29 Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

Whether your loved one is in her first trimester or nearing the end of her pregnancy, giving her the best pregnancy gifts is sure to bring her some happiness and, maybe, some relief from back pains and nausea.

Being a first time mom is an exciting time, full of joys yet lots of fears and anxiety. It involves some huge changes, not to mention, growing a new human is a lot of work.

Pregnancy gifts are typically different than baby shower gifts, but sometimes, they overlap. When you buy new gifts for an expectant first time mom, you want to think about what will make her life easier in these months.

Think about the sleepless nights because of aching hips, months of nausea, and postpartum weeks at home while recovering.

I put together a guide to the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms that any soon-to-be-mama would love to receive!

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29 Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

1. Pregnancy Pillow

All pregnant mamas will tell you that sleeping becomes more problematic as your baby belly gets larger. A pregnancy body pillow provides much-needed support for your back, hips, knees and head.

Giving the present of better sleep is truly a lovely gift; everyone wants a good night of rest.

One of the best pregnancy pillows is the PharMe Doc pregnancy pillow. It has a detachable back extension, and with over 60,000 positive ratings, you know moms love it!

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2. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Another one of the best gifts for first time moms is a pregnancy pillow wedge. A wedge is smaller than a pregnancy pillow, fitting comfortably under the pregnant belly. It takes the weight of the baby bump, reducing strain on the pregnant woman’s hips and back.

The benefit of getting a pregnancy pillow wedge over a pregnancy pillow is that they take up less room in bed and cost less. So, if you need a budget-friendly pregnancy gift that’s still practical, go for this one.

My recommendation is the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow. It’s budget-friendly with a compact design. It’ll pinpoint the support moms need, and you’ll love the machine washable pillow cover made from soft jersey knit fabric.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

A new mama has to make sure they drink plenty of water during pregnancy, and a reusable water bottle helps moms watch their water daily intake. Grab a reusable water bottle that has liquid markings to tell you how much you drank each day.

4. Preggie Pop Drops

No one likes dealing with morning sickness; it’s one way to reduce the excitement of pregnancy. Preggie Pop Drops are one of the best pregnancy gifts that help to reduce sickness and nausea.

I always include a pack of these when I prepare a baby shower gift. The flavors help to kick nausea, and they taste yummy as well.

I like the assorted pops that come in different flavors like raspberry, green apple, and sour tangerine. They really are yummy!

5. Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea

Another first trimester pregnancy gift that helps pregnant moms is morning sickness tea. The blend by Pink Stork is known to work the best.

This tea blend is 100% organic, and each bag makes 30 cups total. Pink Stork consulted with female herbalists to craft the formula, and it uses all organic herbs like ginger and rooibos leaf.

6. Nausea Relief Bracelet

Is the pregnant mama REALLY struggling with nausea? Try a nausea relief bracelet! Some moms swear that these work by using safe acupressure points to stop nausea in its tracks.

The most popular brand you can try is Sea-Band Nausea Relief. These are safe for morning sickness, and they have no side effects you need to worry about experiencing.

7. Earth Mama Skin Care Set

Earth Mama is known for creating amazing pregnancy gifts, and you’ll love this skin care set. All their products are made with natural ingredients and include things like vitamin E that help to reduce stretch marks.

This set comes with five organic, herbal products. Moms receive deodorant, body wash, belly butter, belly oil, and lip balm.

8. Body Merry Stretch Mark Cream

Worried about stretch marks?

Look no further than the Body Merry Stretch Mark Cream. It reduces and prevents the appearances by firming and moisturizing your skin with a blend of natural ingredients.

9. Belly Butter by Glow Organics

Belly butter is another one of the best gifts for pregnant women. This helps to reduce stretch marks, and it helps with the dry skin that many moms experience on their bellies. It’s not abnormal for a belly bump to feel dry and flaky, especially during winter pregnancies.

Check out Glow Organics Belly Butter. It’s 100% organic, created with almond oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. The blend helps moisturize and nourish your skin to reduce stretch marks.

10. Belly Support Bands

A second or third trimester gift that she is sure to appreciate is a belly support band. You have plenty of options to consider, but the bands that provide the most support are the ones that hook above her belly. The ones that go below the belly don’t support as much and tend to slide down.

One of the most popular choices is the NeoTech Care Maternity Belt. It comes in different sizes ranging from small to 2X, and it has above-belly support that is fully adjustable.

11. Pink Stork Pregnancy Bath Salts

Taking baths was one of my favorite things to do during my pregnancy. It helped to reduce back aches and soreness that I felt, especially towards the end of pregnancy.

Expectant moms love the Pink Stork Flakes, created to relieve pains with pregnancy and improve sleep quality. The components also bring you relief from nausea.

12. A Bump Box

A Bump Box has all sorts of goodies included in it. It’s a subscription box that supports her during each trimester, and they even sell a postpartum bump box as well.

Each box typically includes six to ten items. You might find things like a reusable water bottle, belly stickers, bath bombs, belly butter, a sonogram frame, and lip balm. Make sure you check out each Bump Box!

13. Compression Socks

Compression socks are far from a glamorous pregnancy gift, but they’re practical gifts. Many mothers experience swelling during pregnancy!

I like this set of six pairs of compression socks. They come in different colors and patterns, and they include copper, an essential element that helps your body return to its normal functions.

14. Comfortable Slippers

Grab your pregnant friend a pair of cozy, warm slippers. These are a practical gift for hospital bags; you don’t want to walk on a hospital floor without slippers ideally.

A new mom will spend a lot of time at home, so comfy slippers are the jam.

15. Warm Socks with Grips

Grab your pregnant friend some cozy warm socks with grips. I never felt like the socks in the hospital are warm enough or cozy enough. I like a thick pair of socks that stop me from sliding but also keep my toes warm.

These make a great baby shower gift for their hospital bag!

16. Labor and Delivery Gown

Some moms prefer to skip the ugly blue hospital gowns and bring their own. A stylish hospital gown is perfect for labor and delivery.

Who doesn’t want to deliver their baby in something comfortable yet adorable?

The Baby Be Mine Gownies is the bestselling maternity delivery gown, and it comes in over a dozen different prints and several sizes.

17. A Birth Ball

All pregnant moms need a birthing ball; it’s more useful than just during delivery.

Using a birthing ball helps improve posture, induces labor naturally, aligns baby in an ideal birthing position, and helps with labor progression.

Sometimes, sitting on the couch or a chair made my pelvis hurt or my tailbone ache. I found sitting on a birthing ball gave me the support and comfort I needed when nothing else worked.

Then, when you have a crying newborn, gentle bouncing puts them to sleep – that’s a pro mom tip!

18. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is another good option to consider for pregnancy gifts. If mom wants to hang out in the living room while her baby sleeps, a monitor ensures she knows if her baby wakes up.

You might assume that a baby monitor is super expensive, but the reality is there are dozens of options. You can go for the high-end, big-ticket item, or pick a budget-friendly choice. No matter which one you buy, they all do the same thing – let you know if your baby wakes up.


19. Belly Buds

Never heard of Belly Buds?

These are earbuds for your belly bump! It’s a way for parents to connect with their baby while in utero – you might end up with a budding musician!

Belly Buds allow moms to share music with their baby before he’s born. You plug the buds into your phone, and play your favorite music.

20. White Noise Machine

All of my babies loved having a white noise machine to help them sleep soundly, even in the early days. I found that it drowns out the background noise that might disrupt your sleeping baby.

If you’re looking for one, try the HoMedics White Noise machine. It’s our favorite and has lasted for several years.

21. Pregnancy Journal

Women don’t talk about how pregnancy is truly an emotional roller coaster for nine months. You’ll have highs and lows, along with a lot of middle times. If your pregnant friend appreciates sentimental yet practical gifts, I recommend a pregnancy journal.

This journal is where they can write down all those good and bad things. When she has a bad day, she can write about it, while also including the best moments. It’s fun to look back and read these journals after the baby arrives.

22. Luna Bean Belly Cast Kit

Many mama love to make a belly cast. It’s a fun way to look back at how much our bodies change during pregnancy.

This is a fun project to work on at the end of pregnancy; she will love this keepsake item!

My favorite belly cast kit is by Luna Bean. This kit is easy to use for beginners with only a few steps. They offer different finishes, so you can pick the one you like the most.

23. Funny Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves to receive coffee mugs; I have a small collection growing in my cabinets. You can find so many funny yet adorable coffee mugs for an expectant mother.

Here are two of my favorites!

24. An Ultrasound Frame

This ultrasound frame is utterly adorable, and it’s perfect for any second or third trimester mom who has had her anatomy scan or a 3D scan. It’s sized to fit a sonogram perfectly.

25. Home Cooked Meals

Pregnancy is exhausting, so one thing that you can give your pregnant friend is a few home cooked meals. These come in handy on those long days when pregnancy kicks your butt, or you can make several freezer meals for easy dinners after the baby arrives.

26. Gift Certificate for a Prenatal Massage

Everyone loves getting a gift certificate, and moms also love massages, so why not grab your pregnant friend a gift card for a prenatal massage? These make excellent gifts for the holiday season.

27. House Cleaning

Another gift certificate that you can give as a pregnancy gift is the gift of house cleaning.

If you’ve ever experienced coming home to a totally clean home, you know the joy you feel. Keeping your house clean is hard work, but when you’re pregnant, it feels daunting at times.

An expectant mom will fully appreciate this gift. You might give her a gift of a one-time deep clean or biweekly cleaning for two months – whatever you can afford. I can assure you she will appreciate this greatly!

28. Neck and Back Massager

All pregnant moms have muscle stiffness and body aches, so this neck and back massager will get rid of the soreness. It offers a heating function that also reduces tension, and she can bring it in the car because it has a car adapter for long commutes!

29. Pregnancy Belly Stickers

Another cheap pregnancy gift is bump stickers! These attach right to the front of your shirt, and moms can use them to document the growth of their baby bump.

Giving a few pregnancy gifts will make the expectant mom feel appreciated and loved. Make sure to get her something she will find useful on this journey.

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