9 Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Can’t Miss

I’m sure you’re anxious to determine if you’ve conceived this month. If you’re too impatient to wait those torturous days until you can take a pregnancy test, there are some ways that you can detect pregnancy symptoms very early.

I’ve had a few different experiences with all of my pregnancies in regards to the symptoms that I felt early on. With each pregnancy, I had symptoms earlier and earlier each time. This may be because I actually knew what to look and feel for. During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t aware of what I should be feeling, but after subsequent pregnancies, it pretty much just slaps you in the face!

Every woman experiences pregnancy a little differently. The symptoms that I felt, you may not feel, but you may feel new ones that are unique to your body.

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Very Early PREGNANCY Symptoms

By the time I got to my third pregnancy, I felt these symptoms within a week of conceiving. This is very rare, however, if you know what to look for, you may be able to feel it too. If you’re experiencing new symptoms that you’ve never felt every month pre-menstruation, then perhaps these are a good indication that you may be pregnant!

The only way to make the valid determination that you are pregnant is a positive pregnancy test. A standard urine test is highly accurate if it is taken as soon as you miss your scheduled period.

I love Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests because they work accurately up to 5 days BEFORE your missed period! So if you’re like me and dying to know as soon as possible, get the Clearblue Digital tests. Another way to find out earlier is to request a blood test at your OB/GYN.

These signs and symptoms may mimic the ones that some women feel before menstruation. Therefore, if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms below, don’t take this as a true sign of pregnancy.

You can determine pregnancy early on before a pregnancy test by noticing these common signs and symptoms. Be aware of how your body is changing to determine if you conceived in this month's cycle.

1. Exhaustion

Your body is working overtime as it begins to produce all the blood and nutrients to supply your new baby with everything they need to thrive and grow. It does this at the expense of your body. Serious fatigue will kick in during your first trimester of pregnancy. The rush of hormones that your body has started to release really runs your body down and causes extreme exhaustion.

You may not be able to keep your eyes open by 7:00pm or may just feel tired and run down all day. The good news is that once the second trimester hits, you’ll feel good as new.

2. Emotions and Mood Swings

If you feel like you’re already emotional, just wait until you’re pregnant! The influx of hormones in your body in early pregnancy can cause your emotions to run wild.

One of my major signs of pregnancy was getting teary-eyed at the simplest things that would not normally make me cry or getting irrationally angry or argumentative with my husband which is unlike me. It was very hard to control, as well. You may experience frequent mood swings, crying, or anger, which isn’t typical of your personality.

3. Nausea/gagging

Oh, the dreaded first-trimester “morning sickness.” Although whoever coined the term morning sickness, clearly didn’t realize that pregnancy sickness can last all day for many women, not just the morning!

Don’t expect full-on vomiting in early pregnancy (although that may happen for some women). You may just experience slight gagging or nausea. THis can happen soon after you wake up or even all throughout the day.

Certain smells would always cause me to gag, which would not otherwise have caused a reaction. This was a very early pregnancy symptom for me.


4. Increased sense of smell

This is kind of a strange symptom because you may be thinking, how does this even relate to pregnancy at all? Well again, the increase in hormones (estrogen) causes your nose to be much more sensitive to smells.

This was one of my triggers for nausea because due to my heightened sense of smell, the gross things that I got a whiff of would cause serious gagging. You may start smelling weird odors in your home or pick up on scents outside or in new places that you never noticed before.

5. Implantation cramping or spotting

Some women can feel implantation (when the fertilized egg actually implants itself into the uterine wall), while others may not. If you are able to feel it, it should be around 1.5 weeks after conception.

This kind of cramping is not going to be like the dull cramping experienced before a period. Although it differs for many women, mine was a sharp pain on one side of my uterine area. It lasted off and on for a few hours.

While you may only feel the cramping, some women don’t even feel cramps, but get spotting instead. It’s normal for a little bit of the uterine lining to come out as it disturbed the tissue within the uterine wall. I know it seems abnormal to see blood when you’re pregnant, however a little bit of blood is common. Therefore, don’t freak out as it may just be implantation bleeding.

6. Breast soreness or tingling

Pregnancy hormones can make your breasts feel tingly as your body produces more blood supply and the breast tissue expands. You will see and feel your breasts getting bigger as the first trimester goes on, but the initial tingling on your breasts and around your nipples can happen soon after conception.

7. Frequent urination

Although you may think that the frequent urge to pee in pregnant women has to do with a large baby pushing on your bladder, that’s not always the case. Soon after conception, the hormones of pregnancy can increase your frequency of urination. This usually subsides in the second trimester and resurfaces again in the third when the baby is actually pushing on your bladder.

8. Increased vaginal discharge

Pregnancy can cause an increase in your vaginal discharge because of the increase blood flow and fluid to the vaginal region. You may notice throughout the month that your discharge becomes a different consistency or color than normal.

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9. Strong Nails

Some women will notice that their nails become hard and strong during pregnancy. They won’t break as much and feel much thicker than usual.


If you’re not noticing any of these symptoms yet and you think you may have conceived as week or two prior, don’t worry yet. Your first pregnancy may take awhile to notice symptoms so look at that as a blessing!

If you’ve just started your trying to conceive journey or have been on this road for months, I hope you’re getting all that you’ve hoped for. If you’re still impatient and not sure if those symptoms you are feeling is actually pregnancy, you can get an earlier answer from your OB/GYN. Ask your doctor to do a pregnancy blood test that can detect the pregnancy hormones much earlier than a urine test.

Good luck!

You can determine pregnancy early on before a pregnancy test by noticing these common signs and symptoms. Be aware of how your body is changing to determine if you conceived in this month's cycle.
You can determine pregnancy early on before a pregnancy test by noticing these common signs and symptoms. Be aware of how your body is changing to determine if you conceived in this month's cycle.
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