Simple Baby Registry Greeting Examples for your Baby Shower Guests

Congrats on your pregnancy! If you’ve already started planning for your baby shower, did you know that you can add your own personal baby registry greeting when guests check out your registry?

At this exciting time of your life, you probably invited many close friends and family to come celebrate this huge milestone. So making them feel welcome to your shower, is always a good idea!

Your family, friends, and guests will be checking out your baby registry to make the best gift choices for your baby according to your own personal style and research. If you need some registry greeting examples, I’ve got you covered!

The baby registry greeting is a great place to let your guests know the gender of the baby, nursery theme or colors, name (if you already have one), due date, and any other pertinent information that will help to make their gift choices easier.

Read on for some ideas and baby registry greeting examples on how to announce your pregnancy and baby registry.

Steps on How to Create a Baby Registry on Amazon

The first step to creating an Amazon baby registry is to Google “Amazon Baby Registry.” The website will show you a button to Create a Baby Registry – Click that!

From there, you will be taken to your Baby Registry settings, which include your personal details.

How to Add a Baby Registry Greeting on Your Amazon Registry

On your settings page, there is a field to add a greeting to friends and family at the top of your registry.

What to Include in Your Baby Registry Greeting

Some information about your baby and pregnancy may be included in the baby shower invitation, but not all. Also, some people may be oblivious to certain hints like the gender of the baby if the invitation is blue.

Here are some great items to include on the greeting for those guests who want to stray from the registry and purchase their own gifts of choice.

Baby’s Gender

If you haven’t already included the gender on your baby shower invitation, this is a great place to put it. Perhaps you found out the gender after the invitations were sent out – or worst case, you found out the gender changed after (this actually happens!).

Baby’s Name

There’s a good chance that you didn’t include the baby’s name on the invitation, but if you’ve come up with your baby’s name (and are 100% sure of it), add it the greeting! This will be great for all those who want to order something personalized for your baby.

Nursery colors

Choosing a nursery theme can be tough, so some new parents opt for just a color theme for their nursery. This could be light pink and grey, beige and grey neutrals, or navy and white to name a few.

Let your guests know the color theme for stuffed animals, blankets, bedding, or any nursery decor they choose to buy.

Nursery theme

Of course, this one is important if you already have a nursery theme selected. Let them know whether it’s wild animals, rainbows, woodland theme, etc.

Due date or season

Listing the due date or season when your baby is due will help to let people know what types of clothing or accessories your baby will need and in what size. For example, whether you may need heavy winter items or cooler summer items.

Colors of items

This may not be the case anymore, but when I first started having babies, all the baby gear was either pink, blue, or a mixed/rainbow color. Now baby gear comes in beautiful neutral tones like beige and grey which compliments the aesthetic of most homes.

Therefore, you may not have to specify your color preferences for baby gear, but it’s something to note. If you have several items on your registry that have different colors, ie. a stroller with different options for the shade color, you may want to specify what color preference you have.

Saying neutral colors will typically work just fine.

Other preferences:

Although the items on your registry should dictate the things you need, some people really need it spelled out for them if they choose to deviate from the registry. You can indicate if you plan to breast or bottle feed, cloth or disposable diaper,

Baby Registry Greeting Examples and Templates

Here are a few templates that you can use for your baby registry greeting. Feel free to copy and paste these registry examples and tweak them to fit your family’s needs.

Amazon has a 500 character limit on their baby registry greetings so you want to make sure that you are concise and to the point when writing your greeting.

Template #1: Gender, name, and nursery colors

Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting our registry. We are thrilled to be welcoming a little girl (Ava Grace) this October and feel so grateful for all the love you’ve already shown to her. Her nursery colors will be pink and ivory and we’d prefer to keep the baby gear to neutral colors. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Template #2: All surprise

Welcome to our baby registry! Although we can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy, the gender of Baby Miller is going to be a surprise to us all! Therefore, we’d like to keep all baby items gender neutral. We’re so grateful for your kindness and generosity and looking forward to you meeting our new addition!

Template #3 – Requesting books

Thank you so much for visiting our baby registry, and helping us get ready for Baby Keller. You might notice that we haven’t added any books to our registry- that’s because we would love for you to help us by picking your favorites to add to Andrew’s library. More than anything, we are just so grateful for your love and support. Thank you!

Template #4: Gender and Nursery Theme

Welcome to our baby registry. We’re so excited to welcome our baby BOY to the world in late August and can’t wait to celebrate with you all. We have already begun designing his woodland themed nursery and can’t wait to add more items to it as well. We’re so grateful for your kindness and generosity and looking forward to you meeting our new addition!

Template #5: Name and Neutral colors

Thank you so much for visiting our baby registry as we get ready to welcome Penelope Marie to the world. We chose to stick with gender neutral colors for all her baby gear and toys to compliment the colors of our home. More than anything, we are just so grateful for your love and support. Thank you!

I hope you have fun making your baby registry and choosing the right baby registry greeting from these examples for your family and friends. Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy!

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