Top 3 Best Long Range Baby Monitors That Will Make You Feel Secure

If you’re currently pregnant and searching for the essentials to care for your newborn, a long-range baby monitor should definitely be on your list. While your baby is sleeping or in their nursery, you want to make sure that they are safe and sound even when you can’t be close by.

Your baby monitor will be your best friend throughout the infant stage. It will give you comfort knowing that your baby’s cries or sounds can still be heard while you can be productive throughout your days. For me, it truly reduced my new parent anxiety during those nerve-wracking few months, knowing that I could hear every little squeal, cry, or moan.

Baby monitors have come a long way over the past few decades. They used to only provide static sound from your baby’s room and only reach a short distance. Now, they’re filled with fancy features like video, two-way communication, breathing monitors, and offer long-range distance through wi-fi!

Top 3 Best Long Range Baby Monitors + Reviews

It is usually challenging to find the best long-range baby monitor in a list of thousand, given the list is endless. However, our research features one of the best baby monitors reviews you will find.

There are more than 1,000 new models that have already stormed the market, with most of them promising to deliver a distance coverage of 1000ft or more. However, we’ve done all the research for you and can assure you that these baby monitors will not let you down and keep your mommy insecurities and anxiety at bay.

1. VAVA Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

A list of the top 3 best long range baby monitors that will keep you feeling safe and comforted, including key features that you need.

This long-range, video baby monitor comes with a 5-Inch HD screen display as well as 720p resolution. Compared to other typical baby monitors like Infant Optics DXR-8, there are few or no complaints of it losing its signal or coverage within the house. With a range coverage of 900ft, it is the best long range baby monitor.

VAVA has received much praise about the quality of its night vision. This feature provides crystal clear images in real-time at night or in dark conditions. It is a great baby monitor for parents who are looking for a device with the capability of monitoring the breathing movements of their baby.

It has an AutoPilot Panoramic Scan feature that allows the camera to rotate and scan each corner of the room. It also features a remote pan & tilt function, a feature that pans the camera with a range of 270 degrees and can tilt to 110 degrees.

• 720P resolution and Full Color during the day and Greyscale at night vision
• Large 5-Inch handheld IPS LCD screen display, three times more advanced than other monitors
• LED noise indicators as well as an external thermostat for effortless monitoring
• Up to 24 hours of battery life
• Stable wireless connection range of between 480ft and 900ft in house
• Crystal clear images
• Long-range coverage
• Two-way audio communication
• Autopilot panoramic scan
• Can connect up to 4 cameras
• Lacks programmed lullabies
• Lacks white noise

2. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor with Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom

A list of the top 3 best long range baby monitors that will keep you feeling safe and comforted, including key features that you need.

Panasonic is known to manufacture top-notch and durable products and video monitor (Model KX-HN4101W) offers long-range with a single camera. Because they understood what parents need in a quality monitoring device, they designed this long-range device that delivers coverage of 1500ft (which is the length of 2 football fields) by using powerful DECT technology.

With this baby monitor, there is no need to use a Wi-Fi connection or an app. It has a 3.5-Inch handheld LCD screen display that delivers quality images. Viewing your baby’s activities in the room has been made convenient by the enhanced remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom alongside improved monochrome night vision. Other useful features include built-in smart alerts, long battery life, and a two-way talk-back feature.

Key features
• Temperature alert that enables you to maintain the required temperature
• Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom and improved monochrome night light camera for enhanced remote monitoring
• Built-in smart alerts that appear when the is awake or cries and if there is a change in temperature in the baby’s room
• The improved long-lasting battery of 13 hours charging standby time and 5 hours continued monitoring
• 2-way talk-back feature and built-in mic and speakers whereby you can listen to, speak to and calm your baby
• Has a motion sensor alert
• Provides wide-angle viewing
• Built-in temperature alarm
• Long-life battery
• Features lullabies as well as white noise
• Lacks VOX mode
• Doesn’t support video recording

3. Eufy Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio-Security

A list of the top 3 best long range baby monitors that will keep you feeling safe and comforted, including key features that you need.

This is a Space View baby monitor that comes with one camera and an HD monitor. It has a sizeable 5-Inch screen display with 720P resolution that delivers sharp images that are 10x more detailed than baby monitors with 240P display.

It also comes with a wide-angle lens. When the baby starts walking around, you can then attach the included lens so that the viewing can be increased to 110 degrees. You can pan the lens to 330 degrees so that you can view corner-to-corner and tilt it to 110 degrees to view the floor and ceiling.

With a range coverage of between 460ft and 1000ft, this monitor allows you to remain mobile. You can watch over your baby at any place inside of your home. It supports a maximum of 4 cameras so that you can monitor four rooms simultaneously. When you connect more than two cameras, the monitor automatically cycles between every view for a complete room’s coverage.

Key features
• High capacity rechargeable battery with 2900mAh to offer 15 hours of monitoring
• Covers every corner with Pan and tilt feature
• Built-in mic and speaker for direct communication with your baby when away from the room
• Range coverage of between 480ft and 1000ft to monitor your baby stress-free
• Big 5-Inch display with 720P resolution for sharper images
• Ability to switch between standard and wide-angle view
• Configured sound-detection alerts
• Big HD 720P screen display
• Offers long area coverage
• Allows two-way talk-back communication
• Designed for in-house only

Factors to Consider before Buying a long-range Baby Monitor

There are numerous features that baby monitors offer now so it’s important to be aware of the most important ones below. Some may matter more to certain people and less to others.

Some brands indicate that they provide range coverage of about 900ft or 1000ft and above, but they fail to deliver. We highly recommend the use of extended range baby monitors with the latest technology so that you are getting what you pay for. Don’t be fooled by every baby monitor as state inaccuracies on their labels.

Screen Size
A baby monitor with a large screen size is better than one with a small screen display. There is little sense in purchasing a video baby monitor with a small screen size unless your budget is tight. The best-recommended baby monitors have screen sizes of 3.5 inches and above, and some are featuring IPS LCD for better clarity.

Some monitors might be feature-filled and operate correctly but might not have long service. There have been cases of them failing to work after a given time. This can be a low-quality camera, short battery life, and other things. A good monitor should provide a service of 3 years and above before it develops issues.

Night vision
You need a monitor that can help you monitor the baby at night or in dark rooms. It shouldn’t be a device with just a night vision, but can provide more exact images in dark places. You don’t want just a blurry blob to stare at on your video monitor screen, but you should be able to make out your baby’s features perfectly.

Thermal monitor
A baby monitor that has a thermal/temperature feature enables the parent to monitor the temperature in the baby’s room. If the temperature is low or above the recommended, it will send an alert to the parent unit so that you can adjust the temperature if needed.

VOX mode
VOX mode in a baby monitor is designed to help the display unit have a more extended battery life. This feature allows the unit to automatically turn on when detecting any movement or noise made by the baby. The camera then relays the images to the parent unit so you can take necessary action.

Two-way Talking
The two-way talk-back allows effective communication from both sides. When the baby is awake and needs your attention, you can talk to her/him without physically going to the room. You can calm the baby or play lullabies to soothe her. This may be beneficial for helping to sleep train as some infants may not learn to self-soothe if the parent physically enters the room.

Baby monitors can be fitted with excellent speakers that can play pre-programmed lullabies to the baby. You can use the useful two-way talk-back feature to play lullabies or melodies when the baby wakes up to calm her/him before you get into their room. Be sure it’s not so loud to distract the baby.

LED Indicators
When the display unit’s volume has been turned down for a specific reason, a monitoring device with LED indicators will increase the bars on the parent unit. This is to alert you that some movement or noise comes from the baby’s room, and you can attend to the situation immediately.

Digital Zoom
Not all devices have the Digital Zoom fitted on them; only selected models have this feature. Most of the models in the market have a 2x zoom range. VAVA baby monitor, for example, has 4x Digital Zoom. A good baby camera should provide coverage of the entire room with clear images when zoomed.

Pan/Tilt function is found on most premium baby cameras. With the Pan/Tilt function, you can use your screen to rotate and swivel the camera so that you get perfect viewing of the baby in their room and the entire room. It is a convenient feature, especially for babies that keep on changing sleeping positions.

Battery Life
A good handheld baby camera should have continuous monitoring for not less than 6 hours when fully charged. Some can last for even 8 hours, which is good battery life. However, the longest time you’ll probably need the baby monitor on is overnight which you should keep it plugged in.

Rechargeable Battery
A good baby monitor should have a rechargeable battery so that you don’t keep on buying new batteries or plugging on the power source. A rechargeable battery baby monitor is quite handy because it is portable and useful when there is no power.

Customer Service
Sometimes you can buy a monitoring unit, and after a few days, it ends up being defective or develops some faults. This can be 1 out of 100, and it is a common thing. A company that offers excellent after-sales service is a plus.


A list of the top 3 best long range baby monitors that will keep you feeling safe and comforted, including key features that you need.

Here are some common questions that many parents may not know when searching for the best long-range baby monitors for their home.

Do you need Wi-Fi for baby monitors?
A Wi-Fi baby monitor is handy when you have access to an internet connection and need a longer range of coverage. You can access the feed from the baby monitor at any corner of the world (or just down the street). However, there can be challenges that come with a Wi-Fi baby monitor. It requires a strong internet connection, which means when you are out of network, you can’t monitor the little one.

What is a long-range baby monitor?
An extended range baby monitor is a device that offers the longest or best range to monitor your baby. It should have the ability to withstand obstacles like walls and nearby devices that might interfere with the signal strength. Regular audio or video baby monitor can cover a range of 2000ft.

Why have long-range baby monitors?
The reason why you need an extended range baby monitor is that you don’t want restrictions of movement in your house when the little one is taking a nap. With a comprehensive range camera, you have the freedom to do other things in the home or outside the house while monitoring the kid.

How safe can a long-range camera be?
As long as your baby monitor is in good condition and operates properly, there is no need to worry about the safety of your baby. It is important to note that a baby monitor helps monitor the little ones and should not be used to take care of them.

Final Verdict:

We believe that after going through this review, you can identify the best long-range baby monitor that will offer you both comfort and convenience to be perfect for your growing family.

The three reviews we have provided are the best in terms of maximum range coverage both inside and outside your home. Our research is based on physical testing and reading, analyzing several cameras to come up with the VAVA video monitor as our top pick. It has the best of both worlds with high quality video and long-range coverage.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below! Good luck!

A list of the top 3 best long range baby monitors that will keep you feeling safe and comforted, including key features that you need.
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