21 Easter Basket Ideas for Husbands that He Will Love!

You bought all the stuff you need for your kids’ baskets from the Easter bunny, but what should you get your husband? If you exchange gifts on this holiday, you need to figure out some fun Easter basket ideas for husband.

I was stumped on Easter basket gifts for my husband.

Father’s Day is only a few months away, and I typically buy him something larger for that holiday. Some things just didn’t seem to fit the relaxed feeling of Easter.

However, I bet, like me, you want to give your best friend an easter gift basket, so I picked out some fun gift ideas I think you both will love. Best of all, a lot of these gifts work for Christmas or other holidays as well!

21 Easter Basket Ideas for Husband

1. Personalized Soft Cooler

For starters, your husband probably doesn’t need an extra basket to store stuff in for the house, so use a brand new personalized soft cooler as the Easter Basket. Then you can stuff all the goodies in there and he can utilize the cooler for years to come!

My husband uses this cooler for the beach, concerts, park outings- it’s really the best gift! This personalized masterpiece has all sorts of versatility, whether it be tailgating, backyard BBQs, golf, or any social bonanza.   The cooler can hold up to 12 bottles, or 18 cans with a front pocket for storage. As an added bonus, there is also a bottle opener on the side.

2. New Socks

Socks are a practical gift for men at all times. Is my husband the only one that seems to go through more pairs that I could imagine?

You can grab some basic, ankle-length, black socks that go with everything. If you want to be funny, grab a pair of customized socks. I think these custom face socks are HILARIOUS!

3. A New Tie

Many families attend church on Easter, so grabbing a new tie is a great and easy Easter Basket idea for your husband. You might have a fancy Easter dinner to attend, and wearing a tie is expected. I love this color tie from TrendHim and they have so many other great men’s accessories to choose from.

4. Coffee Mugs

When I was looking for Easter basket ideas for husband, one of my favorites was customized coffee mugs. My husband always has a coffee mug in his hand, and I knew a funny one would surely be a huge hit.

Etsy has all sorts of custom ideas; you can get personalized coffee mugs with your husband’s name on the side or sayings. He can enjoy a hot cup of coffee on Easter morning with his new cup.

5. Custom Leather Keychain

Do you feel like your husband has everything and you can’t figure out any Easter gift ideas? Try a custom leather keychain!

You could personalize the keychain with whatever you want it to say. Here are some ideas.

  • I Love You
  • Anniversary date
  • His initials
  • Dates of your children’s birthdays
  • Bible verse
  • One of your special sayings or inside jokes

6. Customize Wood Multi-Tool

Here is another great idea that the Easter bunny can bring for your husband – a customized wooden multitool. These personalized knives have all sorts of tools like screwdrivers, nail clippers, and a corkscrew built into them.

Most engrave these tools with their husband’s name, but you could put whatever you want, just like with the keychain!

7. Personalize Beer Bottle Opener

I love this gift – a personalized beer bottle opener. This one is wooden and magnetic; it mounts to the wall and catches the caps as they come off the bottles – how cool!

My husband totally things this would be one of the perfect Easter gifts.

This would also make an excellent Father’s Day gift.

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8. Grilling Accessories

It might be a stereotype, but many husbands love to man the grill in the summer time, slinging hamburgers and bbq chicken. Why not grab him a set of grilling accessories for his Easter gift to make his time easier and more enjoyable?

9. Travel Coffee Mug

Everyone loves a nice travel mug, and these customized ones are great Easter basket ideas for husband. Unlike the other personalized mugs, these have a leatherette that is engraved and customize. You can put whatever you want on this tumbler!

10. Fishing Gear

If your husband is a fisherman, try getting him some new fishing accessories and gear that he might not have already. That could be hard if he is an avid angler.

Try getting him a fishing canvas bag that holds several poles and tackle at one time. This bag even holds a folding chair, so he can hike to his favorite spot with all he needs over his shoulder. Another idea is a pair of fishing pliers – they always are needed and tend to get lost when fishing.

11. Customized Golf Tees

Does your husband love a good game of golf?

Grab him a set of customized golf tees with his name – or whatever else you want to put on them. You can pick how many golf tees you want to be made and between tan or white tees. They’re a great price, so they even work as a stocking stuffer for men!

You can go wrong with this small Easter gift.

12. Clippers and Trimmers

Another one of the Easter Basket ideas for husband that I really like is a new trimmer and clipper set. Whether your husband likes to cut his hair at home or trim up his beard, all men appreciate a new trimmer set.

This electric set by Wahl is one of the best rated home barber kit. He’ll love this gift from the Easter bunny.

13. Skincare Set for Men

We typically focus on skincare sets for women, but men like their skin to look good as well. This set by Tiege Hanley has everything your man needs to slow down aging including night and day moisturizers, body wash, serums, and eye cream.

14. Bluetooth Headphones

Is your husband into tech? Grab him a pair of bluetooth headphones. AirPods are a popular yet pricey choice, but if your husband doesn’t use an iPhone, there are so many other options.

15. New Video Game

Is your husband a gamer? A new video game is always a great gift – he will love one of these in his gift baskets for sure.

If you aren’t sure what video games he would and wouldn’t like, grab him gift cards for PlayStation or Xbox, that way he can pick whatever he wants!

16. Deck of Cards

Here is one of the simplest Easter basket ideas for husband – a new deck of playing cards. When you have friends come over, a deck of cards gives you something to do together that doesn’t involve the TV, and he can play solitaire when he’s alone.

17. Adult Board Games

We love board games; we have a huge collection that we play together and with friends. If you guys love games – or even if you haven’t tried playing board games together – they make excellent Easter basket ideas for husbands and kids alike.

Here are some adult board games to try.

18. Poker Chips

A new set of poker chips is another great Easter basket stuffer idea for men. A nice set lasts for several years. It’s something he will be able to use with friends for years.

19. Gift Cards

Guys always like to receive gift cards, no matter what the celebration is. Grab some gift cards for Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or wherever else he enjoys shopping. You can never go wrong with some gift cards!

Another idea is to get a gift card to his favorite restaurant, or you could grab a gift card from somewhere he often gets lunch while working.

20. Snacks

Don’t forget to toss in some of his favorite snacks into his Easter basket. Candy is a given; men really are just big kids with a sweet tooth sometimes! I always include some of his favorite candy. However, you can include some other snacks as well.

Here are a few ideas.

21. Scratch-Off Tickets

Toss a few scratch off tickets into your husband’s Easter basket. I always include a few of these because they’re fun and cheap, so these really are the perfect addition. These also fit well into Easter cards if that is what you exchange together.

22. Tickets to a Sporting Event

If you want to splurge a bit for Easter, grab a set of tickets for his favorite sporting event. Maybe he wants tickets to a football game in the fall or his beloved hockey team. He might really want to see a baseball game.

Making memories really is one of the best gifts to give to each other.

23. LuminAid Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger

If your husband is outdoorsy, he may love the LuminAid lantern and phone charger. This inflatable lantern just needs sun to power on and provides light and a charging station when they’re on the go.

24. Coupon Book with An Easter Twist


I love this idea from @gina_schweppe on Instagram! What a fun twist on the traditional “coupon book”. All you need is some empty easter eggs, notebook paper, and fun ideas!

25. Faith T-Shirts

If you are looking for the perfect Easter gift for your husband, a faith t-shirt is a great choice. You can choose from several different options, dependent upon your husband’s preferences

26. Movie Collection

Does your husband have a favorite movie series? DVDs fit perfectly in Easter baskets, and are one of the most versatile Easter basket ideas for husbands. @poisen_ivy181 on Instagram hooked her husband up with these Fast and the Furious movies plus a movie ticket to see the newest release!

27. Candied Bacon

Candy? Bacon? Are there any two words that go more perfectly together? This is a perfect Easter Basket stuffer for men!

28. Dr Squatch

Dr. Squatch soaps are soaps made for men, your husband will love getting these in his Easter basket, and you will appreciate the amazing scents available. Go ahead and get him a squatch soap gripper while you are at it!

29. Beef Jerky

What man doesn’t like beef jerky? This is an amazing and perfectly yummy Easter basket idea for your husband that he will love to receive!

30. Grilling Spice Set

Does your husband like to grill? This grilling spice set is the perfect easter basket idea for him!

All you have to do now is grab one of your nice wicker baskets and fill it up with all of these awesome Easter basket ideas for husband. You’ll knock it out of the park this year!

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