9 Best Maternity Underwear for Your Growing Body

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, growing and expanding. Most women switch to maternity clothes as they enter their second trimester, and as your body continues to grow, you might want to try maternity underwear to get more comfort.

When I was pregnant, I knew I would need new pants, shirts, and pajamas, but I never realized I would need new panties as well. As my belly grew and my butt – yes, your butt will grow during pregnancy – grew, I realized my regular undies weren’t cutting it anymore.

I had to get some panties that would stop cutting into my waist and thighs.

You’ll find many brands that sell various underwear for pregnant women, and you’ll find a lot better once yours aren’t cutting into your skin all the time.

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Is It Worth It to Buy Maternity Underwear?

Maternity panties are meant to be extra-stretchy and grow with your body as your belly expands. These panties fit under or over the top of your growing belly, but that doesn’t mean buying specific pregnancy panties is a necessity.

Many women wear their regular undies throughout their entire pregnancy, and that may work for you as long as your regular panties have plenty of stretch and are low-cut.

However, if you decide not to buy maternity undies, you may end up having to get them closer to the end of your pregnancy. One day, you may wake up and realize nothing fits anymore!

When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Underwear?

You start wearing maternity panties whenever you want; it’s an individual decision. Some women gain more weight early in their pregnancy, but others gain weight towards the last half. Typically, you start wearing maternity panties because your regular panties stop fitting properly.

Women who are at a healthy weight before pregnancy typically gain 25 to 35 pounds during a normal, singleton pregnancy. Most women won’t gain weight during the first trimester; some even lose weight. If you manage to gain weight during the first trimester, it’s rarely more than 2 to 4 pounds.

Then, in the second and third trimester, an average women gains one pound per week.

If you want to invest in these undies, it’s best to make sure you have them by the third trimester. This is when most women start to feel that their current panties don’t fit well, and they want ones that are more comfortable.

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Do You Go Up a Size in Underwear When Pregnant?

In general, you wear the same size in maternity underwear as you do when wearing regular underwear. However, a lot of mothers prefer to go up a side because it gives them more room to grow. You should consult the sizing chart for each brand because some brands allow for more room without sizing up.

How Many Maternity Underwear Do I Need?

The number of maternity panties you buy depends on how often you want to do laundry, and I suggest being honest with yourself. You may think you’ll do laundry every two to three days, but the reality is pregnancy sucks out your energy.

You may only do laundry once a week, so you should have enough to last you at least a week or two. I suggest getting 10 pairs to give yourself a buffer zone.

How Long Will You Be Wearing Maternity Underwear?

As much as you may want, the chances of you getting back into your lacy panties soon after having a baby is slim. Your postpartum body will need your pregnancy panties for a few months postpartum.

Your body needs time to get back to normal after birth, and that isn’t going to happen immediately. Most bodies need at least six weeks for their uterus to shrink back to normal, and there is still more changing to do after that.

Plus, you will experience bleeding for several weeks after childbirth, and you’ll need to wear pads for that. Maternity panties keep those pads in place.

9 Best Maternity Underwear

Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear – Under the Bump Bikinis

Sometimes, extra low rise panties are exactly what you need, especially if you want to avoid panty lines. Intimate Portal made sure that your bump is always the star, not your panty lines.

These panties come in packs of five or three, depending on the colors you pick. They are made with 95% cotton for breathable, and they sit nicely under your bump without any pressure.

After your baby arrives, these bikinis work great as everyday cotton underwear, and if you have a c-section, these panties sit low under your incision.

Angelhood Women’s Cotton Maternity Underwear

You can’t beat the price of the Angelhood panties with six pairs of undies for less than $20. These undies are 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a low-rise front and full coverage over your bottom.

Angelhood created these seamless panties, so you never have to worry about visible panty lines. They have a crossover style that puts zero pressure on your baby bump, and the rear coverage won’t ride up either.

These panties come in multiple colors in various packs from sizes small to xx-large. Angelhood included extra-wide thigh circumference, so they won’t cut into your hips or thighs.

Kindred Bravely Under the Belly Maternity Underwear

Kindred is best known for creating nursing bras, but their Under the Bump Maternity Underwear are an excellent option. These panties let you wear your favorite clothes with any excess bulk. They’re a low-rise panty with ultra-soft fabric.

You’ll love how these panties feel on your body as your belly grows!

Kindred created these panties with 95% rayon and a comfortable crossover style, so they sit right below your belly for support and comfort. The crossover front prevents pressure on your belly, and they’re comfortable enough for everyday use.

Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear Boyshort Briefs

If you prefer boy short briefs, you’ll love these by Intimate Portal. These are low-rise, cotton briefs with extra-large stretchy leg openings that keep you comfortable. You’ll have full cover in the back without any wedgies or panty lines.

Who doesn’t love that?

These maternity boycott brief fits under your baby bump, staying in place without rolling up or down. The comfort fabric is super soft and free of any harmful chemicals.

I love the extra-wide, stretchy leg openings; they won’t cut into your thighs, even in the last semester.

You can purchase these panties in various packs of six panties all different colors in a range of sizes from small to xx-large.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s 3 Pack Fold Over Brief Panties

Motherhood Maternity is a brand that understands what mothers need during pregnancy, and their brief panties are top-rated because of that. They are soft, breathable, and adapt with your body as you grow. They have a fold over waistband, so you pick the most comfortable way to wear these panties.

These briefs are 95% cotton, so they are breathable. The brief silhouette gives you great coverage while avoiding major panty lines. I love their seamless design that prevents skin chafing; sensitive skin is common during pregnancy.

You can wear these from your first trimester until delivery and even afterward!

Motherhood Maternity sells these panties in an assorted three pack in different colors. The sizes range from small to 3XL, great for all body types.

Elevation Maternity Underwear

If you want plus size maternity underwear, you’ll love the Elevation Women’s Maternity Underwear. Reviewers love these high-waisted, seamless mesh panties that hold it all in at the right places while giving you all the support you need. At the same time, they aren’t too tight.

While they have a bit of a high price tag, they give you everything you need. Since they’re made with breathable materials, they’re great for all seasons. These panties are a nylon and spandex blend.

You can purchase these underwear in three colors with sizes from 0 up to 26!

Suekaphin Women’s Maternity Panties

Undoubtedly, having a baby will take a tool on your pocketbook, so buying maternity undies may not be in your budget, or you may not have much to spend. This pack of cotton maternity undies gives you the comfort you want without costing too much money.

These are low riding panties that fit under your baby belly without adding pressure. They won’t bunch up or feel uncomfortable, and the extra-wide leg bands won’t cut into your thighs.

Suekaphin sell these panties in value packs with eight panties each and sizes small to XXL.

NBB Lingerie Women’s Plus Size Maternity Panties

The high-waisted underwear by NBB reaches your belly button with a waistband that keeps them there. These panties won’t slip or slide while offering gentle support for your belly.

NBB made these panties with 95% cotton, so they won’t feel hot. Instead, cotton allows breathability and gives flexibility to the panties as your belly changes sizes. These panties expand as your baby belly grows, and then you can wear them as postpartum panties.

Aifer Multi-Pack Cotton Maternity Pregnant Panties

We all love a good pair of cotton underwear, and Aifer offers a more sporty look but still comfort with extra-wide bands in the front and back that keep your underwear in place.

These panties are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so it has plenty of elasticity. This low rise design contours your waistline, fitting under your bump like a cradle with a seamless design. At the same time, the panties give you plenty of back coverage.

Aifer sells these panties in different series: three-pack, four-pack, and five-pack. All of these are different colors and come in sizes small to x-large.

How to Pick the Best Maternity Panties

Your Size

Your current panty size is not the size you will be during pregnancy, but it gives you a starting place, based on how many more weeks you have left in your pregnancy, to figure out how much more weight you may gain during this time.

The Right Materials

Ideally, you want maternity panties made with high-quality, soft cotton fabrics. Natural fabrics are breathable, and the right blend allows for more stretching so your new panties will fit your ever expanding belly.

Cotton also gives underwear more support; you need the support to hold everything in place during pregnancy.

Style You Prefer

Women underwear comes in a variety of styles, but you may not like each style. Some underwear comes over the top of your belly, but some are low riders under your belly.

If you end up having a c-section, you will need to have the high rise panties that sit above your incision.

  • Over-The-Bump Panty Styles
    This style of undies give you full coverage of your belly bump; the waistband hits over your navel, potentially closer to your ribcage. Yes, this panties are far from flattering and attractive, but they give you support your belly needs and prevent chafing.
  • Under-The-Bump Panty Styles
    This style looks more attractive and looks similar to the regular pairs of panties you wear when not pregnant. Low-rise panties stay out of your way, but if you want more coverage or support, these won’t be the way to go. However, they tend to not be visible under clothes.
  • Special Feature Panties
    Some companies created other options for pregnant moms like panties with extra absorbency to help you stay dry or heavy-duty support panels for larger bumps. You also may want some maternity lingerie; you can feel sexy during pregnancy!

Comfort Levels

Pick panties that make you feel comfortable. Even if granny panties aren’t for you, you can find other comfortable panties during pregnancy.

Wearing maternity panties helps you feel more comfortable during pregnancy, and you’ll get more use out of them than you think. Remember, you can use them during your postpartum recovery for several weeks!

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