Christmas Bow Wall Stick Toddler Activity

This wall stick activity is very simple to and will keep your toddler busy for some time (in toddler world, a few minutes is a lot of time!).  It’s a festive way for your child to play with items that they usually don’t get to play with.

You can incorporate a lot of language during this activity by talking to your child about what they are doing. It’s also a great way to work on bilateral coordination (using two hands together), wrist extension, and fine motor skills.

I love easy activities that are cheap and take barely any set up because you can do it when you have a free few minutes in your day.

toddler bow wall stick

What you’ll need:

A bag of Christmas bows (you can get them at the Dollar Store)

Painter’s tape

toddler bow wall stick

What to do:

Fold the painter’s tape over itself so it’s sticky on both sides and adhere it to the side of the bow that you would stick on. Don’t take off the sticker of the bow unless you want bows permanently stuck on your walls and ruining the paint to get them off. 

Put a pile of bows in front of your toddler and sit them in front of a wall.  Demonstrate what they should do with the bows by sticking them to the wall and then have them imitate what you just did.

toddler bow wall stick

Take the bows off and do it again. Your child will love getting to play with the shiny bows.

You an also use contact paper on your wall to stick the bows on without having to use painters tape on them. 

toddler bow wall stick

Ways to incorporate language

Have them repeat the word bow as they stick it on the wall. 

Talk about the colors of the bows. What color is the bow? The bow is red. The bow is shiny.

Dictate what they are doing as they do it.  Bend down, pick up the bow, stick the bow on the wall. Take the bow off the wall. 

If they’re able to, have them sort the bows by color.

toddler bow wall stick

I hope your kids will enjoy this simple holiday activity. Do you have any other festive ways to use holiday decorations for your toddlers?

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toddler bow wall stick pin

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  1. I love all of the activities you have on your site! They look like so much fun!

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