33 Push Presents for New Moms She’ll Love

Listen up dads and loved ones of an expectant mom – the person delivering this new child deserves push presents for sure!

If your wife or partner just went through a pregnancy and delivery, purchasing a push gift is a great way to acknowledge their hard work and sacrifice.

Finding the perfect push present for a new mom is hard. You might wonder what does she want.

Jewelry is the classic push present for moms, but not all moms love jewelry. Think about this woman and what she enjoys the most in life. That will help you figure out the perfect new mom gifts from husband.

Are Push Presents Still a Thing?

Whether you call these new gifts for mom push presents, tokens of appreciation, baby baubles, or anything else, these presents are typically a special postpartum gift for new moms. The idea is to thank the mom for delivering the new baby and recognizing all she does.

Push presents are still very much a thing.

Haverhill surveyed 1,000 mothers to dig deep into the data of what moms really want, but aren’t asking for.

We see a growing trend of push presents in the United States. Years ago, this was more of a trend for the “rich” classes; everyone assumed these gifts had to be expensive and a bit over the top. Nowadays, that is changing and gifts aren’t fancy; they can be new slippers or a new necklace.

74% of moms believe every mom should receive a Push Present (we agree too!) Moms won’t ask for what they deserve – a whopping  80% of moms have never asked their partner for one.

Price doesn’t matter, but the meaning does for push presents. 61% of moms said a family birthstone necklace would be the most meaningful push present.

Let’s embrace the idea that it’s the thought that counts!

What is a Push Present for New Moms?

Push Presents are increasingly popular with younger generations with 70% of moms ages 18-24 knowing exactly what it means. Only 36% of moms over 45 recognize the term.

A push present is a gift that a loved one gives a new mother to commemorate the occasion of her giving birth. It’s typically given by the husband, boyfriend, or partner of the new mom as she’s experienced nine grueling months of pregnancy and finished off a painful labor and delivery to birth their child.

Push presents have been around a long time! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but truly is the thought that counts.

From jewelry, to keepsake items, to services, and more, there are tons of different kinds of push presents that you could present to your child’s mother.

It’s good to note that push gifts for new moms typically come from a spouse or partner. You need to be a close family member to get someone a push present; these gifts don’t come from any person.

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

How Much Do you Spend on Push Gifts for a New Mom?

When you’re selecting a push present, you might wonder how much you should spend. Having a baby is expensive, and you might be tight on money right now.

Spend whatever you comfortably fit into your budget. No matter what you see in movies or online, most people don’t give huge diamond rings and expensive jewelry for push gifts.

This list I put together of push presents has plenty of awesome budget-friendly choices. In the end, the thought is what counts the most.

Do Dads Get Push Presents Too?

The original intention of push presents were for dads or non-birthing partners to give gifts for first time mom from their husband. However, traditions inevitably change, and we see a change towards moms getting dads or their non-birthing partners a push present as well.

Why? If they aren’t “pushing”, why do they get a present?

The idea is that both parents go through a lot of transitions when bringing a new baby into the home, and it’s nice to recognize the change they have coming. Also, it’s always nice to have something for yourself.

However, in this article, we are focusing on new mom gifts from their husband or non-birthing partner rather than the other way around.

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Push Present Ideas for a New Mom

On this list, you’ll find 17 different push present ideas for all budgets. These range from a mere $20, all the way up to several hundred dollars! Be sure to think about what your wife would love, cherish, or find super helpful during those early stages of new motherhood.

Jewelry – One of the Classic Push Gifts

Some of the most cherished pieces of jewelry that a mother will own are items that remind her of her children. Whether it’s names, dates, birthstones or a cute saying, any mom will love a piece of jewelry that tells the story of her child.

1. Mommy Necklace

They can keep their children close to their heart with personalized jewelry with their child’s birthdate, name, initials, or birthstone. This was by far my favorite push present from my husband after our first baby.

Gold bar necklaces are very popular now, but you can choose between silver and gold. I originally just got my daughter’s birthdate on mine. It read 07.28.2017: the date I became a mom.

2. Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace

Every mom would love this as a push present. It’s an adorable pendant that shows a mom holding her child, surrounded by crystals.

The pendant is crafted from hypoallergenic sterling silver and set with cubic zirconia stones. It’s nickel-free and tarnish-resistant. This comes with a lightweight, 18-inch box chain.

Definitely put this on your list of possible push gifts for a new mom.

3. Stackable Name Ring

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

These personalized 14K gold rings are a perfect push present for a new mom! Not only can you add to the collection as your family grows, these rings can be worn for any occasion. You can personalize with any words you want, including mom, mama, mommy, and of course, your child’s name. Add more rings for every child down the road, as well.

4. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace Set

One of the best push gifts for first time moms is a set of freshwater pearls. Any mom would love this set that includes a necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings.

Pearls are truly a timeless gift that all women want to have in their jewelry box. This set features earrings made with gold-plated 925 sterling silver. They arrive in a gift box for safe keeping.

5. Baby’s Birthstone and Birth Date Necklace

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

At only $29, this unique necklace is one she’ll cherish forever! Not only does it have the baby’s birthstone, but you can also include their birth date, weight, and any other stats that you’d like. Choose gold or silver based on what metal she typically wears.

The only drawback? Since babies come whenever they feel like it, it would be hard to surprise mom with this at birth! If you’re going to get this push present, wait until the baby has already made his or her appearance so you can be sure that the birth stone is accurate.

6. Baby Feet Necklace

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

This sweet baby feet necklace comes with a sweet sentiment card! It’s not super flashy, so it can be worn with almost any outfit. The great thing about this necklace is that it can be ordered in advance and given to her at delivery since it’s not personalized. Also, if you’re a last minute shopper, Amazon always has you covered!  

7. Initial and Birthstone Bracelet

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

This bracelet is totally customizable, and makes a great push present for new moms! You can choose the color of the band, stones, and the initial to whatever suits your family best. The unique infinity band is the perfect symbol for the eternal love you have for your baby and family.

8. Mommy & Baby Cuff Bracelet Set

Here is a simple yet stylish push present for new moms – a matching mommy and baby bracelet set.

The bracelet comes in either rose god or silver, created from high-quality stainless steel. You can flex these into the size and shape needed without any worry of breakage.

9. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Aromatherapy is proven helpful for many people, and if the new mom is feeling stressed or overwhelmed (who isn’t), this essential oil diffuser bracelet will help mom relax and bring her tranquility.

Not only is this bracelet pretty, but she can swap out the essential oil pads to reflect what she needs that day. The bracelet comes with eight different colored pads to match outfits.

The locket is made with durable, high-quality stainless steel. This will be a push present she loves!

10. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Set

A classic push present for new moms is a set of freshwater cultured pearls. This set comes with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings with matching gold clasps, so they feel luxurious.

11. Swarovski Angelic Crystal Bracelet

She will love this gorgeous bracelet from Swarovski; it celebrates the new mom and the arrival of the new baby. The bracelet has multiple Swarovski crystals embedded into it, making it a stunning push present for new moms.

Memory-Making Push Gifts for New Moms

These unique push gifts will be something that your wife will always cherish, reminding her of those early days of being a new mom and when your little one was a tiny little baby.

12. Keepsake Memory Box

If you want a push present that she will cherish forever, check out these amazing wooden, memory box created by MadTree Woodcrafts. You can customize the gift with your child’s name and birth date.

This is a timeless gift with outstanding craftsmanship, crafted by walnut and cherry wood with antique brass hinges.

A new mom can fill this with pictures from her baby’s birth, their first outfit, the hospital bracelets, and any other meaningful trinkets.

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13. Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit 

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

Baby’s hands and feet are so small and perfect when they’re first born! This hand and footprint ornament kit is a great way to remember just how tiny your little one was. 

Your wife will love the opportunity to create a keepsake with her child’s little hand or foot. This kit also comes with two easels, so you can display your hand and footprints all year round, not just during Christmas time.

14. Hand-painted Sculpture

How sweet is this hand painted sculpture of a new family? A sweet reminder of the awe your new baby brought you, this small sculpture is such a thoughtful gift for your loved one! 

As your family experiences new and exciting milestones, you can add to the collection as well.

15. Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

I know it sounds super cliche, but babies grow up very fast! Their tiny hands and feet are so sweet and perfectly formed, that she’ll want to savor that moment forever!

This frame allows you to take a clay imprint of the baby’s hand and footprints, as well as include a birth photo, so you’ll have memories of it all.

16. Ten Little Fingers Picture Frame

Every new mom wants to display pictures of her baby around the house, and this adorable pewter picture frame is a great push present for new moms.

The picture frame is 4×6 and silver, engraved with “ten little fingers, ten little toes.” She will love it!

17. Book a Family Photoshoot

Newborn photos can be very expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Surprise your loved one with a newborn family photo shoot so that you can remember this precious time forever! A quick Google search of newborn photographers in your area should give you some good results.

Note: these typically need to be booked a few weeks in advance!

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18. Mommy Milestone Wine Labels

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

This is a really cute idea for those wine-loving mamas out there! She’s waited 9 months to indulge in her favorite glass of Merlot, why not add a cute and witty label?

From her first full night of sleep to her first diaper blowout, giving a new mom a reason to celebrate is always a fun idea!

These wine labels can be put on her favorite bottles of wine to give her a reason to celebrate through the first years of her baby’s life!

My husband brought me home a case of my favorite wine when my youngest daughter was born, and it was a very appreciated gift! It also gave me something to serve when friends and family came by to visit after birth.

19. Acrylic Photo Block

These acrylic photo blocks are such a unique idea, and they look amazing displayed on a shelf. Put your favorite picture of mom and baby or mom at the end of her pregnancy to cherish the memories.

Mommy Indulgent Push Presents

Give the new mom a push present that she can actually use and appreciate from the first few months and throughout years of motherhood.

20. Backpack Diaper Bag

One of my favorite styles of diaper bags is a backpack, and if you’re looking for new mom gifts, why not indulge her in a luxury diaper bag she will love?

This Lily Jade Ana diaper bag comes in both medium and large sizes, and it’s gorgeous. This will last for years to come, and it converts to a crossbody, so it fits most styles.

21. ‘Mama’ Wine Glass or Coffee Mug

After an exhausting day with a newborn, coffee and wine is a must! This is a cute way to show off those drinks. Whether your wife is a wine or coffee lover, she will love one of these wine glasses or coffee mugs.

22. Comfortable Robe

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

If your loved one is breastfeeding, she may just live in a robe for a little while! This comfy robe is the perfect gift for a new mom. It’s soft, cozy, and perfect to snuggle your babe in.

And if she’s recovering from a C-section, she may not want to wear anything that brushes against her incision. 

23. Soft Pajama Set

If you want to give a new mom present that she will really love, get her a luxury set of soft pajamas. She will love this set by Storq; she may never want to get out of them!

A nice soft set of pajamas will be something she uses for years to come, and as she recovers throughout her postpartum weeks, they’ll make her feel far more comfortable.

24. Book a day at the spa

Whether it be just for a manicure/pedicure, or a relaxing massage, pre-planning a spa day for a new mom is a genius idea.

Eventually, she’ll need a break. By getting a gift card for a relaxing treatment in advance, you’re giving her the go-ahead to take time for herself. 

In fact, spa days are always a good gift idea for moms! Take note, dads, self-care as a mom is so important! It will help her be a better partner and mother. 

25. Foot Massager Machine with Heat

After a long day of being a mom, she will love sitting down with this foot massager machine. It has multiple settings, perfect for tired muscles and feet.

This is also something that dads can enjoy as well since it works up to men size 12 feet. It feels like a professional foot massage that you can use over and over again.

This is one of those push gifts that I wish someone gave me because being a mom is rough on the body!

26. Cozy House Shoes

After having a new baby, the momma is going to spend a lot to of time at home. So grab house shoes that have the comfort of a sneaker and the coziness of a slipper.

I love these these inside and outside slippers, so you can walk outside to grab the mail without putting on new shoes. Any mom will love these comfy and stylish house loafers as a push present!

27. A gift card to her favorite spot

Whether it be her favorite place for coffee, her favorite takeout spot, or her favorite brunch place, a gift card is a safe bet for a push present.

She may need to order takeout for lunch or grab a coffee through the drive thru a little more frequently now that she’s taken on the title of “mom.” A gift card is a great way to take some of the pressure off of being “super mom” for a bit. 

28. Apple AirPods Pro

Mom spends a lot of time with a baby in her arms, so AirPods are the perfect investment. They’re hands-frees, which is a lifesaver for a busy mom.

Using AirPods lets mama take calls, listen to podcasts, check out new audiobooks, or jam out to music while doing chores or nursing her baby.

She will love this push present!

29. Audible Membership

She’s going to spend a lot of time watching TV and sitting up in the middle of the night. So, one of the best gifts for new moms from her husband is an audible membership. She can listen to audiobooks in whatever genre she loves.

You can pick the level of membership you want and give her all the books she needs for those late night binging.

30. “Mom” Stainless Steel Tumbler

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

Moms are always on the go, so this stainless steel tumbler is the perfect, practical gift for a new mom! Whether she fills it with coffee, water, or wine, this tumbler will get a ton of use and is a very useful push present.

31. Matching Mom and Baby Outfits

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

These matching mommy and me tees are a super fun way to celebrate the baby’s arrival! Not only will she get a cute new shirt, she’ll also have an adorable outfit to wear when she’s posing in pictures with her baby! 

Plus, they’re completely customizable! Pick her favorite colors and feature your newborn’s name as well.

32. New Mom Spa Gift Box

Push presents show a new mom that you appreciate her giving birth to your child. Check out these great push present ideas for your wife.

You’ll likely need to remind her to use it, but this spa gift box is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

It includes a stainless steel tumbler, soaps, body butter, a bath bomb, and a card. Whenever she needs time to unwind and destress, you can remind her she has a spa kit waiting for her to use!

33. House Cleaning

Your house officially becomes taken over by the baby even BEFORE you bring him or her home from the hospital.  Cleaning is a chore that should not be done by a brand new mom. It would be better left to a professional.  

A gift certificate for a house cleaning would be a great idea for a new mom.

Now that you know what is a push present, I hope that this list helped you find the perfect push present idea for the mom in your life!

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