Comfortable Clothing During Pregnancy: The Essentials You Need

Your pregnant body is going through a lot of changes as your belly bump grows, and you have to make your wardrobe work for you. It’s always best to buy and wear comfortable clothing during pregnancy that supports your belly with the right fabric and materials.

I love style as much as the next mama, but keeping up with trends when you’re pregnant isn’t always easy nor are they comfortable. The truth is I bought way too many trendy maternity shirts to only wear them for a short period either because they went out of style for my next pregnancy, irritated my skin, or didn’t grow with my bump the way I expected.

Instead, you want to wear comfortable clothes that will grow from your first trimester to third trimester with your body. You can wear them all the time whether you’re at home or at the store, and they’ll last through multiple pregnancies.

All you have to do is look for the key pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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Why Women Should Wear Comfortable Clothing During Pregnancy

Wearing comfortable clothing during pregnancy won’t affect your health, but it will change how you feel throughout the months as your body grows. It’s easy to think about fashion only, especially if that’s how you dress when you aren’t pregnant, but comfortable clothing is best.

Here are some reasons to embrace the comfortable clothing!

  • Your body changes rapidly during pregnancy. Comfortable clothing during pregnancy tends to grow with your body rather than make it more difficult to adapt.
  • It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to have sensitive skin, making their bodies more prone to allergic reactions and rashes. Breathable, natural fabrics reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  • Tight clothing increases heartburn and indigestion problems, the last thing you want when you already have morning sickness and vomiting on the regular.
  • Unless you live somewhere perpetually warm, most pregnancies go through multiple seasons. Wearing comfortable clothing, such as clothes made of cotton, allow you to stay cooler in the summer. Wool, in the winter, keeps you warmer and feels overall cozier.
  • Comfortable clothing during pregnancy helps you sleep better, especially in the third trimester. Look for loose, soft clothing that move with your body.

My 7 Top Comfortable Clothes for Pregnancy

If you’re like me, you don’t have to convince me to stay comfortable; I love all things comfy and cozy. When you’re building your comfortable maternity wardrobe, not all things are a necessity. If you’re on a budget, here are some of my must-have maternity clothing items.

1. Maternity Leggings

Some people don’t think leggings are pants; I’m not one of those people. Leggings are truly your best friend while pregnant because they’re comfortable and go with anything. You can dress up leggings with a nice top, jewelry, and the right shoes, or dress them down with a plain t-shirt.

You need several pairs of maternity leggings – trust me!

2. Basic Maternity Tops

You need some pregnancy tops that you will use on a regular basis. Many of your normal, non-pregnancy tops will work for a majority of your pregnancy, but you’ll want some that are stretchy.

These are investment pieces because you can use basic tops in all seasons and through multiple pregnancies. Wear them under a cardigan in the colder seasons or as they are in the warmer seasons.

3. Comfortable Sleep Bra

You know you need maternity bras and nursing bras, but I also suggest comfortable maternity sleeping bras. These double as nursing bras later, but they are comfy without any underwire or extra padding.

4. Soft Shorts

If you have a summer pregnancy or like to wear shorts around the house, you’ll want a few parts of soft maternity shorts to wear around the house.

5. Maxi Dresses

Another staple piece for your maternity wardrobe are maxi dresses or maxi skirts. They’re comfortable to wear and flow over your belly bump, making it look adorable.

Not all women like dresses, but a maxi skirt can be paired with many pieces and works throughout your entire pregnancy. It also works great in the cooler months since maxi skirts are longer.

6. Maternity Jeans

Even if you are a leggings-only type person, it’s best to have a few pairs of maternity jeans on hand as well. They’re a great basic item to keep in your wardrobe. I suggest have two or more pairs since a nice pair of pregnancy jeans will last for years to come.

7. Flip Flops & Slip-On Shoes

You definitely want to have comfortable shoes during your pregnancy. Many women experience swollen feet towards the end of their pregnancy, and your typical shoes might not still fit you or might feel tight after you’re on your feet all day.

Look for comfortable, loose, breathable, such as slip-on sneakers, sandals, slip-on boots, or flip flops.

How to Pick Comfortable Clothing During Pregnancy

Maternity clothes should last you through several pregnancies, especially if you pick the right items. Here are some suggestions when picking them out!

Fabric & Materials

Cotton is your best friend during pregnancy. It will feel loose ad breathable on your skin while absorbing sweat and keeping your body cool.

Another bonus when picking cotton is that it’s skin-friendly and has a reduced risk of skin irritations.

Try to avoid unnatural fabrics, such as polyester. When you’re pregnant, your hormones are going crazy, so you may end up sweating more excessively than before. Synthetic fabrics will make you sweat even more.

The Closure

When you aren’t pregnant, how your pants or skirts close may not be a consideration, but it will when your body and belly starts to grow rapidly.

Pants or skirts that close with a drawstring or simply have elastic waistbands are ideal for your growing belly. Buttons, belts, and zippers aren’t nearly as comfortable and may dig into your skin.

Another classic style is wrap arounds. These are more than just trendy; they work great for pregnant mothers since they’re so comfortable during pregnancy.

Support for Your Belly

Whatever comfortable clothing you wear during pregnancy, it should give ample support to your growing belly. Many tops and bottoms support your baby bump, which is needed from the second and third trimester forward.

Keep in Mind the Seasons

When buying your maternity clothes, keep in mind the seasons you’ll experience during your pregnancy. Hot weather will lead to more sweating, so invest in lightly colored clothing made of cotton.

Winter means you need to make sure you wear wool and other warm clothing that allows your body to breathe still.

What Clothing Do You Need to Have

As you build your wardrobe of comfortable, versatile maternity clothes, here are some pieces you want to make sure are in your closet.

  • Two to three maternity bras
  • Two sleeping bras
  • Cotton underwear
  • Maternity leggings
  • Maternity jeans
  • A maxi skirt
  • Maternity dress
  • A few maternity tops
  • Comfortable shoes

Many of your normal clothes will work throughout your pregnancy, such as longer tops that will fit like shorter tops. Cardigans and baggy sweaters may fit throughout the winter season of your pregnancy, and a pregnancy belt may help extend your regular jeans and pants.

Can Tight Clothes Hurt Baby During Pregnancy?

You might have heard the myth that wearing tight fitted clothing during pregnancy will hurt or squish your baby. The truth is – it’s just a lie and a myth.

Fitted clothing are likely to feel uncomfortable but tight clothing won’t hurt your baby. Chances are your baby will have no idea that you’re wearing shorts a bit too tight or skinny maternity jeans that you barely buttoned this morning.

Grab a few trendy pieces for your wardrobe but stick to a majority of comfortable clothes during pregnancy. Your body and growing belly will thank you, as well as your budget in future pregnancies!

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