Byte Teeth Aligner Trial Before and After Review

In my opinion, a smile is worth a thousand words. It’s clearly the most important part of your face and gives off your vibe to everyone who comes into contact with you.

It can also have a direct impact on your confidence, self-esteem, and approachability. Having confidence that you have a perfect smile is everything!

Even the slightest teeth misalignment can make you feel not so confident, and it’s ok to want to fix that. Adjusting and tweaking your teeth for a perfect smile is something that most people may think is unaffordable, but it’s now become much easier with at-home teeth alignment kits like Byte.

4 more weeks of treatment

Byte teeth aligners were so gracious to provide me with a complimentary teeth aligner kit and I can’t wait to get started! I’m here to share my journey from start to finish so you can see what the process is like and if it’s a good fit for you.

I’m documenting my journey over the 13 week program of my teeth aligners, so if you want the end results, you’ll see it at the bottom of this article!

If you’re interested in trying out Byte, you can get a huge discount on the impression kit risk-free, which is $14.95.

My story

My teeth were so very misaligned when I was a kid. I was very fortunate that my parents could afford braces and I wore them for 13 months.

When it came time to get the metal off my teeth, I was ecstatic! I finally had beautiful teeth, but when I was instructed to wear a retainer everyday, I didn’t exactly follow the protocol.

Does any 13 year old want to wear a retainer once they finally got their braces off after a year?

My parents weren’t strict in telling me the consequences of my teeth shifting back, so I pretty much didn’t care about wearing it. You know how this story ends: my teeth ended up shifting back- not to an extreme, but just enough that I was never fully happy about my smile.

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that will change your smile for the better. Read my review and experience here on my journey to a perfect smile.

I’ve thought about doing a teeth aligner product for years, but just didn’t want to spend the money and didn’t know if it would be effective.

I also couldn’t justify it because it was really just my bottom teeth that I wasn’t happy with, so it seemed like a lot of money to pay for just a slight improvement.


Once I found a teeth aligner system that I can do in the comfort of my own home for a lesser price than typical teeth aligners, I had to give it a try.

How Does Byte Work?

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that can help to improve your smile from minor misalignment.

Byte connects you to a network of dentists and orthodontists across the United States. Each treatment plan is reviewed and approved by your state-licensed doctor to help ensure you’re a great candidate for clear aligners before you start your journey.

Byte aligners come with HyperByte, a high frequency vibration device that may help speed up treatment and lessen discomfort. This exclusive device comes in every aligner kit and is one of the many reasons customers love achieving their smile goals with us.

How much are Byte Aligners?

The first cost associated with Byte Teeth aligners is $95 for the impression kit. However, you can grab the impression kit risk-free, for $14.95 through my link.

Risk-free means that once you send your impressions in and get your treatment plan, if you are not eligible for aligners or if you decide not to go through with the program, you will receive a refund for your impression kit.

My at-night aligners cost $2399 for the entire treatment plan, plus $129 for the Byte retainers.

Is Byte safe?

Byte’s aligners and HFV therapy is cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Your impressions are used to design a personalized treatment plan with clear aligners approved by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

Does Byte Work?

Byte has been known to improve thousands of people’s smiles and I am eager to see my results! At this time, I haven’t finished my treatment so I can’t speak on my satisfaction with the end result just yet.

But stay tuned for updates when the treatment is finished in a few short weeks for my full review!

Lifetime Guarantee

Byte guarantees the work for as long as you own your smile! So, if your smile moves out of alignment at any time after going through treatment with Byte clear aligners—they’ll help get it back at no additional cost!

Creating Teeth Impressions

It was a fairly simple process to get started with my Byte aligners. Once I submitted my information, my impression kit was delivered within a few days.

The Byte impression kit typically costs $95, but with my code JUSTSIMPLYMOM, you can get it for $14.95!! If you pay that cost and Byte doesn’t feel that you’re a god candidate for the aligner treatment, they’ll refund you for the impression kit.

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that will change your smile for the better. Read my review and experience here on my journey to a perfect smile.

Once I received my impression kit I couldn’t wait to get started on my journey to a perfect smile!

The first thing I did was read over the instructions and make sure the mouth trays fit comfortably in my mouth. Unfortunately, they were too big for my mouth so I had to request smaller trays.

They quickly sent them over and they fit much better.

The instructions tell you to mix the dark and light putty together to place in the mouth trays. Then you insert the mouth trays in your mouth to make the mold.

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that will change your smile for the better. Read my review and experience here on my journey to a perfect smile.

This part made me gag because you have to hold each tray in for 3 minutes, 2 times. However, once it was done, it was over!

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that will change your smile for the better. Read my review and experience here on my journey to a perfect smile.

Once the molds were done, I sent them back through the mail and they got back to me within a week letting me know that my treatment plan was ready.

Byte is an at-home teeth aligner system that will change your smile for the better. Read my review and experience here on my journey to a perfect smile.

So now I am waiting on my aligners to get here so I can get started on my new smile! I hope you enjoy following along on my Byte journey and try it out too.

Grab your Byte impression kit for $14.95 now with code JUSTSIMPLYMOM.

UPDATE 1: Treatment Plan Approval

I just received word that my impressions were received, accepted, and the team of dentists were reviewing them. During this time is when they create a treatment plan to develop my perfect smile.

I had to take a series of photos to send over as they review the impressions and visuals at the same time.

This process took about 2 weeks from when I initially sent in my impressions.

Quickly after, I received an email stating that my treatment plan was ready for me to view and approve. I was so nervous at this point to see what my smile would look like in just a few short weeks!

When I viewed my treatment plan, it laid out every last detail from how long I’d have to wear each mouth tray to exactly how my teeth would shift during each week of treatment.

On the website, Byte created 3-D images of my teeth to show how they would shift and change week-by-week. Not only was it amazing to see my current teeth as a 3-D image, but it was so cool to see the progression of how my teeth would look moving forward.

As you can see from the diagram above, you have multiple views of your teeth. You can view just the top, bottom, or both together from different angles. You can also fully rotate it around to look at each side differently.

The bottom of the screen shows every week of treatment and how my teeth will shift during the whole process. Therefore, week 1 is basically my current teeth and week 13 will be my beautiful new corrected smile.

This helps so you can compare your progress and make sure that things are moving along as they should.

For example, I can see on my treatment plan that the majority of shifting won’t happen in the first couple of weeks. This helps so that I know when the progress should be happening so I can question the results at any point if I’m worried things aren’t going as planned.

Above you can see the progression that my bottom teeth will go through over the 13 weeks, from beginning to end as you read from left to right.

Byte at Night

There are two options for Byte aligners: Byte All-Day or Byte At-Night. Byte at Night is great for those who want to wear aligners exclusively at night.

This option allows people to straighten their teeth without disrupting their daily routine. You don’t need to worry about taking your aligners out for meals and brushing your teeth multiple times throughout the day. 

However, the night aligner treatment plan takes a few weeks longer and costs a bit more than the day aligners.

This felt like the best option for me and my daily routine. I am out and about a lot, so I didn’t want to worry about having to be out in public with my aligners in.

I can’t wait to get these mouth trays and start my treatment toward a perfect smile with Byte teeth aligners! Stay tuned!

Update 2: Starting my Teeth Aligners

I recently got my teeth aligners and have been using them for the past 3 weeks. I am seeing some slow progress especially on my bottom teeth which is so exciting!

Looking back at my treatment plan that was given to me, I know exactly what my teeth should look like during week 3, which is a great feature to have. This way, I was aware that I wouldn’t see significant change until about half way through.

My package came with 13 weeks of aligners that are changed weekly, along with other products I’ll need throughout my journey. There is a carrying case, whitening gel, HyperByte, filing tool, extractor tool, and a mouth stretcher.

Also included is an app for your phone that helps you keep you on track with reminders and alarms if needed. It will give you a reminder for when it’s time to switch to your next aligner, allow you to record your check-ins, take photos of your progress, and record your HyperByte usage.

The first time wearing my aligners felt a bit awkward. I could feel the tightness around my teeth and it was pretty a pretty uncomfortable feeling. However, this discomfort let me know that it was working to start the process of shifting my teeth.

The first time you put on a new set of aligners (once a week), you’ll use these small white pads to ensure that the aligners fit securely on your teeth. This helps give a snug fit so they can do their job!

It also reduces any gaps or bubbles you would see in the aligner to give you a sleek, clean finish which you can barely tell that you’re wearing them!

Aligners on


The HyperByte is an exclusive Byte tool that uses high-frequency vibration therapy to cut treatment time in half, reduce discomfort, and produce more accurate teeth alignment. The vibrations slightly move the aligners so they fit more comfortably on your teeth. 

You have to use this tool for 5 minutes a day, but it’s worth it!

Since I chose Byte At-Night, I only have to wear my aligners for 10 hours a day. My typical routine is that I put them in at about 9pm and take them out around 7am.

If I can wear them longer, I will! So often I’ll be able to wear them for 12-14 hours a day which will hopefully give me better results faster!

Byte does mention that wearing the aligners for increased time will not guarantee better results, nor do you get to switch to the next aligner any faster, however it’s still better to wear them longer.

Wearing my aligners started off being a little annoying because I wasn’t used to having something on my teeth for long periods of time. However, over the last 3 weeks, it’s feeling more and more normal and sometimes I don’t even remember that they’re on my teeth!

The closest thing that I can compare the feeling to is when I used to use Crest whitening strips, but these are much different! With whitening strips, they contain the whitening gel that makes your mouth fill with extra saliva and feel gooey.

Byte Teeth Aligners actually seem to dry out my mouth and don’t cause any excessive drool or bad taste.

Wearing my Byte aligners

I am happy that I chose Byte At-Night because I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with wearing them for 23 hours a day. However, I do not mind how they make my teeth look and my speech isn’t effected as much as I thought it would be.

Therefore, if I had to do the day aligners, I think it would have been a fine option!

Remember, if you’re interested in trying out Byte, you can get a huge discount on the impression kit risk-free, which is $14.95.

Byte update #3

I’ve been consistently using my Byte teeth aligners now for 5 weeks and it’s hard to notice if I see a change yet. I’m sure that is a change, but since it’s not a complete transformation, I can’t really see the difference quite yet.

By now, I am more than half way through with my top aligners and almost half way done with my bottom aligner.

I’m also very happy with how natural the aligners look on my teeth. I thought I would feel self-conscious from wearing them while out in public, but after a couple weeks I was comfortable wearing them out in public.

Byte Before and After 5 weeks – Mid treatment

Can You Wear the Night Aligners During the Day

Although my treatment plan is strictly for the at-night aligners, I have been wearing them more during the day than I had planned. At-night aligners are only required to be worn 10 hours per day, however Byte states that you can wear the at-night aligners as many hours as you’d like more than that, however it will not reduce treatment time. 

with smile stretcher and aligners on

The first few weeks, I only wore my aligners for the required 10 hours at night. But as time went on, I figured that it would only help me to see better results quicker if I wore them longer.

Therefore, I increased my wear time as long as I could. Starting at about week 3, whenever I was home (and would remember), I would put in my aligners.

I am probably wearing them for about 14-15 hours most days.

It seems strange that most teeth aligner companies require all-day wear (at least 23 hours a day), so I’m hoping that I see the same results for a lifetime if I’m wearing them for only 10+ hours.

Wearing my aligners


The Byte aligners definitely needed some getting used to in order to feel normal. It still feels a little funny having plastic trays in my mouth, but it’s much more comfortable now. 

Each time that I change a change to a new tray, I can feel more pressure on my teeth. It’s not painful at all, but a little uncomfortable.

I love the feeling though because that means that my teeth are moving and shifting into that beautiful smile I was promised!

App Troubles with Switching Aligners

I did have some difficulty with the app throughout the last couple weeks when it came to syncing my HyperByte and switching my aligners. 

My HyperByte wasn’t syncing to my phone app, so it was not recognizing everyday when the HyperByte was used. I found out after that this is why the app was giving me false dates of when to switch my aligners. 

HyperByte Must Be Used Daily for Weekly Treatment Plan

One thing I was not made aware of was the required use of HyperByte in order to keep the treatment time to what it was allotted- one week per aligner tray. 

The reason that my app was acting funny was because it was not syncing to my HyperByte. Because of this, my app was telling me that I should be switching my aligners every 2 weeks instead of every week as planned. 

In the manual, it makes the HyperByte seem optional. It states that it is recommended to be used once a day for 5 minutes, but it never says anything about lengthening the treatment time if you don’t use it. 

Had I known it was required for the given treatment time, I would have been using it consistently, but because it didn’t make this clear, I wasn’t using it every day. 

Note to everyone: Use the HyperByte everyday consistently!

This really led to a lot of confusion and I hope they state that information more clearly in future manuals. 


When you place your aligners in, there should be no gaps between the tooth and the aligners. Sometimes I have trouble determining if I have a little gap, or if it’s just a normal amount of spacing.

Byte Update #4

I’ve been wearing my Byte aligners for 11 weeks now out of my 13 week treatment plan. I’m noticing such a huge difference now in my bottom teeth and am so excited to see these results!

My top teeth have completely finished the Byte program and I’m very happy with them. The bottom teeth still have 3 more weeks to go and I’m very happy with the results thus far.

It took almost the full treatment time to really see a big difference with my bottom teeth, since they were so badly misaligned. However, now that I’m finally seeing results, I am so happy about it!

Looking back on the digital version of my teeth, I’m not sure that my teeth look exactly like the digital images made though, so I’m hoping it all resolves itself in the upcoming weeks.

It seems like there’s still a good amount to go to get to that final and perfectly straight row of teeth, but I’m heading in a positive direction!

Update #5:

So I thought I was ready to complete treatment, but realized that my bottom teeth were not making the progress that they should have been. I’m really disappointed that this happened, but I’d say it’s not Byte’s fault necessarily.

There is some user error that can happen with these aligners due to the fact that there is no licensed orthodontist overseeing the progress.

The Byte app asks you to send update photos every month, however the quality of the photos is very poor when you send through the app so it’s hard to be clear whether the aligners are fitting properly.

Also, apparently my teeth have not been shifting right for the past 6 or 7 weeks and this was not caught by their app updates, nor did anyone reach out to me when I said that I was unhappy with the progress. Therefore, I will probably be set back several weeks by having to go back to previous aligners and get my treatment complete.

I’m glad that I noticed this when I did (although it was right at the end) because if I waited for my retainers to come, I wouldn’t have been able to complete treatment the way I wanted.

Update #6

At my current status, I have been using Byte for well over my treatment time. I had to go back to old aligners from the middle of my treatment because for some reason, my bottom teeth just stopped shifting with each new aligner.

I had to go back to week 7 from week 14, and it still doesn’t seem like I’m seeing any difference in the alignment of my bottom teeth. They definitely shifted in a positive direction compared with before treatment, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m happy with the results.

I am still hoping I end up with perfectly straight teeth, but it’s not looking good as of now. I am hoping that they allow me to make a new mold of my teeth and start a new treatment plan.

Update #7

Unfortunately, I have to say I am not so happy with the results of my Byte treatment. I have been using the system for over 6 months now when my treatment plan was only supposed to be for. 14 weeks.

I have to add in that some of my discontent may come from user error. I did not complete the exact protocol that was asked, although I don’t feel like that should have affected the results.

I think it’s tough to move your teeth using aligners only at night as this isn’t enough hours. Although, my teeth are definitely better than they were to start, they did not give me the perfect smile that I dreamed of.

I even reached out to customer service who gave me another realignment system to go back a few weeks and re-try, but it still didn’t work. Not sure if my teeth are difficult to align, or if I should have just worn them longer.

Remember, if you’re interested in trying out Byte, you can get a huge discount on the impression kit risk-free, which is $14.95.

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