How to Make Coloring Calendars for Your Kids

The recent surge of interest in coloring books isn’t surprising. Coloring books are a mesmerizing and very soothing process that people of all ages can enjoy, especially children.

Want to find some hybrid that could not only entertain your little ones but also serve some important purpose? Meet coloring calendars! They are exactly what you imagine them to be – calendars with prints that kids can color. 

What is so interesting about them? Well, the first reason is obvious. Calendars and planners help kids get organized, be in time, and never miss an event. As for the coloring part – such activity is immensely beneficial for kids’ imagination, stress relief, and fine motor skills workout. Want to create something as useful for your children but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We come prepared with not only inspiring examples of such coloring calendars, but also with a comprehensible guide on how to make them yourself. 

First, have a look at what engaging designs you can incorporate into your calendars. While there are no strict rules on what theme to choose for your calendar, keep in mind that going with your kids’ favourite media franchise is a surefire way.

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Eager to create something as cool? If you already have a vision in mind, you need a reliable tool to realize it. Look no further than Photo Calendar Creator, easy software for making calendars.

This program comes with 250+ templates for all kinds of calendars: wall, desk, booklet, spiral-bound, etc. What’s more, you are free to customize these templates to your heart’s desire.

Not only can you add your own pictures, but also alter the month grid style, decorate your calendar with cliparts and images, and so much more. Let’s have a look at how to use this nifty software to create a coloring calendar of your own design. 

1. Pick the Template

Once you run Photo Calendar Creator on your PC, you need to pick what kind of calendar you want to make. Along with regular options like a wall, desk, and pocket calendar, this software offers unusual formats like perpetual calendars, desk calendars of 2 years, wall calendars for 3 years, etc. Then, browse through calendar templates and pick the one you like most. 

2. Add Your Images

Now, pick a background for your calendar. Since your main image will be grayscale, you can go with a bright solid color for contrast. Next, add the black and white images for coloring. You can go with just one big picture or add multiple – all depending on the type of calendar you picked.

3. Customize Your Calendar

Add a bit of personal touch to your coloring calendar. First of all, you can customize the month grid anyway you like – change the colors, fonts, etc. Then, to make your kids’ calendar more useful, you can mark important events like friends’ birthdays, sports practice, or music lessons right in the cells. This way your kids will always be aware of the upcoming events. 

4. Print Your Calendar

The final step is to print your calendar. If you have a printer at home, do it right away. If not, take your coloring calendar to the print shop. You can also save your calendar as a template and reuse it for later years – just make sure to change the images to your kids’ new obsessions. 

. . . .

And this is it! It took us just four simple steps to create a coloring calendar that your kids will love. Thanks to such a calendar, your children will acquire much-needed time management skills and at the same time they’ll be entertained and relaxed.

Want to have something as beneficial for yourself, too? Well, with Photo Calendar Creator, you’ll be able to design not only kids-oriented coloring calendars, but stress-relief options for yourself. Just imagine – intricate patterns, graceful mandalas, or magnificent animal totems – you can have it all on your calendars with Photo Calendar Creator.

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