announcement if your grandparents are far away, something cutesy, thoughtful, or funny!

It is completely up to you!

When To Make a First Grandchild Announcement

There are lots of couples that wait until the late first trimester or even early second trimester to announce their pregnancy, however that doesn’t have to be the case for you! Again, there is no right or wrong timing here. Just go with what feels right to you and your partner!

Creative First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

If you are crafty in nature, these pregnancy announcements may be what you are looking for. While they do not require much crafting on your behalf, these announcements are super cute and creative.

1. Family Quiz

Abbie from Generation Cheerful recalls her big reveal: “We held a group family Zoom call with my parents due to lockdown restrictions at the time. We had them all take a family quiz that we had created. There were 16 questions in total, plus an extra one at the end which was take the first letter of each of your answers and that will spell a phrase. The first person to get the phrase wins the quiz.” 

“The first letters of each answer spelled out Baby Banfield due Christmas Eve 2020, and of course my Mum was the first to put it all together!” 

2. Baby Spoon Announcement

How neat is this spoon?! This way of announcing your pregnancy is creative, plus the spoon is functional!

A great idea would be to hand them a cup of soup or coffee if they’re at your house, and let them discover what it says for themselves!

3. Scavenger Hunt

Dr. Jennifer Silver from Macleod Trail Dental shares that she arranged a scavenger hunt. “Each of the hints, which were all connected to the baby, alluded to the big surprise I was about to share.” 

“The first hint directed them to the nursery, where I had set up a tiny crib and wrote, It all starts here, on a piece of paper. The third clue was stashed away in a diaper bag, while the second was put away in a baby book.” 

“I could see their excitement growing as they moved along in the scavenger hunt. They eventually found the final hint, which directed them to a sizable gift box covered in pink and blue paper.” 

“They took the onesie out of the box and noticed the words World’s Best Grandparents scrawled across it. My parents couldn’t stop gushing about how much they adored the memorable way I had informed them of the news.”

4. Quail Egg Pregnancy Announcement

This unique first grandchild announcement is a little “outside the box”, but how neat is it? If the future grandparents are farm people, they may really enjoy this!

5. A Photo Album of Mom & Dad Through the Years

Brenda Kosciuk from Paper Heart Family decided on a plan that would touch their hearts and create a lasting memory. The idea was to create a custom photo album with pictures of her husband and her growing up, followed by pictures of their life together.

“We included photos from our dating days, our wedding, vacations, and other memorable moments we shared. As the album progressed, the pictures would begin to hint at a new chapter in our lives. The last photo in the album would be the big reveal – an ultrasound image of their soon-to-be first grandchild.” Brenda states.

“We casually brought out the photo album at dinner and asked if they wanted to stroll down memory lane with us. When they finally turned to the ultrasound image, a brief moment of 
confusion quickly turned to pure joy and elation. My mother’s eyes filled with tears, and my father’s face lit up with a mix of surprise and happiness.”

6. Hello Grandparent Announcement Box

I think this “Suprise” box is creative and unique! There are several fun keepsakes for the grandparents to be!

7. Cracking Open a Hollow Chocolate Heart

“We used a hollow heart made out of chocolate for our big reveal for the first grandchild. We included a wooden mallet for my parents to break into the chocolate heart, and there at the bottom find my sonogram.”

“My parents were wowed at this creation and were excited to break into the 
chocolate heart. Once my sisters and I start taking apart the heart a little more, my mother saw the ultrasound and immediately she screamed and began to cry.”

8. Promoted to Grandma and Grandpa Shirts

I don’t know what grandparent wouldn’t want to wear these adorable t-shirts!

9. Grandma Charm for her Bracelet

Nicky Dutta of Lorel Diamonds planned the announcement during his mom’s birthday celebration so he gave her a bespoke bracelet charm as a way to tell her. “Because it’s her birthday, naturally she’s expecting a gift, so we wanting a special way to deliver it using my pet shih tzu as our delivery guy. We attached the small box to its collar that went its way to my mom.”

“My mom thought the surprise was the delivery, but when she read the letters engraved on the bracelet, “Best Grandma,” my mom was truly moved.” he states.

Thoughtful First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

You may want to give the first-time grandparents something thoughtful as an announcement. Here are some sweet and thoughtful first grandchild announcement ideas.

1. Grandparent Key Chain

These matching key chains are such a thoughtful way to announce your pregnancy to the new grandparents and give them a pretty neat keepsake.

2. Ultrasound Frame

This ultrasound keepsake frame is so special and will be treasured forever!

To share the good news of their first grandchild with her parents, Sarah from Dog Training Boss found a 3-frame photo holder and put the ultrasound in the center slot. Next, she inserted a baby photo of her husband and a baby photo of herself on either side of the ultrasound.

3. Keepsake Box

This baby announcement box is so cute and a thoughtful way to announce your pregnancy. You can even customize with your due date month!

4. Love at First Sight Shadow Box

This shadow box is so special and a thoughtful way to announce your pregnancy to the ones you love most!

5. Ornament Announcement

If you are announcing around the holidays, an ornament is the way to go! What a special and thoughtful gift this would be to open on Christmas!

Jan Stewart recalls “We were decorating the Christmas tree with my parents. I brought out two hand-made ornaments of angels. On the base of each ornament was written (for my mother), “Congratulations, Grandma!”  and for my Dad, “Congratulations, Grandpa!”.  They were shocked and delighted.”

6. Get the Waiter in on a Restaurant Announcement

“I took my parents out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, and when the waitress brought our drinks out, I had her place a big blue bow in the middle of the table. My parents looked around, confused, until I said, This is for you! With that, I pulled out an ultrasound photo of their grandchild and placed it on the bow.”

Fun First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

You might be looking for a fun way to announce the first grandbaby. These announcements are fun and sure to get everyone excited!

1. Scratch Offs

Okay, who doesn’t love scratch offs, and really there is no way to lose with these!

2. Funny Pregnancy Wine Bottle

If the grandparents to be love wine, this could be the pregnancy announcement you are looking for! I love that they have to do a little bit of investigating first!

3. Game of Charades

“My family is a huge fan of family game nights, so we revealed that we were expecting our daughter to my family through a game of charades! I have a fun home video of my grandma’s reaction to the news of her first great granddaughter.” reveals Caley Rose, Music with a Message.

4. Oven-Shaped Cake

Rose also announced her pregnancy by having a talented cake sculptor design an incredible oven-shaped cake. We had my mother and father-in-law open the door of the oven, and the sonogram was sitting in there! Cake credit: Kimberly Murray at Sculptural Bakes

5. Funny Pregnancy Shirt

Picture this: you walk into their house wearing a hoodie, then take it off and BAM, pregnancy announcement!

6. Custom Golf Ball

If the grandparents to be are golf lovers, this could be a sweet and fun announcement for them!

7. Pregnancy Announcement Candle

Smells like you’re going to be grandparents! This is a fun way to announce your pregnancy for sure!

Cute First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

If you are more of the cutesy announcement type, these ideas are for you!

1. Surprise Message at the Bottom of a Mug

Bonnie Whitfield of Family Destinations Guide shares, “Knowing that my parents are both avid coffee lovers, I came up with the idea of gifting them a set of twin mugs with the words ‘Grandma/Grandpa in the making’ engraved at the bottom.”

“The day I presented them with their new mugs, they couldn’t quite figure out why I was so eager to watch them enjoy their morning coffee. As they sipped, their expressions changed from confusion to pure joy and surprise when they finally saw the message at the bottom. The shared experience of discovering they were about to become grandparents for the first time was a moment I will always cherish.”

2. Big Brother Dog Bandana

Abby Price from Trekking Prices bought their black labrador retriever a handkerchief that said Big Sister on it and had her enter their parents house wearing the handkerchief.

“It took our parents a little while to notice that it said something on it and when they read it, they immediately started shouting and crying! This was such a special way to tell both my husband’s family and my own family because our dog has been our baby for several years now and we are so excited that she is going to be a big sister to our human baby!”

3. We’re Having a Baby Card

A sweet sentimental note goes a long way, and that applies to a pregnancy announcement too!

4. Pregnancy Announcement Coffee Mug

If the grandma and grandpa to be are coffee or tea fans, these mugs are both a cute AND functional way to announce your pregnancy!

5. Onesie Announcement

Dr. Minerva Guerrero from Mind Matters Mental Health Counseling shares: “On Jan 6th, Three Kings Day, I told my mom that I had a gift for her and in a nice festive box, I had the photo of the ultrasound, a card cutely written by my baby bump and a onesie that said hello grandma. My mom was elated.”

6. Fishing Partner

If the grandpa to be is a fisherman, this is such a cute way to announce your pregnancy!

7. A Ready-to-be-Made Quilt

Kim McGraw at Life Worth the Living‘s mom always made baby quilts for the church ladies that were expecting, so she bought quilting supplies and wrapped them up.

Virtual First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

Near or far, announcing your pregnancy is so special! If you don’t have the liberty of an in person announcement, these virtual ones are adorable!

1. We’re Due Pregnancy Announcement

I love this neutral announcement! This is so cute and you can easily download!

2. First Grandchild Virtual Announcement

I love this first grandchild virtual announcement. You can personalize the last name, due date and sonogram!

3. Grandparent Announcement

This is another great, customizable virtual pregnancy announcement!

4. Grandparent Baby Announcement

How sweet is this virtual pregnancy announcement?! So sweet and simple!

5. Little Secret Baby Announcement

If you have been keeping a little secret, this announcement is perfect for you!

Here are a few more first granchild announcement ideas:

Pink and Blue Cake: If you have a celebration coming up, you could bring a cake that is pink and blue on the inside!

Picture of a Bun in the Oven: If you have a family group chat (or if you don’t you can create one!) take a picture of a bun in the oven and send it. See what the response is!

Bump Ahead Shirt: A bump ahead shirt is a cute way to announce your pregnancy!

Announcing your pregnancy, and the first grandchild at that is something so exciting! Have fun announcing your pregnancy, and go with the flow!

Revealing your pregnancy to the grandparents can be truly one of the most special and memorable moments you will have ever experienced. You’ll be so glad that you chose to share the news in such a unique way because your family will never forget it and cherish that memory forever. 

Did you have the first grandchild? Let me know in the comments below how you announced your pregnancy!

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