35+ Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

It’s that time of the year where your little one is turning another year and as you start planning for their big day, it can be overwhelming. Your little one is crazed over Cocomelon and I have the perfect Cocomelon birthday party ideas and decorations that your little one will love.

Who will love a Cocomelon birthday party?

Cocomelon has been such a huge hit with babies, toddlers and even kids with their music and colorful backgrounds and more.

What are fun and exciting ways to decorate your Cocomelon birthday party?

There are so many ways to decorate your little ones Cocomelon birthday party. We have simple and fun and if you have the extra energy, we have more decorations and ideas for that route too! These Cocomelon birthday party ideas and decorations will definitely be a hit.

Top 10 Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations for a Girl

Cocomelon Tutu Dress

Your little girl will love this Cocomelon dress for her party. It is bright and colorful and pretty.

Cocomelon Girl Banner

This Cocomelon balloon arch banner is big, bright, and bold; just what you need for your little ones party.

Cocomelon Birthday Party Centerpieces

These Cocomelon centerpieces add an extra touch to your table.

Cocomelon Girl Favor Sets

How awesome are these Cocomelon favor sets? There are so many different options.

Cocomelon Girl Pinata

This Cocomelon pinata is packed with fun for your little one and their guest.

Cocomelon Custom Coloring Book Set

Cocomelon coloring book sets are great for littles who enjoy coloring.

Cocomelon Custom Number/Letter Sign

This custom number/letter sign is too cute and pops out for all its color and images.

Cocomelon Cake Topper

Birthday girl will love this Cocomelon cake topper. It has so many great details on it.

Cocomelon Rings

Cocomelon rings are great for the birthday girl and her guest and they also go great on cupcakes too!

Cocomelon Bow

These Cocomelon bows are pretty and go great with the birthday girl’s attire and can also be used for party favors as well.

Top 10 Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations for a Boy

Cocomelon Birthday Boy Outfit

How adorable will your little boy be in this Cocomelon outfit? It has so many snazzy things included.

Cocomelon Bus Table Cover

This Cocomelon bus table cover adds some fun to your table and has all the characters on it as well.

Cocomelon Pinata

Your little one and their guest will have a blast hitting this Cocomelon pinata. It’s loaded with fun for all their energy.

Cocomelon Outside Decor

These Cocomelon outside decor images are great for showcasing your little ones’ birthday event.

Cocomelon Birthday Cups

Cocomelon birthday cups are a must and serve more than drink purposes. They can use it for snacks and more.

Cocomelon Complete Party Set

Needing something with everything included, then this Cocomelon party set is what you need!

Cocomelon Balloons

These Cocomelon balloons are great and add so much fun. Kids love balloons!

Cocomelon Bubble Favors

Your little one will love these Cocomelon bubbles so will their guest! Bubbles are so fun!

Cocomelon Treat Boxes

Needing something to put your birthday child and guests’ treats in? Well, these Cocomelon treat boxes are perfect! Big and colorful and can hold quite a bit.

Cocomelon Keychains

These keychains are neat! They have all your little one’s favorite characters!

10 Cute and Delicious Cocomelon Party Snacks

Cocomelon Fruit Rainbow

This Cocomelon fruit rainbow platter is delicious and healthy for your little one and their party guests.

Cocomelon Cupcakes

These sweet tasty Cocomelon cupcakes are a must for your little one’s Cocomelon party!

Cocomelon Rainbow Jello Cups

Cocomelon rainbow jello cups are a light treat and taste great. Your little one and guest will enjoy these.

Cocomelon Rainbow Pretzels

Cocomelon rainbow pretzels are a great easy snack for your Cocomelon party.

Cocomelon Fruit Pops

Cocomelon fruit pops are not only healthy and delicious but so easy to make and a crowd pleaser.

Cocomelon Popcorn

Popcorn is another great easy snack and this Cocomelon popcorn is a hit!

Cocomelon Veggie Platter

Kids need their vegetables and this Cocomelon veggie platter is the way to do it!

Cocomelon Rainbow Crispy Treats

These Cocomelon rainbow crispy treats are simple and tasty and make a great party snack!

Cocomelon Punch

Everyone at the party will love this tasty and delicious Cocomelon punch with just a few ingredients.

Cocomelon Popsicles

Your little one and their guest will love these Cocomelon popsicles. They are such a fun treat!

10 Fun Cocomelon Birthday Party Games

Cocomelon Bean Bag Toss

This Cocomelon bean bag toss is lots of fun and will have the party guests wanting to play.

Cocomelon Pin JJ’s Mouth Game

Your kiddo and their guests will enjoy this Cocomelon pin JJ’s mouth game! It will definitely spark excitement as their eyes are covered trying to pin it on correctly.

Cocomelon Water Sprinkler

Your little one and their party guest will go wild with this Cocomelon water sprinkler! This will bring so much fun to the party outside in the hot summer!

Cocomelon Bingo

Cocomelon bingo is an entertaining game that parents can enjoy and help their little ones understand how to play. This Cocomelon bingo game helps with letter and picture recognition.

Cocomelon Rainbow Pinata Punch

This Cocomelon rainbow pinata punch is a great indoor alternative to regular outdoor pinata if weather is not permitting or otherwise.

Cocomelon Ring Toss

Cocomelon ring toss is another great fun game and helps with hand-eye coordination.

Cocomelon Bubble Station

This Cocomelon bubble station will be a huge hit with the littles! Bubbles non stop for hours of fun!

Cocomelon Rainbow Hunt

This Cocomelon rainbow hunt game is great for teaching colors with your little one and their guest as they search for all the colors!

Cocomelon Balloon Burst

Cocomelon balloon burst is exciting and fun! Kids will have fun aiming and trying to pop as many as they can!

Cocomelon Ball Pit

Cocomelon ball pit is just full of fun! Kids will jump in and enjoy the many balls and balloons too!

I hope you were able to find great Cocomelon birthday party ideas and decorations for your little one on here! Enjoy and have lots of fun!

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