15 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas for Kids Who Are Getting a Sibling

Baby brother or baby sister? I am sure you and your kiddos are dying to know! Gender reveals are exciting and fun, especially if older siblings are involved! Incorporating your older children in the gender reveal of their younger sibling can help them get excited about the new addition and make them feel more involved.

There are so many fun ways for you to include your older children in a gender reveal, and I put together my favorites!

1. Confetti Cannon

How fun is this confetti cannon gender reveal?! All you need is a pink or blue confetti cannon. Your kiddos will have so much fun popping the confetti cannons and taking pictures.

2. Balloon Box

A balloon box gender reveal is absolutely adorable and easy to put together. All you need is an old box. You can even have your kiddos decorate the box to help them feel more included.

3. Balloon Dart Throw

A balloon dart throw gender reveal is great for kiddos that are a bit older and can aim the dart. You can choose to fill up all the balloons with paint or just a few!

4. Gender Reveal with Blocks

Gender reveals are exciting and fun, especially if older siblings are involved! Let older siblings in on the reveal with one of these ideas!
Via Pinterest- Canadian Rhapsody

You probably have some letter blocks laying around which makes this announcement easy to put together!

5. Gender Reveal Volcano

If your kiddos like science experiments, they will love this gender reveal volcano! If you are feeling really crafty you can help them paper mache the outside of the volcano!

6. Big Balloon Pop

This big balloon pop gender reveal is so cute and easy to put together. All you need is a big balloon filled with pink or blue confetti! If your kiddos are on the younger side you can easily help them pop the balloon.

7. Hand Print Gender Reveal

This handprint gender reveal is so precious! If you don’t want paint directly on your skin, you can opt for your little one to put their handprints on a white t-shirt.

8. Silly String Gender Reveal

A family silly string fight is always a great idea, but for a gender reveal it is even better! You can have friends or family shoot a few pictures for you! You may have a bit of a mess to clean up, but the memories are worth it!

9. Ice Cream Gender Reveal

I am in love with this ice cream gender reveal! To switch things up a bit you can have your kiddos hold up pink and blue ice cream in one photo and then in the next photo have the color that indicates the gender!

10. Colored Smoke Gender Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are exciting and fun, especially if older siblings are involved! Let older siblings in on the reveal with one of these ideas!
Via Instagram-@AGritAndGraceGal

This smoke bomb gender reveal is so precious! A cute way to switch this up would be to leave the photo black and white and only have the smoke in color! Make sure to grab a few smoke bombs to last through your photo session!

11. Chalk Sign Gender Reveal

This chalkboard gender reveal is adorable and so easy to put together! To add a little bit more pizzazz you can do balloons in the background too!

12. Gender Reveal Cake

I love the idea of a gender reveal cake. You can choose pink or blue icing or candy to indicate the gender! To get your kiddos involved you can help them cut the cake!

13. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt gender reveal would be so much fun to put together. This type of reveal can work for older or younger siblings just depending on how difficult you make the clues. In the end, you can have a pink or blue prize to announce the gender!

14. Tiny Artist Gender Reveal

This gender reveal is absolutely precious! You can use different shades of blue or pink to make it a little bit different! If your little one is a bit older you can also use a blindfold for added suspense!

15. Paint Fight Gender Reveal

If you don’t mind getting a little bit messy, a paint fight gender reveal might be right up your alley! This would definitely be a gender reveal to remember.

Boy or girl, your newest addition will be loved and adored! It is fun to get older siblings in on the gender reveal and help them to feel included! I want to know how you announced the gender of your little ones, or did you choose to wait? Let me know in the comments below!

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