Blush and Grey Nursery for a Sweet Baby Girl

Ever since I even thought about being pregnant, I dreamed of having a baby girl. A best friend, companion, and of course someone I can dress up in tutus and bows! I got my wish for my first pregnancy and I love being a girl mom.

I couldn’t wait to get started decorating the nursery and I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. Since we expected to have more children, I wanted to make the majority of the room somewhat gender neutral and just add in some girly accents. This way, if we have a boy next, I can easily change out the pink and not have to do too much work to it.

The base of the room is light grey and ivory with blush accents through out the wall decor, rug, curtains, and other knick knacks. Here are some of the items I used and ideas I had to complete this nursery.

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We painted the walls a very light grey which, like most paints, shows up darker or lighter depending how much light is let into the room. On bright afternoons, it’s very light, just as I wanted it. When it’s a cloudy day or at night, of course it appears a bit darker. You can even see how the color looks different in all of the photos.


Furniture was a very big decision for me because it’s the most expensive part of the room. Choosing between white and ivory was the toughest part. Again, I was trying to be on the gender neutral side of things and I knew ivory would not be used for a boy, but white could be.

Once I was able to decide that this would only be my daughter’s furniture and we would let it grow with her, I was able to make the decision on the color. For all I know, there may never be a boy coming, so I shouldn’t let that influence my decision.

We went with a high quality brand of children’s furniture, SmartStuff, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is outstanding and I know it will last through most of my daughter’s early years. This is the Gabriella Collection and I highly recommend it for children’s furniture.


I really love this glider and highly recommend! It has a super soft upholstery and is so comfortable. It’s perfect for rocking your newborn baby to sleep, late night nursing sessions, or reading them a bedtime story.

The recliner comes in two colors: beige and grey. Originally, I wanted the grey to match the room, but I accidentally ordered the beige instead. When I received it, I realized grey on grey would have been too much and the beige perfectly paired with the ivory furniture and stood out as another accent piece.

I didn’t like the style of the typical nursery gliders which is why I went with a more modern recliner. It does not ‘glide,’ but actually swivels side to side and reclines back into a locked position.

Wall decor

I love Hobby Lobby and Target for nursery wall decor. Both of my children’s nurseries were completed using a lot of their wood and framed decor. They have many colors and themes that are so vibrant and classic.

I also made some of my own printables and just put them in frames as small, affordable wall decor. Sign up below to get these free 8 x 10 printables for your nursery.

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I must have ordered 6 different rugs to try out in the room because it’s so hard to compare colors when you’re ordering online! A lot of the grey or ivory rugs I ordered were just not matching nicely.

This pink shag rug from Target was just what I was looking for. It’s a bit more muted blush, rather than a bright pink, and very affordable! This rug is 4′ x 6′ and a great size.


Remember you should never leave pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals in a crib with an infant. A fitted sheet is all they need. However, for the look of the nursery, you may want to purchase some decorative bedding.

While I didn’t want to invest a lot of money on bedding, there are some beautiful sheets and sets out there. I opted for simple polka dotted sheets, but below is a lovely print that goes well with this nursery theme.

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Sweet Jojo Designs Bedding Set
Sweet Jojo Floral Fitted Sheets
Sweet Jojo Polka Dot Fitted Sheet


All the little knick knacks and accents, from the lamp and curtains to the headband stand and baskets, give the room a finished look with the completed colors.

This Mudpie headband stand sits on the dresser to display some of my baby girl’s headbands.

This grey changing pad cover is so soft and a light, neutral grey. This basket set provides practical items in the same color scheme, including a diaper basket and hamper.

I used a silver vase filled with artificial blush colored flowers from Michaels and frames and piggy banks from Home Goods. I also found a pink and white basket set at Home Goods to store some toys and blankets in.

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Grey and white storage bins


I love this White Resin Table Lamp that we use on the dresser. It’s important to have a lamp in the nursery for those late night diaper changes when you don’t want to turn on the bright lights.

We also use a tall lamp by the recliner that’s used for bedtime stories and feedings. This makes it convenient to turn the dim light on and off.

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The Peanut Shell Arianna Lamp
Nickel and Marble Base Stick Lamp


I got our curtains at Home Goods and they were one of those perfect finds when I wasn’t even looking for it! They’re a sheer blush with a little ruffle and I love the look.

However, it may be wise to purchase black out curtains for your nursery instead of a sheer material. Your baby will be napping a lot during the day and if their room gets a lot of light, it may be difficult for them to sleep for extended periods of time.

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Pink & white curtains
Light pink black out curtains

Have fun decorating your daughter’s nursery and hopefully you’ll still be enjoying it for years to come!

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