Enchanting and Magical Encanto Party Ideas

Looking for a magical and enchanting birthday party? Then look no further, the Encanto theme has all the right touches for a magical party. Bright and vibrant decor, fun games and so much more.

Just Simply Mom’s Favorite Encanto Party Ideas

These Encanto party ideas are for any birthday girl or boy. They are packed with fun for everyone to enjoy.

Encanto Party Decorations Ideas

There are so many different ideas when it comes to decorating for your child’s Encanto birthday party, and I got a few great ones listed to help decorate such a fun and enchanting birthday party your child will love.

Encanto Balloon Arch

This beautiful Encanto balloon arch has everything you need to have the perfect balloon set up for your child’s Encanto birthday party.

Encanto Decor Set

This Encanto Decor Set is great! It has everything you need for your child’s Encanto birthday party. It comes with a backdrop banner, balloons, hanging characters and so much more.

Encanto Table Decor

Let these Encanto table decor toppers bring the magic to life as everyone from the casita is there to fill the party with lots of fun.

DIY Encanto Doors

Create your own Encanto magical doors with just a few simple things laying around the house. Decorate multiple doors to represent Mirabel and her familia.

Encanto Candles

These Encanto candles will spark beautifully for your child’s birthday party and these can be set anywhere as a bonus, are super safe since the flame isn’t real!

Encanto Party Food and Drink Ideas

I have some great Encanto food and drink ideas for your little one’s Encanto birthday party. These are delicious and simple.

Mirabel’s Arepas Con Queso

Mirabel’s arepas con queso is a must for your child’s Encanto party and is easy to make with simple ingredients like corn meal, butter, and mozzarella cheese. These are great for an appetizer or with your main meal.

Encanto Snack Charcuterie Board

This delicious and healthy Encanto snack charcuterie board is a crowd-pleaser and easy to make. Just add your child’s favorite dips, crackers, fruit, and veggies and it’s good to go. You can use butterfly cookie cutters to shape the cheese for more fun.

These butterfly gummies give it just the right final touch.

Encanto Delores Drinks

These Encanto Delores drinks are strawberry lemonade. The lemonade can be homemade or store-bought!! Just add some slices of strawberries and lemons.

Bruno’s Vision Jello

Bruno’s broken vision jello cups are a great treat for the kids and fun to make using green jello, brown fondant for the rats, and green sanding sugar for the broken vision glass.

Antonio’s Wild Animal Crackers

Antonio’s wild animal crackers are super easy and great for littles to grab and go. Just simply add animal crackers to a clear jar or bowl.

Encanto Party Activity Ideas

There are so many Encanto party activity ideas and these are great for the birthday girl or boy to enjoy with their guests.

Encanto Sensory Fun

This Encanto sensory bin is great for littles as they dig for the tiles to put them together as Mirabel did. Just get some glow-in-the-dark magnetic tiles and some sand in a box and you can add so many other items as well like mini Encanto figures.

Encanto Bean Bag Toss

Let the games begin, with this Encanto bean bag toss. This game is packed with fun and will have everyone wanting to play.

Encanto Butterfly Pin Game

The mystery of having your eyes closed and trying to pin Mirabel’s butterfly to her hand will have all the children begging for their turn.

DIY Maribel Glasses

These DIY Maribel glasses are easy for children to make to wear during the party. All you need is some green and gold pipe cleaners. The birthday child and their guests will enjoy making these and wearing them.

Encanto Sticker Faces

Your birthday boy or girl and their party guests can create their own Encanto characters using these Encanto faces The stickers are included to make their favorite character.

Encanto Party Location Ideas

Indoors or outdoors, I got you covered with some great Encanto party location ideas. It can be so versatile.

Backyard Encanto Party

Backyard Encanto party can be simple yet still beautiful and your child will love it. Have a table set up for the birthday boy or girl and some extra seating for their guests and some balloons will have the party ready to go.

Encanto Indoor Party

Indoor parties can be just as fun as outdoor ones. This Encanto indoor party is decorated beautifully inside and will have everyone feeling magical.

Encanto Garden

This simple but fun Encanto garden is a great way for children to work together and learn how things grow. Let me plant a seed or two in a cup of soil and create their own mini garden.

Encanto Butterfly Release

Your birthday child will cherish this memory for a lifetime as they get to release a real live butterfly from their palm. Butterfly releases are available in most locations.

Encanto Indoor or Outdoor Bouncy Fun

Bounce houses are always fun and will have the children playing for hours. Plus, they can be indoors or outdoors and you can even host at a Bounce house center if you don’t want to have it at home.

Encanto Party Entertainment Ideas

Magical and fun entertainment is a must for your child’s birthday party and it will bring lots of fun and excitement.

Mirabel & Isabela Princess Entertainment

Bring Mirabel and Isabela to life with live princesses at your child’s party. They dance, sing, and play games with the guest and much more.

Encanto Pinata

Pinatas are always fun for birthday parties and this Encanto pinata can be filled with all different kinds of goodies.

DIY Encanto Movie Set up

This Encanto DIY movie setup is a great idea and easy to put together using a projector and white sheet. You can stream the movie Encanto for your little one and all the birthday guests. This is good for outdoors and can be used indoors if the weather is not permitting.

Musical Chairs with Encanto Music

Musical chairs is lots of fun and to make it even more special, play Encanto music the entire time.

Encanto Party Photo Op Ideas

Photos make great memories for parents and loved ones during special occasions and these Encanto photo op ideas are great just for that. Your birthday child and party guests will love these Encanto photo op ideas.

Life Size Mirabel

This life-size Mirabel is great for taking photos. Your birthday child and their guests will love taking pictures with Mirabel.

Encanto Photo Props

Encanto photo props add that extra touch to make your photos stand out. With characters and animals and more.

Encanto Banner

This Encanto banner has the whole Madrigal family and is a great addition to add to any wall for birthday fun!

Encanto Yard Signs

These Encanto character yard signs are not only great for decor but also great for taking enchanting photos.

Antonio’s Magical Door Backdrop

Antonio’s magical door backdrop can be used for your child’s photos and their party guests to capture the magic on the door.

Encanto Party Invitation Ideas

Looking for that perfect Encanto birthday party invitation, we have a few options for your child that they will love.

Encanto Personalized Invitations

These personalized Encanto invitations add a special touch with an option to customize how you want it.

Encanto Invitations

All the characters on these Encanto invitations are great for sending out to your guests, letting them know it’s going to be a magical day.

Encanto Antonio Invitations

Encanto Antonio invitations bring the wild and fun to your child’s birthday party announcement.

Isabela Encanto Invitations

Isabela Encanto invitations are a lovely birthday party announcement and have pretty flowers for a special touch.

Encanto Casita Invitations

The magical Encanto Casita invitations bring the invitations to life with all the characters joined together.

Encanto Party Costume Ideas

Let’s make this Encanto birthday party more enchanting with these great Encanto party costume ideas.

Mirabel Dress

Your birthday princess will love dancing in this looking just like Mirabel.

Bruno Costume

The mysterious Bruno costume will add some excitement to your child’s party as they dress for the one Mirabel searches for.

Antonio Costume

This Antonio costume adds more fun to your child’s Encanto birthday party when everyone is in character.

Isabela Dress

This Isabela dress costume is beautiful and just fit for the perfect Encanto birthday party.

Luisa Dress

Want to have all three sisters, well this Luisa dress is great and adds the last touch for all three sisters with their beautiful dresses.

Encanto Party Goodie Bag Ideas

We got you covered with these awesome goody bags for your child’s Encanto birthday party. So many different options to choose from.

Encanto DIY Goodie Bags

These DIY Encanto goodie bags come with everything you need for you to create your own or let the birthday child and their party guests make their own.

Encanto Treat Boxes

Encanto treat boxes are a good size goodie box for all the extra things you want to add for the party guests.

Encanto Party Favors

These Encanto party favors are packed with so many items for your Encanto goodie bags. Keychains, stickers, bracelets, and much more.

Encanto Glow in the Dark Tattoos

Encanto glow-in-the-dark tattoos adds some fun for your child’s birthday party especially at night when they are glowing brightly.

Encanto Bubbles

Children love bubbles and these Encanto bubbles will bring lots of fun for your birthday boy or girl and their party guests.

Encanto Party Gift Ideas

There are so many Encanto gift ideas and we have some great ones just below. Your child will love these gifts as they bring the Encanto magic to life.

Encanto Board Game

This Encanto board game will bring the whole family together and friends too and is packed with learning fun. This is a great gift for a child around the age of 5 and up.

Encanto Music Toy

Your child will love this Encanto musical toy. Music is always great and brings people together to have fun.

Encanto LEGO’s

Encanto LEGOs are great for children. It’s hands-on and great for critical thinking.

Encanto Casita

Your child’s imagination will spark wild with this Encanto dollhouse. It comes with the characters for lots of fun pretend play and lets the magic unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Encanto Party Ideas

What is Encanto?

Encanto is a magical story about a girl name Mirabel and her family. Mirable stops at nothing to find the mysterious Bruno and save her familia.

What age group would enjoy an Encanto party?

Encanto is great for many age groups. Toddlers and kids up to 10 will definitely love this enchanting theme.

May all your birthday dreams come true with this magical Encanto birthday party. Have lots of fun and enjoy the special day.

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