42 Awesome Family Halloween Costumes That You’ll Want to Try

Halloween is quickly approaching so it’s time to plan your family Halloween costumes!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to decide on costumes. Typically I put it off for awhile and always say, I’m not going to put that much effort into it this year. Then, as it gets closer, I realize that I need to get it together and plan a family costume!

Ideas for matching family halloween costumes. You'll find great inspiration here for babies, toddlers, kids, mom & dad to love these fun, unique costumes.

42 Awesome Family Halloween Costumes

Here are a bunch of inspiration photos to help you get ideas for your family costumes too. Some have a full DIY tutorial attached to them if you click on the image.

All of these parents below have really put in the extra effort to make these matching family Halloween costumes awesome! You can tell that their children were just as excited as they were to dress up in fun costumes.

I hope you can find an idea or some inspiration here. Have fun dressing up with your little ones!

If you can’t find enough ideas here, check out my post on 13 Adorable Disney-Themed Family Halloween Costumes for more ideas of Disney matching family costumes. There were just too many that I couldn’t fit them all on this page! There are also many more ideas for Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes, DIY SIbling Costumes, and DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes.

Harry Potter

This family it right with fantastic costumes of Harry Potter, Hermione, and an elf. These costumes look super easy to DIY using many staples in your own closet or a quick shopping trip. Use a piece of beige fabric to make your baby one of the Harry Potter creatures. If you’re not that creative, you can find Harry’s black robe here, some accessories, and a baby elf.

Fred Flinstone & the Gang

Try out family Halloween costumes with the Flinstone Family! This is another costume set that you can DIY even if you’re not a seamstress. I love that even this Bam-Bam costume lets you just keep your baby in a diaper cover-so simple! For the last-minute families, you can find these costumes here. Fred | Wilma | Pebbles | Bam-Bam

The Wizard of Oz

This family has enough members for almost all the characters! A sweet little Dorothy, a cowardly baby lion, and the strong tin man for all the children. Mom and dad are Glinda the Good Witch and the Wizard- and can’t forget about their pup as the Wicked Witch.

Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf

I love a costume that you can use things from your closet! This family was all different versions of the big bad wolf. Mom grabbed a flannel and black leggings, dad had a bath robe and a wig, and the baby wore an actual Big Bad Wolf Costume with a flannel.

Zookeeper and His Animals

Think these zookeepers are keeping their animals under control? I love this idea because you can get creative with which animals you use!

Hocus Pocus

The classic movie Hocus Pocus may be before your kid’s time, but you could let them watch it with you before Halloween. I love this family’s interpretation of Winnie, Sarah, and Mary with all the girls and Billy Butcherson as the dad.

Cereal Mascots

This is such a creative, out-of-the-box idea. This family paired four cereal mascots for their costumes- Frosted Flakes’ Tiger, Cheerio’s Bee, Lucky Charms Leprechaun, & Count Chocula. You can even go with other mascots like the Toucan from Froot Loops, Fred Flinstone from Cocoa Pebbles, Bunny from Trix, or Captain from Capt’n Crunch

Sesame Street

This is a great DIY tutorial of how to make these adorable Sesame Street costumes with a baby Elmo and mama Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Click the photo for the no-sew tutorial.

Queen of Hearts family

This family has it all down when it comes to awesome and unique family Halloween costume. I love seeing their costumes over the past few years! She’s got a great detailed DIY tutorial on how she made this family Queen of Hearts costumes.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

How cute is this classic Halloween costume, perfect for a family of four? You can buy these simple costumes of an adult bear, baby bear, and Goldilocks to put this costume together with basically a click of a button! No sewing or creativity required!


These Troll costumes are adorable and you can find a ton of different variations for them. As long as you have the colored wigs, you’re good to go! You can easily DIY these costumes with felt, tulle, and a little creativity, but here are some costumes that you can buy to make your life much easier! Girl Troll Costume | Adult male costume | Adult Female Costume


If you really want to put in some work for a DIY family Halloween costume, go ahead and make these robot costume! Sara from Tell, Love, and Party teaches you exactly how to make these using a few materials like cardboard boxes, spray paint, velcro, elastic, and more. It seems like an extensive project, but if you love to get creative and DIY something very unique, this is a great idea to try out!

The Greatest Show on Earth

These are both great ideas for Circus-themed family costumes. Sara at Tell Love and Party has a detailed tutorial for her costumes above, but there are so many different ways to make these as no two circus acts are alike! Here is a great adult Circus Ring Master costume and I love this Strongman costume. For the ladies, you can go with a Ring Mistress like this one– with maybe a little more covered up around your little ones. Your child can be a ringmaster or even a circus clown!

Jurassic Park

Those huge dinosaur costumes have been such a big hit for kids the past few years so this is a fun way to incorporate your whole family into it! You can use a Power Wheels truck as the safari vehicle and it’s simple for mom and dad to be paleontologists.

Power Rangers

Is Power Rangers still on? Even if not, it may be something either parents or kids would enjoy dressing up as! It’s out generation’s superheroes and Krista Horton’s family did an awesome job pulling off

Greek Gods

These gold metallic Greek God costumes are amazing! You’re sure to draw a crowd with these unique outfits. Head to the site for a full DIY tutorial!


Simple, yet super cute. Get the whole Batman crew together for this adorable family costume. I’m sure Cat woman, Batman, and Robin were all out fighting crime that night!

German Oktoberfest

Dress in traditional German Oktoberfest costumes with your little one this Halloween! Here’s a great adult woman’s costume and the matching little girl’s costume too.

Napoleon Dynamite

Does anyone remember this movie? This family got the character down pat! Baby Napolean is adorable with the onesie and glasses and Deb and Kip finish this family costume off perfectly!

Space Family

Once again, Sara from Tell Love and Party has a fun and unique costume idea that both parents and kids will love! Check out her DIY tutorial on how to make these space men and women costumes.

Where’s Waldo?

A simple yet classic family costume- Where’s Waldo? I love costumes that you can literally wear your regular clothes and still look like you’re in costume. Simply purchase a few red-striped sweaters and hats and you’ have yourself an adorable costume!


Does your child want to be an astronaut when he grows up? Why not now?! I love these astronaut costumes for the whole family- mom, dad, and little ones.


You can go all out with accessories for these costumes or just the simple Ghostbuster uniform. I love the family on the top that decorated their Ghostbuster mobile and the little Marshmallow man on the bottom!

Dunkin Donuts

We know that moms run on coffee so why not give this family costume a try! Are you a Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Swirl? I love this adorable idea of donuts, iced coffee, and a Dunkin worker! You can DIY dad’s costume with a brown apron and adding a DD logo and mom’s costume appears to be some kind of poster board wrapped with brown paper and cut out DD letters.


Such an awesome family costume that Sara from Tell Love and Party put together. These monsters are sure to spook anyone out! She’s got a great tutorial on her site- just click the photo for more info on how to make your own!


Hippies are super popular the past few years with the hipster and bohemian trend still going strong. The best part is that you may still have some things in your closet from a couple of decades ago that will make the perfect DIY hippie costume! If not, you can get some items and ideas on Amazon, like this woman’s costume, these accessories for dad, or this adorable girl’s costume.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

An old classic movie that hopefully your child loves. Paint your kid’s face orange for the perfect Oompa Loompa and of course, dad with the Willie Wonka costume.

3 Raccoons Looking for Trash

Well, this is a truly unique and funny costume! Dress your little rascals up as raccoons and dad can be the smelly trash that they’re looking for!

Game of Thrones

I was never a big fan of this series, but I know a ton of people who are. This an awesome costume for Game of Thrones fans. I love this Khaleesi dress, John Snow costume, and of course, the little one as the dragon.

4 Seasons

I love the creativity, yet simplicity, of this costume- starring the 4 seasons- fall, winter, spring, and summer. Fall seems easy enough with just hot gluing the leaves onto some orange and brown clothing. Mom’s spring outfit is gorgeous with a floral arrangement and a long green skirt. Baby winter has adorable snowflakes all over and the sweet little summer girl. with an ocean scene on a sunny day!

Dr. Seuss and Things

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are popular costumes for any age, but it’s a great idea to have moms and dads dress up as The Cat in the Hat and your kids as Thing 1 and Thing 2. If it’s just 1 child, have him be Cat in the Hat and mom and dad can be Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Farmer and his Pumpkin Patch

Every baby should probably be a pumpkin at least one halloween. Add to the fun of this Halloween costume by having mom and dad dress up as farmers. A simple flannel shirt and cowboy hat will complete this costume perfectly.

Ice Ice Baby

If you like a good pun, the Ice, Ice, Costume is sure to draw some laughs!


This is way creepy for my liking, but such an awesome costume idea! If your family loves a good thriller, these costumes from the movie IT would definitely creep out a few neighbors.


This family Halloween costume is just adorable! Four emojis that everyone will recognize! If you don’t use the poop emoji all the time, are you even a parent?

Shark Attack

A shark attack- in the literal sense of every word! Put your child in a shark costume, you can be the lifeguard, and dad can be the injured surfer. Don’t forget to make your url board with a nice chunk bitten out of it.


Cops and Robbers

Football Team and Referrees

Whether it’s your family’s first Halloween or 5th, have fun and enjoy making these memories as a family! You’ll have a great time showing off those matching family Halloween costumes!

If you can’t find enough ideas here, check out my post on 13 Adorable Disney-Themed Family Halloween Costumes for more ideas of Disney matching family costumes. There were just too many that I couldn’t fit them all on this page!

You may also want to try out this super simple, Halloween-themed balloon popping activity for your little ones. The kids got a kick out of it in the neighborhood!

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