19 DIY Special Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably looking for some simple, quick, and homemade DIY Mother’s Day gifts. After all, moms love a sweet and sentimental gift from the heart and she can tell the time, effort, and love that went into making it.

Whether it’s for your wife, mother, grandmother, sister, or best friend, you still have time to make Mother’s Day special this year. Now is the best opportunity to get a little creative and craft up an amazing gift for mom.

Here are some ideas for your DIY Mother’s Day Gift that will make any mom smile. They go behind the simple handprint flowers or crafts that a two year old would make. These DIY Mother’s Day gifts require some extra prep, materials, and adult help.

Click on the photo or link for detailed instructions on how to make each one.

1. Pallet Picture Frame

I love this rustic wooden pallet that holds photos with a beautiful, colorful accent of MOM with a pop of color. Using a pallet frame, wooden letters, clothespins, and some wood squares, you can DIY this beautiful gift that mom will love.

Here is another great version of this MOM photo and note holder. This one may be even simpler than the one above, so check out the tutorial on Crafts by Amanda.

2. DIY Tea Cup Candles

How adorable are these little candles? Pick our your favorite coffee or tea cup and by simply melting some candle wax flakes, you can make your own pretty candles!

3. Homemade Bath Salts

Using regular store-bought epsom salt and some dye, you can make these adorable test tubes of bath salts for mom.

4. Create A Mom And Me Jar

I absolutely love this idea and will most certainly try it with my daughter (since there is no way my husband will pull this off for me)! Your little one will put ideas in a jar of all the activities, adventures, events, and things they want to do with mom. Every week, mom can pick out an idea as a way to make memories with her children.

5. Painted Tin Can Flower Vase

These come out so cute using tin cans that you may have just used at dinner tonight and some acrylic paint. You can design it however you want.

6. DIY Sugar Scrub

This simple sugar scrub uses all ingredients you should have around the house! If you can find some granulated sugar, coconut oil, essential oils or vanilla/raspberry extract, food dye, and a mason jar, you can make this easy DIY sugar scrub.

Another option is this Lemon Salt Scrub from Compost and Cava.

7. Mom Gift Cookie Jar

Gather a bunch of mom’s favorite things in a large jar that she can see everything that’s in it and reuse the jar for something else that may be useful too!

8. Homemade Soaps

These handmade soaps are so beautiful, mom won’t even want to use them! Using a soap base and dye, you can make these soaps that look like gemstones.

9. Painted Mason Jar Candle

Several DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the special woman in your life. Most don't use many materials to make a unique present for mom or grandma.

Using acrylic paints and a little creativity, turn an ordinary mason jar into a beautiful centerpiece candle for mom.

10. Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Everyone knows that these are the things mom really wants: the opportunity for someone else to take over the household chores, a day to be pampered, or planned family dates and activities. This coupon book has everything she would need and you can even add your own too!

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11. Mason Jar Photo Vase

Give a personalized feel to an ordinary painted mason jar vase with a little mod Podge and a picture of your precious children or grandchildren.

12. Homemade Lavender & Lemon Soap

The smell and look of these bars is amazing. Mom will love the thoughtfulness when she receives this gift.

13. Cupcake Liner Flower Frame

Spread some extra joy and sunshine with these adorable picture frame with your children’s photos.

14. Spa in a Jar

Using a large mason or cookie jar, throw in a bunch of items that mom can use to pamper herself. You can make them yourself or simply buy some samples sizes from a local pharmacy.

15. Tile Photo Coasters

With some Mod Podge and a photo, you can turn ordinary tiles into personalized coasters, perfect for Mother’s Day.

16 . DIY Glass Magnets

These DIY glass magnets are perfect for the refrigerator and you can personalize them with small photos or create a matching magnet set with patterned paper. All you need are some clear glass gems, small magnets, and decorative paper.

17. Homemade Soaps with Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers and Violet Fragrance

Instead of using soaps containing harmful chemicals, you can make homemade soaps with flowers and essential oils. These soaps smell amazing and you know that you’re not putting any toxins on your body. Mom will love these!

18. Homemade Oatmeal Face Masks in a Jar

Several DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the special woman in your life. Most don't use many materials to make a unique present for mom or grandma.

DIY oatmeal face masks are amazing and soothing for the skin. Oatmeal is not only a delicious breakfast food, but it can also make a great face mask.

19. Hand Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

With rich jewel tones and glamorous gold embellishments this painted wood bead necklace DIY jewelry idea makes a fabulous DIY gift for Mother’s Day. Make it with mom’s favorite colors or the ones she wears most often. Here are some other adorable DIY jewelry items to consider making too.

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I hope you get to make this Mother’s Day extra special for the unique woman in your life with these DIY Mother’s Day Gifts.

Several DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the special woman in your life. Most don't use many materials to make a unique present for mom or grandma.

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