14 Adorable Ideas for Your Dog’s Baby Announcement

Congrats on expecting your precious bundle of joy! You’ll be holding your sweet baby in your arms before you know it; but before that, you’ll need to start revealing the big news to friends and family!

If you just recently found out that you’re pregnant, you’re probably anxiously wanting to tell the world. The timing and way that you announce your pregnancy can be a tough decision for many parents-to-be.

There’s a lot of controversy and personal preference when it comes to when and how to tell close friends and everyone else that you’re expecting. Some women prefer to wait until they are out of the 1st trimester (13 weeks) to spread the news, some wait until the first ultrasound (7-8 weeks), and some can’t help but tell everyone right after they get a positive pregnancy test.

You may want to blast it off on social media to your entire social circle or prefer to just keep it between close friends and family until the baby is born. However you decide, the choice is yours to determine how and when you are most comfortable with telling others.

Either way, the announcement will come soon, so you are in the right place for ideas on how you’ll capture that moment.

Dog Pregnancy Announcements

If you’ve already been practicing your parenting skills with a little fur baby of your own, then you’re probably excited to make a special dog baby announcement. Of course you should incorporate your pet into this big pregnancy reveal because they’re part of the family too, right?

So if you’re looking for some ideas of using your dog in the pregnancy announcement, I’m going to assume that you’re somewhere in your first trimester right now. What better way to show the tremendous amount of love for your little one than to announce it with your dog.

Here are some adorable ways to announce your pregnancy on social media, long distance, or intimately to friends and family with the future big brother or sister- your dog!

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Big brother or big sister bandanas

Since dogs are part of the family too, they’re now getting promoted to big brothers or sisters! Grab these adorable bandanas from Amazon and snap some pictures with your ultrasound in hand!

Every dog needs a baby

Isn’t that an adorable saying? Sure is true! Your dog will become the protector of your little one and what a cute way to show it! Grab the “every dog needs a baby” onesie and create your own unique flat lay with some baby accessories.

Big sister or brother sign

Whether you use a felt letter board or have one designed for you, a big brother or sister sign is an adorable way to make your dog baby announcement. Add the ultrasound and maybe some balloons and voila!

Still keeping it a secret

Is your dog still the spoiled baby in the family and you’re not sure how he or she will react to the news? Covering their eyes or ears is a cute and funny way to make your dog baby announcement!

High Five

How cute is this future dad giving his dog a high five? I love this dog baby announcement so much because it’s fun and shows such a loving relationship between their pet and his owners.

Funny bandanas

If you have two dogs, this pregnancy announcement is absolutely paw-fect! You can get a custom bandana made from Blondarazzi Designs on Etsy to say whatever you’d like, but I think these sayings are adorable!

Getting a human

Do the dogs think that they run the show at your house? Maybe they think that they’re the boss and you’re actually just getting them a human to play with. Either way, show it off with this cute pet pregnancy announcement. Grab a small chalkboard sign to hang around their neck or even a felt letter board and write one of the sayings above.

Brushing up on some reading

Oh my goodness. This pregnancy announcement is so cute! Using some baby props like Big Brother books and What to Expect, this dog will be well versed in taking care of a human in no time!

Getting a new BFF

Not only will this dog be getting a precious sibling, but they’ll be future BFFs too! This also makes a nice dog baby announcement too.

I hope you got some great ideas from these dog baby announcements. Enjoy welcoming your new baby into your family and enjoy Now get creative and make your own!

Looking for the perfect way to create a dog baby announcement to reveal that you're pregnant to family, friends, or social media? Here they are
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