How to Choose the Perfect Going Home Outfit For a New Mom

If you are reading this, you are probably about to deliver and wondering what to wear for your going home outfit. I’ve got your back!

When I came home from the hospital, I knew that I wasn’t entering a fashion contest, but I wanted to look cute because I knew I would like to take pictures. The perfect going home outfit is a mix between cute and comfort.

What should Mom Wear Coming Home from the Hospital?

Mom should wear something cute, comfortable and functional. Your outfit should not be something restrictive and uncomfortable.

You will just have had an entire human come out of your body. You will likely be sore, tired, and trying to get into a new routine.

Some ideas for outfits are:

  • T-shirt dresses
  • Leggings and a tunic
  • Leggings, nursing tank and cardigan
  • Athletic shorts, nursing tank, cardigan
  • Biker shorts, tunic

There are a lot of possibilities! Try to pick one that will fit your style.

What’s Special About a Going Home Outfit?

Your going-home outfit is special because you will likely be taking tons of pictures with friends and family! Most mamas want to look cute while still maintaining comfort when going home from the hospital.

What Size will you Wear After Giving Birth?

This varies greatly from person to person. You may not be your pre-pregnancy size and that is okay!

As a general rule, I say that whatever size you were right before you gave birth is what you will want to buy. If it fits you with a baby still in your belly, it will definitely fit after the baby is out.

Postpartum Clothing: Things to think about for Mom’s Going Home Outfit

When planning your going home outfit there are some things you will want to take into consideration:

  • Weather (Are you giving birth in the fall, spring, winter, or summer?
  • Sizing (don’t assume you will be back to pre-pregnancy weight right away)
  • Comfort ( You will want something loose and unrestrictive)
  • Style ( While you don’t need to be runway ready, choose something you are comfortable in!)

Do You Need to Choose a Runway Ready Outfit for a Going Home Outfit?

Absolutely not! You didn’t sign up for a fashion show, so don’t feel obligated to look like you’re headed for the runway! Remember, you just had a baby…cute and comfy is the way to go.

What No One Told me about Packing for Clothes After Giving Birth

I see all these beautiful ladies that seem to snap back effortlessly and that just wasn’t me. I thought I would be one that could fit in my jeans home.. a big nope!

I didn’t realize that my calves and legs would be swollen from the fluids I received in the hospital.

Tips for Picking the Right Going Home Outfit for Mom

Picking the perfect going home outfit can be tricky! There are many different options out there, so I want to list some tips to consider.

Choose Maternity Options or Size Up

When picking out your going-home outfit, I would suggest choosing a maternity outfit or sizing up in regular clothes. The last thing you want is something tight and constricting on your body.

Don’t be embarrassed to continue wearing maternity clothes after you have given birth! No one is judging you!

Consider Incision Lines

Even if you aren’t having a planned c-section, things can change quickly. When picking your outfit consider picking something that will be loose around the belly area.

Think About the Weather

Pick seasonally appropriate clothing! The last thing you want is sweats and a long sleeve shirt in the middle of July or a tank and shorts in January.

Also, remember that you may get hot and cold very easily, so having a cardigan that you can take off and on is a good option!

Account for the Length of Your Car Ride

Take into consideration the length of your car ride home when picking your outfit. If you live a long way from the hospital or deal with heavy traffic you want something that will be breathable and easy to sit in for an extended period of time.

Prepare for Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, taking into consideration that you will want something you can unsnap, unzip, unbutton or pull up comfortably. Easy access is a MUST!

When going home from the hospital your milk may or may not have come in already. When your milk comes in it can be uncomfortable and your breasts typically go up in size a bit.

It is important to have a garment that has some support and stretch to it in the top.

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What are some Post-Partum Essentials You Might Want to Wear?

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure what the essentials are, let me help you!

Nursing Bra

You want your nursing bra to be comfortable enough to sleep in, but supportive enough to move around in.

Sleeping Nursing Bra

I really like having a super comfy and supportive bra to sleep in. I love that these bras do just that and come in a 3 pack!

3 Pack Nursing Bralette

Having the clasp at the top of a bra is super convenient for easy nursing access. I love that this is a 3-pack and comes with bra extenders and strap adjusters.

Nursing Tank

Nursing tanks are super convenient for using the 2-shirt method when nursing in public. I also love these for under kimonos or just hanging out around the house.

3 Pack Nursing Cami

Nursing camis are a must if you are planning on doing the 2-shirt method. These are supportive enough to wear around the house without a bra, which can be so lovely those first few weeks.

Nursing Tank

This tank comes in a 3 pack and has tons of color options. I love that this can be easily worn at home or as part of your coming home outfit.

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Disposable Undies

Disposable undies are easily the best-kept secret of postpartum recovery. I think they are an absolute must. I loved using these instead of the traditional giant pad and undies.

Always Discreet

Depends Maximum Absorbency

I really loved wearing these postpartum. Such a nice alternative and feels “normal”. You don’t have to worry about ruining underwear or adding to your laundry pile.

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What new mom does not enjoy leggings? I love leggings because they are comfy and versatile. Leggings can go with almost anything and are great for any season!

Mothers Essentials Leggings

These leggings are comfortable and have some tummy control. The tummy control is sometimes nice for that postpartum tummy support and helping those muscles learn what to do again.

90 Degree Leggings

These leggings are comparable to Lululemon, in my opinion, and they last forever. I absolutely love them, and they are a staple for post-partum. I also love all the color options.

Tunic Top

Daily Ritual Tunic

I love this short sleeve tunic. It comes in a ton of color options and would be flattering and comfy to wear post-partum.

Long Sleeve Tunic

This tunic is perfect for the colder months! I love the way it falls and would be so flattering on a postpartum tummy.

Long and Loose Cardigan

Waffle Knit Cardigan

Loose cardigans are a closet staple, especially fort post-partum. This waffle knit cardigan is perfect with any outfit and I love the slouchy pockets.

Comfy Tunic

This cardigan is so cozy and a great layering piece. It is a simple, yet classy piece that will last you long past post-partum.

Slip on Shoes

Slip on shoes are an absolute must after having a baby! Your feet will likely be swollen, especially if you are being induced or having a c-section because of all the fluids.

Slip-on shoes are less constricting on your feet versus having laces and tying a shoe.

Hey Dudes

These shoes are ultra-flexible and would be a great option for swollen feet!


Toms are a great option, and you may even have them in your closet already.

Slide Sandals

This style of slip-on sandal is great for swollen feet. I like the adjustable straps, and if it’s chilly you can even pair them with socks. That may not be the most fashionable, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Summer Going Home Outfits for Moms

After you have a baby, your hormones are probably going to be all over the place. You will be hot one minute and freezing the next.

For summer going home outfits, I would recommend:

  • light dress (make sure it’s breastfeeding friendly if you plan on nursing)
  • biker shorts and a t-shirt or tank
  • breathable leggings and a t-shirt or tank
  • athletic shorts (may want to size up) and a t-shirt or tank
  • cute lounge set

Lounge Set-Shorts

This lounge set is perfect for summer mama’s. It is cute, cozy and stylish. There are lots of color options available!

Keep scrolling for some of my recommendations below!

Winter Going Home Outfit for Moms

In winter, your hormones will still be all over the place, so it is important to dress in layers so you can easily remove and put on clothing.

Here are some of my recommendations for winter going home outfits:

  • leggings and long sleeve tunic
  • leggings and t-shirt with cardigan
  • cozy lounge set

Short Sleeve Lounge Set

Long Sleeve Lounge Set

Each of the lounge sets above are great options for a winter going home outfit. They are very in right now and would be so simple to put on and not have to worry about your outfit!

Going Home Outfit for Moms after a C-Section

Pajama Set-Leggings

I love these pajamas for multiple reasons, but my top 2 reasons are that the fabric is very breathable, super important for those incisions. The second reason is that they are nursing friendly!

Panel Shorts

Your belly will still be swollen and tender, especially after a c-section. These shorts are perfect for a sore c-section belly.

Pajama Set-Tulip Hem

This pajama set is adorable. The fabric is very breathable and nursing friendly. I love this style!

When can you wear normal clothes after a c-section?

It can take up to 4-6 weeks after a c-section to be able to wear normal clothes again. Preparing for a coming home outfit after a c-section can be tricky.

You want to be mindful of the incision that you will have in your belly. It will be very sore and tender. You will not want anything tight or restricting.

Comfy Options for Mom’s Going Home Outfit

I really love being comfy, but never want to look disheveled. These pieces would be great options for coming home!


Comfy Joggers

These joggers are so cute and cozy. The come in many different colors and have plus sizes!

Cropped Capris

These cropped capris are cozy and easy to wear. I like the draw string for your changing body.


Nursing Shirts

These nursing shirts are a must! They come in a 3 pack with different color options. They also have tank and t-shirt versions!

Easy to Wear Tank

This tank is cute and comfy. I would size up to be a little bit loose and oversized. Lots of color options!


Button Down Dress

I love this button-down dress! Buttons make nursing easy. This is a cute and comfy option for going home.

Nursing Tank Dress

I love this nursing friendly tank dress and it even has pockets! You can easily throw on a cardigan if you get cold. So cute and comfy!

Stylish Options for Mom’s Going Home Outfit

If you are wanting to head home in style, you are my type of gal! Just because something is stylish doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort!


Harem Pants

These harem pants are stylish, yet comfy. There is a panel at the top that looks stretchy and would be great for c-section tummies.

Seamless Biker Shorts

I really love that these shorts are seamless. They would pair nicely with an oversized sweater, tunic, or tshirt!


Oversized Waffle Knit T-Shirt

I am loving this oversized waffle knit top. This top would go nicely with almost any bottoms. You can easily throw a cardigan over this top if you are chilly.

Relaxed Jersey T-Shirt

This t-shirt would go perfectly with biker shorts or a pair of leggings. There are lots of different color options. The material is jersey, so this top will be nice and breathable.

Cozy Waffle Knit

How cozy is this button-down waffle knit sweater? The buttons make nursing access a breeze and I like that it is longer in the back to cover the booty.


Nursing T-Shirt Dress

I absolutely adore this nursing dress. There are a few different color options, but this is a wear now and later type of dress!

V Neck Dress

This V neck dress would be a perfect coming home outfit. Stylish, yet comfy.. and easy nursing access.

Nursing Friendly Maxi

This maxi dress is nursing friendly, comes in several color options and a stylish piece to wear home. You cannot go wrong with this dress, especially in the spring, summer and early fall.

Mommy and Me Matching Going Home Outfits

Mommy & Me Set

How cute are these matching jammies?! I think they would make the cutest coming home outfit and you can even include siblings too!

Mommy & Me T-Shirts

I love the mommy and me t-shirt idea, especially for coming home! How cute!! I would size up for a comfy fit.

What NOT to Pack in your Bag for Going Home Outfit

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what isn’t the best idea to pack for your going home outfit!

  • Dressy clothes- you may not fit in dressy clothes, AND you also don’t want to ruin them.
  • Jeans- you will likely be a few sizes away from your favorite jeans. Leave the jeans at home and opt for something a bit comfier.
  • Restricting/tight clothes- You will want to be able to move around comfortable and not want anything snug on your belly or swollen lady bits.

What You Really Need to Pack for A Going Home Outfit

You really need to pack a going home outfit that is comfortable and functional. You need something that you feel comfortable moving around in and taking photos.

Ultimately, you need a comfy bra, top/dress and bottoms. There are tons of options for going home and you can easily find one that fits your style.

Remember, even if you don’t plan on having a c-section it may be a good idea to pack an outfit that will accommodate your body should you need it.

Finding the perfect coming home outfit is definitely a mix of style and comfort. There are tons of options, and I know whatever you pick will be wonderful. Remember, this isn’t a fashion show so don’t feel obligated to dress like it is!

What is your favorite coming home outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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