Simple DIY Autumn Wreath for Under $15

I normally can’t wait to start decorating for fall. I usually do it way too early so my husband tells me I have to wait until at least the last weekend of September. After all, September has still been in 80’s and definitely doesn’t feel like autumn at all.

Wreaths are so fun to make because they’re incredibly simple, you can do them very inexpensively, and design it however you would like. If you buy a ready made wreath at the store, you could spend $50+ which is insane! I can make my own for $8-$20 and be able to use the exact colors I want and design it myself. They also make great housewarming gifts!

I wanted to make a simple wreath for you guys because who has that much time for crafting? This wreath can be done in literally less than 10 minutes!

I got all of my supplies from Michaels. There’s always a 40-50% off coupon

What you will need:
18″ grapevine wreath
floral stems of your choice in fall colors; try to get a variety of large flowers and leaves/sprays

That’s it! No need for a hot glue gun or floral wire. I used a wire cutter for ease, but regular scissors will work after bending the flower stems a bit.

The steps are simple:

Gather your materials. I bought 1 wreath, 2 large flowers, 1 spray, 1 set of leaves. I had the natural sprays here and just gathered pinecones from the yard.  You can also get them at the dollar or craft store.

Set up how you want to arrange the flowers on the wreathe.  I like to put the large ones in the center with the sprays and leaves on the outer edges.

Cut off the flowers and sprays from the main large stem, leaving just about 4 inches of stem to use to tuck in the wreathe.

Tuck in the stems through the twigs.  You can weave it in and out through the twigs and sticks, but just sticking it through to the back will give you pretty good traction.  These stems aren’t moving anywhere!


Enjoy your beautiful fall home decor!





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