Easy Halloween Balloon Activity The Kids Will Love

Every year our neighborhood gets together for a Trunk or Treat the weekend before Halloween.  It’s easier to get all the kids together at the same time when it’s on a weekend, not on Halloween day or after school.  All of the houses on the block participate and each one has a fun game set up in order for the kids to get their candy.

We made a game using balloons as pumpkins where the kids have to pop the balloons to get their candy.  It’s super simple and the kids love it! Here’s how to do it:

What you’ll need:

Orange balloons – 12″

Mini Size Halloween Candy

Green ribbon or green construction paper

What to do:

Stuff the balloons with candy.  You should be able to fit 2 or 3 pieces in there.

Blow up the balloons

Tie a small piece of green ribbon on the knot of the balloon OR cut ovals out of green construction paper and tape onto the side of the balloon.

Scatter all the pumpkins in your yard and watch your Pumpkin Patch grow!

Have the kids pop the balloons any way they can.  Most will resort to sitting on them to pop.  The kids will go nuts to get the candy filled balloons!




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