9 Best Self Tanner for Pregnancy: Get The Natural Glow Safely

Everyone wants to have that beautiful, natural glowing skin that looks like you spent hours outside in your garden or playing with your kids, but that’s not always possible. If you want to keep up your pregnancy glow, try using the best self-tanner for pregnancy.

Not all products are safe for pregnancy. Chances are you know that by now, so it’s important to research the different product options to find the safest choice for you and your baby.

I know how busy moms are, so I researched the safest self-tanners for pregnancy with the best ingredients. Keep reading to find out the best and safest options!

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Do you want a natural glow while pregnant? Try using a self-tanner for pregnancy. All of these tanning lotions are safe and actually work!

Is It Safe to Use Self-Tanners During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use a sunless tanning lotion during pregnancy, as long as the lotions, creams, or foams contain no toxic ingredients that might harm your baby.

Doctors say that self-tanners don’t absorb further than the outer layer of the skin, so it won’t be absorbed into your body to any extent that might harm your baby.

However, the American Pregnancy Association says that some health care providers may encourage pregnant woman to wait until after the first trimester to use any self-tanners, just to be safe.

That being said, it is possible that you might have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the self-tanners. The increased hormone levels during pregnancy make your skin more sensitive than normal, so you should test the product on a small area first to check for any reactions.

However, it’s advised that pregnant women avoid using spray tans because the risks of inhaling the spray are unknown.

If you’re wondering whether you should use a tanning bed while pregnant, the jury is still out since we know ultraviolet radiation has negative side effects.

The UV radiation used in tanning beds increases the risk of skin cancer, and your baby is susceptible to negative effects from UV rays during your first trimester and the start of the second trimester.

Another thing to consider is that a tanning bed increases your body temperature, something that’s typically not advised during pregnancy.

Self-Tanners Contain DHA

If you’re wondering why self-tanners are safe during pregnancy, you need to understand the active ingredients used in most self-tanners – DHA.

DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone, a sugar that interacts with the first layer of skin. That reaction causes the beautiful glow you want when using a self-tanner.

Scientists say that DHA is safe for pregnancy because it only interacts on the top layer of the skin, so little should be absorbed by your body.

However, it’s always important to note that no data proves DHA is 100% safe for a fetus.

Can Self Tanner Cause Miscarriage?

A well-meaning friend might have told you that using a self-tanning lotion will result in a miscarriage.

The truth is a miscarriage occurs in any pregnancy, but using self-tanners is not proven to increase the risk of a miscarriage.

Are Self-Tanners Safe While Breastfeeding?

No research indicates that using self-tanners while breastfeeding is a problem. However, since newborns and many infants have sensitive skin and more susceptible to allergens in general, consider using an allergen-free, organic spray tan.

However, you can find many funny stories about breastfeeding mothers who used self-tanners and breastfed soon after. Their babies ended up with a funny tanned face.

Don’t end up like those mamas!

Many spray tanning locations recommend that breastfeeding mothers cover their nipple areas – nipple pads or a barrier cream works well. Another option, if you’re using a self-tanner, is to either not apply it on your breast or wipe it off before breastfeeding.

X Best Self-Tanner for Pregnancy

1. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

If you’re looking for the best self-tanner for pregnancy, you have to try the Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam, made from aloe vera, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients.

Moms note that Bondi Self-Tanning Foam feels lightweight and breathable on their skin. The formula is hydrating and refreshing on your body.

This self tanner is ideal for those with light to medium skin tones, and it’s been clinically tested to ensure it won’t cause any bad reactions on your body.

However, this does have a fragrance that some say is too strong for them, especially while being pregnant. Bondi Sands suggests that you buy their mitt for the best application of their tanning lotion to avoid any

2. Skinerals Self Tanning Foam

Skinerals gives you the perfect pregnancy glow you want without harming your skin cells. The results lasts up for seven days without any fading; that’s awesome results!

There is a lot to like about Skinerals.

Their product can be applied before you go to bed and washed in the morning. It dries fast, so you don’t have to waste time in your schedule.

Also, it doesn’t have a strong scent. No pregnant mama wants to deal with strong scents!

Last, the ingredients are awesome. Skinerals created their product with a natural blend that doesn’t include any sulfates, paragons, or aerosol. It’s made of mostly vegan ingredients! For example, they included açaí berry and fig extracts to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

3. Botanic Tree Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion

The Botanic Tree Self-Tanner contains organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals; it’s a plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free formula that will give you the perfect natural glow.

If you take a look at the ingredients, you’ll see that Botanic Tree contains DHA derived from sugar cane, aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, and several organic oils.

Unlike other self-tanning lotions, Botanic Tree won’t leave you feeling greasy, sticky, or heavy. Putting clothes on soon afterward is no big deal.

One thing to note is that this lotion is thick, so you will need to rub it into your skin well. It takes time to for this lotion to work, and some women note that their hands turn orange even if you wash them immediately afterward.

Another thing to note is that the formula contains rosemary, which some believe is controversial during pregnancy.

Overall, Botanic Tree is a fantastic plant-based, organic self-tanning lotion that won’t leave streaks and will give you the perfect bronze glow you want. Plan to reapply every 4-5 days to maintain the natural tan you want.

4. Coola Organic Sunless Tanner Serum

Coola makes fantastic products, and their self-tanner is a trustworthy option. This sunless tanner serum contains a natural anti-aging formula that protects your skin cells from damage.

Not only does this serum give you the natural glow you want, but it also helps increase the health of your skin by moisturizing and adding vitamins.

Coola created their lotion with 99% organic ingredients.

It contains shea butter and caffeine – yes, really – that will help your skin look firmer and smoother. The ingredient list also includes brown algae, added to improve your skin’s elasticity and to add instant hydration.

Unlike other formulas, Coola doesn’t leave that nasty, greasy feeling behind when applied to your skin. It works for most skin types, feeling lightweight and breathable on your body.

5. Beauty by Earth Store Self Tanner

All you have to do is check out the over 10,000 reviews on Amazon to find out why everyone raves about this self-tanner for pregnancy. You never have to worry about streaks, blotches, or dark spots with this formula.

Instead, when you buy the Beauty by Earth Store Self-Tanner, you end up with a chemical-free product that contains no harmful ingredients to obtain the perfectly natural tan.

This is a certified cruelty-free brand and vegan formula.

The Earth Store Self-Tanner contains many natural ingredients, including DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that improves the health of your skin.

For best results, apply every 4-7 days; this will help you maintain the glow. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes before going to bed or putting on clothes.

6. St. Tropez Sttropez Self Tanner

When you use a self tanners during pregnancy, you’re undoubtedly worried about any potentially harmful ingredients that might affect your unborn baby. With the St. Tropez Sttropez Self Tanner, you don’t have to worry because this is an ultra-safe, vegan-friendly formula.

This lotion is free of:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

St. Tropez uses DHA from naturally-derived ingredients, resulting in the perfect coverage. You’ll find that it absorbs well, but you need to let it sit on your skin to get the tan you want. You can reapply every 3-4 days to maintain the tan you want.

This mousse can be kept on your skin for up to three hours, and St. Tropez recommends that you exfoliate before using this product for optimal results.

The only downside to the St. Tropez self-tanner is that it does have color and scent additives. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you do a test patch to determine if it’s going to work on your skin.

7. Miami Gorgeous Self-Tanning Mousse

If you’ve used self-tanners for any length of time, chances are you’ve noticed the brand Miami; it’s known for creating high-quality products for women.

Their self-tanning mousse is perfect for a mom who wants that perfect pregnancy glow. The product uses natural ingredients, such has argan oil, vitamins, and organic coconut oil, leading to a natural look with a golden glow.

They also infused with mousse with vitamins A, C, and D, along with jojoba oil and Elderflower extract. They use organic DHA for a streak-free tan and the perfect pregnancy glow.

Moms rave about this self tanner because you end up with an instant glow within 10 minutes of using it. It dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait around for it to dry or wait to wipe it off once you reach the allotted time.

Some moms note that Miami Gorgeous does have a strong scent that you might find unpleasant.

8. Sun Laboratories Body and Face Self-Tanning Lotion

Sun Laboratories sells an amazing, organic, sugar-based self-tanning lotion that works fast on your skin. It will give you a natural, dark tan that lasts for quite awhile. The longer you leave it on your skin, the darker the tan becomes.

Sun Laboratories created their formula with natural ingredients that will restore and nourish your skin’s natural texture and elasticity. It doesn’t contain any parabens, but the lotion is made with vitamin E and vitamin D!

This lotion is suitable for all skin types and dries fast on your skin. You’ll love how fast it absorbs into your skin.

One thing to note is that they do add coloring, including Red Dye 40, so if you’re avoiding artificial colors, this won’t be self-tanner for you.

9. Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Gradual Lotion

Here is another great option for moms who want the best self-tanner for pregnancy – the Vita Liberata Lotion will give you the subtle, natural tan you want on your skin.

Vita Liberata uses some amazing ingredients to create this product, such as shea butter and aloe vera that moisturize your skin. This is labeled as safe for people who tend to have allergic reactions to ingredients.

The lotion is infused with other awesome natural ingredients like lychee extract, licorice, and raspberry extract. All these ingredients hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin.

Another reason why Vita Liberata is so loved by moms is that it has odor removal technology, so you don’t have to worry about any smell that might bother you. The lotion comes with a moisture lock that hydrates your skin for up to 72 hours after application.

How to Pick the Best Self-Tanner for Pregnancy

With so many awesome self-tanner options for pregnancy, you might wonder how I picked these options.

There are several important factors to consider, so let’s look at how to pick the best self-tanner for pregnancy.


The most important concern when picking a self-tanner for pregnancy is finding one that uses safe ingredients. Some companies use ingredients that might be harmful to you or your unborn baby.

It’s important to remember that studies on the safety of many ingredients are limited, so sticking to products with natural, proven-safe components is essential.


The only safe self-tanners for pregnant women are those that are rubbed onto the skin. It’s not safe to use sprays; we aren’t sure if the risks that come with inhaling these ingredients.


Breathability means a few things when it comes to self-tanners.

First, the right ratio of breathability and coverage ensures that you avoid streaks, blotches, and darker spots. No one wants to look like that.

Second, breathability means that you won’t feel oily, greasy, or like you have a nasty residue leftover on your skin.

The more breathable the self-tanner is, the better it’ll feel on your body.


Some love strong-scented products, and you might be one of them, but during pregnancy, your sense of smell is heightened. You might notice that strong scents overwhelm you.

In fact, some women feel nauseous when exposed to strong, artificial fragrances, but some women love the fake tan smell!

I made sure to note the self-tanners that have a strong scent, so if you want to avoid them, you easily can.

Longevity of the Tan

We’re all busy, and having to apply a self-tanner every two days feels impractical. Ideally, you want a self-tanner for pregnancy that will last at least a week.

Always make sure to read the directions on the bottle for best results. Some brands want you to exfoliate beforehand, and some suggest showering beforehand.

How to Apply a Self-Tanner During Pregnancy

You always want to apply self-tanner the right way for optimal results. If you use it incorrectly, you’ll end up with streaks, blotches, or the tan won’t stay on your skin.

Here are some tips to remember when applying self-tanner during pregnancy.

  • Before using a self-tanner, you should use a small amount on a spot on your skin to find out if you react to the ingredients. Pregnancy increases your skin’s sensitivity, so a patch test makes sure you won’t have a reaction everywhere!
  • Always exfoliate beforehand, especially in areas with thick skin, such as your ankles, knees, and elbows.
  • Allow your skin to dry thoroughly after showering and exfoliating.
  • When you apply self-tanner, massage it in a circular motion on different areas of your skin.
  • If you apply too much, you can use a damp towel to wipe away excess lotion.
  • Let the lotion dry naturally; don’t use a hair dryer.

Finding the best self-tanner for pregnancy is harder than it seems; we have so many amazing options! Pick the tanning product has the the ingredients you trust the most and a price that feels affordable to you.

Have you ever tried a self-tanner for pregnancy? Drop your recommendation in the comments.

Do you want a natural glow while pregnant? Try using a self-tanner for pregnancy. All of these tanning lotions are safe and actually work!
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