32 Genius Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

As Easter approaches, it’s time to get excited and pick out all the goodies you want to give to your kids. If you plan an egg hunt for your kids, you’ll want to pick out some fun Easter egg fillers for toddlers.

Candy tends to be the most popular filler for plastic Easter eggs, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Granted, my kids love Jelly Beans, but variety is the spice of life!

Some families want to avoid the dreaded sugar crashes, while others prefer sugar-free goodies. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas to fill up an Easter basket

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite ideas for Easter egg fillers for toddlers that won’t lead to sugar overload. Many of these small toys and other items are available at the Dollar Store; you don’t have to spend a small fortune for your toddler’s Easter eggs.

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28 Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

1. Little People Toys

I love Little People toys; they’re one of my favorite Easter egg filler ideas! Once you take them out of the package, they’re small enough to fit into most plastic Easter eggs, and they’re something your kids will use for a long time.

Typically, you will need the larger Easter eggs for the Little people figurines, but those are the same price and easily available.

2. Stickers

If you’re toddlers are like mine, they LOVE stickers. You can find Easter-themed stickers or stickers for their favorite characters and shows.

Encanto stickers, anyone?

3. Self-Ink Stamps

I remember getting self-ink stamps in my Easter basket and from teachers growing up. When I saw a set at Target, I snatched them up for all of my kids’ Easter eggs.

They were a huge hit, and you don’t have to worry about separate ink pads.

4. Shaped Crayons

You won’t be able to fit traditional crayons into your toddler’s plastic eggs, but crayons meant for little hands work great. These Easter egg fillers for toddlers encourage creativity and look adorable.

I love these bear-shaped crayons!

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5. Balloons

All little kids love balloons, and they’re a cheap, affordable egg filler for toddlers. They even have the punch balloons available to put into the Easter eggs.

6. Toy Cars

If you have an older toddler, most love a few toy cars, and Matchbox cars are small enough to fit into Easter eggs. My kids collect all sorts of hot wheels.

7. Squishy Toys

You can buy packs of mini squishy toys for cheap, and they come in all sorts of shapes and figures. These are little sensory toys that keep kids entertained and relaxed.

8. Mini Play-Doh

The large containers of Play-Doh won’t fit into Easter eggs, but you can fit the miniature Play-Doh tubs if you get the properly sized eggs to hold them.

9. Mini Bubbles

Another one of the Easter egg fillers for toddlers that my kids love is bubbles. The small bubble containers fit great into eggs and lead to hours of fun.

10. Temporary Tattoos

If you want something your older kids and toddlers will love, include some temporary tattoos in your eggs this year! You can grab basic ones or some of their favorite movie characters like these Star Wars tattoos.

11. Character Band-Aids

Hear me out – my kids are CONVINCED that band-aids are basically stickers. If I get ones with characters, they’re gone before anyone has an actual boo-boo to use them.

So, grab a character box or two and stick them inside of the Easter eggs.

12. Socks

Grab a pair of two of fun colored socks and roll them up to fit into the large eggs.

13. Accessories

If you have a little girl, I bet she would love opening Easter eggs with bracelets, necklaces, and plastic rings. All little girls love to dress up and accessorize!

14. Hair Accessories

Hair ties, hair bows, and hair clips all fit into little plastic eggs well and would be perfect as Easter egg stuffers.

15. Alphabet Magnets

Grab some of those alphabet magnets and put some of them into your toddler’s Easter eggs.

16. Goldfish Crackers

If you don’t want to put candy into your toddler’s eggs, you can fill them with some goldfish crackers. They aren’t as bad as candy!

17. Puzzle Pieces

Get a puzzle and fill a few eggs with puzzle pieces. This is one of those fun Easter egg fillers; they have to find all of the eggs to complete the puzzle.

18. Bouncy Balls

All toddlers love bouncy balls, and they fit perfect into Easter eggs! You can get a whole set of them for cheap and save some for stocker stuffers during Christmas.

19. Fruit Snacks

It’s easy to find plenty of candy ideas for egg fillers, but fruit snacks fit easily into all plastic eggs, even the larger eggs.

Go for some healthier fruit snacks!

20. Small Dinosaur or Bug Figurines

My toddlers have tons of dinosaurs and bug figurines. They sell all sorts of animal figures that your kids will find awesome. My kids get these out to play all the time, and they’re great for sensory play and water play.

21. Finger Puppets

Toddlers love finger puppets, and they’re fun to use for creative play. You may be able to fit more than one puppet into the larger eggs.

22. Slap Bracelets

When I was young, slap bracelets were a huge hit. My kids received some at an Easter egg hunt one year, and I’ve included some every year since.

23. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of those spring essentials you have to have, but it’s hard to fit them in the plastic eggs. These little bunny shaped chalk will fit perfectly.

24. Bath Color Changing Tablets

All of my kids love these bath color changing tablets – I add them to my kids’ stockings each year as well. You put one of the drops into the bath tub, and it turns the water a different color. They think they’re hilarious.

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25. Mini Bath Bombs

If your toddler loves bath bombs, get some small ones that fit into plastic eggs. These make bath time fun and scented!

26. Snacks!

Aside from goldfish crackers and fruit snacks, you have other non candy ideas yet still food snacks to put into the eggs.

Here are a few more Easter egg fillers for toddlers that are treats too.

  • Raisins
  • Animal Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Cheerios
  • Yogurt Melts

27. Money

My in-laws always stick dollar bills and coins in our kids’ Easter eggs for their yearly egg hunt. This is another one of those items that I consider a choking hazard, but you know your child best.

All kids freak out over money!

28. Homemade Coupons


Another idea is to give your kids homemade coupons for their Easter eggs that they can turn in later for a treat or experience. For example, a trip to get ice cream could be a coupon or a bag of candy from the store. I thought these Easter Egg Tokens from @tekisun were adorable!

You can think of all sorts of rewards and treats to put on the coupons. This is especially a great idea for older toddlers.

29. Easter Crayons


Toddlers LOVE to color, and these Easter-shaped crayons would be a perfect surprise inside their Easter eggs!

30. Tiny Stuffies


If there is one thing toddlers love – it’s stuffies! Tiny stuffies are the perfect choice for toddler Easter Egg Fillers! You can find all different options from tiny bunnies to zoo animals and more!

31. Fun Easter Soaps


Toddlers love bathtime, and these fun Easter Soaps can make bathtime that much more fun! Your toddler will love finding these inside their Easter eggs and will be begging for bathtime.

32. Yummy Fruits or Veggies


If your toddlers are anything like mine cherry tomatoes and grapes are a fan favorite! Stuff your toddler’s Easter Eggs with some yummy fruits and veggies (but be sure to cut appropriately for younger toddlers before eating!)

You don’t have to fill Easter eggs with tons of candy – they can be fun and creative items as well. These are some of my favorite Easter egg fillers for toddlers that everyone will love.

Do you have any filler ideas? Drop them in the comments!

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