41 Crazy Hair Day Ideas to Turn Heads

Crazy Hair Day, also known as Wacky Hair Day, is an exciting and fun event that has gained immense popularity in schools, offices, and communities. This day encourages people of all ages to let their creativity run wild and transform their hair into a work of art.

Whether you’re a student looking to outshine your peers, a parent assisting your child, or just someone who wants to join the festivities, this blog post is here to help you discover 25 easy and imaginative Crazy Hair Day ideas. These ideas will ensure you stand out and make the most of this vibrant celebration.

But first, let’s explore the origins and significance of Crazy Hair Day.

The History of Crazy Hair Day

The concept of Crazy Hair Day, a delightful event that encourages creativity and unity through whimsical and imaginative hairstyles, traces its roots back to the first official celebration in San Diego on March 10, 2004. This pioneering event was the brainchild of Jennifer Case Nevarez and author Barney Saltzberg, who crossed paths at the annual Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators gathering in Los Angeles.

Jennifer, inspired by Barney Saltzberg’s book “Crazy Hair Day,” proposed the wild and wacky idea of a day dedicated to zany hair expressions. Their collaboration with the Children’s Museum and Starbucks kickstarted a remarkable city-wide reading campaign aimed at promoting the joy of reading and fostering a sense of community in San Diego.

Starbucks Coffee Company played a significant role in this literary and communal venture, generously donating more than 500 books to support the cause. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 500 volunteers and celebrity readers who shared stories with more than 8,000 children and adults across a staggering 120 locations throughout San Diego.

The most distinctive aspect of the event was, of course, the creative hairstyles that adorned participants. Over 1,500 children and adults eagerly embraced the Crazy Hair Day spirit, sporting hair that defied convention and brimmed with originality. These impressive numbers, as documented on weebly.com, stand as a testament to the event’s phenomenal success and its ability to unite communities in a celebration of literature, creativity, and shared fun.

Crazy Hair Day Supplies

Crazy Hair Day is all about embracing your creativity and turning your hair into a work of art. To help you achieve the wildest and wackiest hair looks, you’ll need a variety of supplies. The specific supplies you’ll require will depend on the style you want to create, but here are some general items that can come in handy:

Hairbrush or Comb: A good hairbrush or comb is essential for styling and shaping your hair before you start adding decorations.

Hair Accessories: Depending on your chosen style, you may need hairpins, bobby pins, elastics, or hair ties to secure and structure your hair.

Hair Products

Hair Gel: Use hair gel to shape and sculpt your hair into creative forms.

Hair Spray: Hair spray can help hold your style in place and add some extra stability.

Temporary Hair Color: If you plan on changing your hair color for the day, temporary hair color sprays or chalks can do the trick.

Decorations and Accessories

Ribbons and Bows: These can add a colorful and playful touch to your hairstyle.

Glitter: Sprinkle glitter on your hair for some extra sparkle.

Stickers or Hair Stencils: Use stickers or stencils to create fun patterns or designs on your hair.

Feathers: Feathers can add a whimsical and creative element to your hairstyle.

Artificial Flowers: Incorporate artificial flowers for a floral-themed look.

Toys and Small Props

Small Stuffed Animals: Attach small toys or stuffed animals to your hair for a playful effect.

Plastic Insects: Use plastic insects like ladybugs, butterflies, or spiders for a fun, insect-themed style.

Mini Balloons: Tiny balloons can add an uplifting and lively touch to your hair.

Craft Supplies

Pipe Cleaners: These can be shaped into various forms to enhance your hairstyle.

Craft Wire: Craft wire can be used to create different hair structures or shapes.

Glue: A safe, non-toxic glue can be useful for attaching decorations securely.

Markers or Face Paint: For drawing designs or patterns on your hair or face, if your style involves it.

Wigs and Hairpieces: If you don’t want to alter your natural hair, consider using wigs or clip-in hairpieces to achieve the desired effect.

Safety Pins: These can be used to attach accessories or decorations to your hair securely.

Headbands and Hats: Sometimes, adding a crazy headband or hat can be the centerpiece of your hairstyle.

Costumes and Clothing: Your outfit should complement your crazy hair look. Make sure to choose clothing that matches the theme or style you’re going for.

Wacky Hair Day Ideas with Animals

Panda Buns


Twin pandas are a perfect animal inspired crazy hair day idea! If you can create buns you can create this fun style.

Friendly Spider


Spooky spiders? I love this wacky hair day idea! It’s so simple – a cute bun, some braids and google eyes to really set it off.

Birds Nest


A birds nest is a perfect choice, and is really wacky! I love that it includes not only the nest, but also the birds and eggs as well.

Bees & Honey


Everyone will be buzzing about this fun crazy hair day style. It’s simple enough- yet really makes a statement!



This puppy inspired crazy hair day idea will have everyone looking! With a bun, some dog ears, google eyes, and a tongue – you will have an amazing wacky hair day!



This is a fun idea for crazy hair day! Simply grab some feathers, pipe cleaners for feet, google eyes, and a piece of felt for the nose.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys

Army Men


Let’s not leave the boys out of the wacky hair day ideas! This idea would include some green hair spray color, and army men to boot!

Jack O Lantern


This is a fun and easy wacky hair day idea for boys! All you need is some hair spray paint and a jack o lantern pattern to pull this fun hair style off!



Gotta catch em all! And with this crazy hair day idea you can catch every one! (Pokemon that is!)

Ferrero Rocher


Chocolate anyone? This is the best chocolate and the perfect wacky hair day idea!

Rubber Ducky


Looking for an original crazy hair day idea? Try this rubber ducky bath idea to really make a splash!



Surfs up! With some blue hair spray color, and a surfing figure you could have the most “rad” crazy hair day idea around!


@KB Florida

Watch out Minecraft fans! Here comes a creeper! I love how simple the crazy hair day ideas for boys can be – with just some hair spray paint – and a little bit of imagination- the possibilities are endless!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas With Food/Drink

Coffee & Donuts


Starbucks anyone? This wacky hair day idea is perfect for those Starbucks obsessed little ones! Adding the donut is the perfect touch.

Just a Donut Please


Looking to for a sweet idea? This donut is the perfect choice. I love how easy it is – and how much of a statement it makes.

Fruit Loops


With a tiny cereal box, a bowl, and some pipe cleaners you can easily recreate this cereal inspired crazy hair day idea!

Beef Noodles


Got an empty ramen cup and some chopsticks? Then you have the perfect props for crazy hair day this year!



This is a fun and exciting idea for crazy hair day! Using Skittles and some imagination you could easily pull this off.



This hamburger inspired wacky hair day idea is perfect for any hamburger loving little one!

Candy Crown


If you are feeling ambitious- sew together this sweet candy crown! Just don’t try snacking on it throughout the day!

Ramen Bowl


This wacky hair day idea tops all! Complete with all the toppings, and chopsticks its a fun way to celebrate this wacky day.

Fire Pit & Marshmallows

Are you a fan of campfires? Try this fun style complete with sticks, fire hair, and marshmallows!

Character-Inspired Crazy Hair Day Ideas



Under the sea! Under the sea! I love this Ariel inspired crazy hair day idea, because it is not only simple – it’s simply adorable.



Oh Rapunzel let down your hair! With a little bit of imagination you can create this hairstyle using Rapunzel, her tower, and your long flowing hair!



Have a lot of hair? A big bun can easily be made into a ton of fun emoji faces like this one I found on Instagram (and yes! It’s her REAL hair!)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This is a fun hairstyle inspired by the famous “Very Hungry Caterpillar” book! This style is perfect for preschoolers everywhere!

Poop Emoji


Kids love emojis, and kids love poop! Ha! This wacky hair day idea is the perfect combo of both!

Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas



This crazy hair day idea from Instagram is so fun! All you need are some helium balloons to pull it off!

Add Some Color


Wacky hair day ideas don’t have to be complicated – adding a little bit of color can go a long way!

You can find all kinds of colors of hair spray paint to get the job done. If you are feeling ambitious you can also dye hair with Koolaide!



Can it get any cuter than this? All you need for this style are a couple white hair scrunchies and pipe cleaners!



This is a simple crazy hair day idea anyone can do! All you need are some googly eyes, buttons, and a tiny top hat!

Braid in the Front


You don’t need any special supplies for this crazy hair day idea! Just bring your hair around to the front and braid under your chin.

Add Some Pipe Cleaners


Adding a few pipe cleaners to your hair style for the day can make an easy crazy hair day idea.

Pumpkin Inspired


If you can french braid (or know someone who can!) this wacky hair day idea is fun and simple!

Creepy Rings!


Use this easy tutorial from Princess Piggies to make this fun and creepy crazy hair style that is sure to get everyone’s attention. You can grab some fun spider rings, and fancy bows to really top the look off.



This crazy hair day idea is so easy! If you have a slinkie lying around, all you need to add is a couple pony tails!

Crazy Hair Ideas for Teachers

Art Teacher


This wacky hair day idea is perfect for an elementary art teacher – create a bun, wrap in some art supplies and add some paint!

Colored Pencils


This is a great last minute teacher idea, all you need is a bun and some colored pencils!

All the Scrunchies


This is an easy and great crazy hair day idea for teachers! Stack those scrunchies and call it a day!

Need a Pen?


Teachers are always looking for a good pen! This crazy hair day idea brings them all out to play!

Paint Pallet


This paint pallet idea is great (and not too difficult!) some felt and paintbrushes is really all you need!

Crazy Hair Day is more than just a quirky and colorful celebration; it’s an opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and building a sense of community. This annual event, which started with a visionary idea in San Diego, has grown to inspire people of all ages across the world to unleash their inner wild child and create hair designs that are as unique as they are.

So, whether you’re a student looking to stand out among your peers, a parent helping your child get ready for the big day, or simply someone seeking to join in the festivities, remember that Crazy Hair Day is all about having fun and letting your creative spirit soar. With the right supplies and a dash of imagination, you can transform your hair into a work of art and bring smiles to faces all around you.

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