47 Back to School Hairstyle Ideas

With back to school approaching quickly (as it always does,) let’s talk about 47 Back to School Hairstyle Ideas for boys and girls. Whether you need a first day of school look, an everyday go to style or it’s a we woke up late and need to hurry kind of morning- we have you covered!

Hairstyles are a great way for kids to show self expression. Turn getting ready into bonding by getting the kids involved so they can help pick out what they like too.

You will find options for short hair, long hair, different textures of hair, and more! Don’t forget to have fun and use what you have on hand too.

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Girls Back to School Hairstyles

Freshen up the year with the trending styles. Don’t be afraid to add in what your mom used to do for your hair as a kid too.

Trends recycle and there are so many 90’s styles that are popular right now. Grab your butterfly clips and have some fun!

Medium Length Topsy Tail


This is a fun spin on pig tails when you add the sections and smaller braids. Even beginners can accomplish this and your child will be so glad you did!

Bubble Braids


Bubble braids are so in right now! You can accomplish this hairstyle on medium-long hair length and it will look just fabulous.

Add a pop of color with the rubber bands and add butterfly/star/flower clips to take this look to the next level.

Front Braids with a Top Bun


Can we say adorable? Add a mix of everything your daughter wants with braids, curls and a bun. Switch up the beads to make them colorful or neutral colored.

Throwing in some small clips is always a great touch.

Front Twist into High Pig Tails


A classic high pig tails hairstyle with an actual twist. By parting the front and twisting those sections, you are getting a great back to school hairstyle idea that won’t be in your littles face.

Half Up, Half Down Bubble Pony


Another back to school hairstyle idea that a beginner can accomplish. We love an easy hairstyle that isn’t your everyday ponytail.

Section the front of the hair into two parts, tie them together in the middle and make bubble sections. You can use smaller rubber bands or small hair ties to complete this hairstyle.

Butterfly Half Up, Half Down Space Buns


You cannot go wrong with space buns. Making them a half up, half down also gives you the freedom to go with straight or curly hair.

By sectioning off the front, you are also able to add clips, colorful rubber bands or make them bubble sections.

Multi-braided Space Buns


Have your little start school with a multi braided hairstyle that is sure to bring in the new school year! Braids, beads and buns will be the cutest touch.

Cornrows with a Bun


Cornrows will have mixed patterns in multiple sections. Leading them into a bun can have many looks. Try out this look and don’t forget to add an extra touch with a bow, clips, or beads.

French Braided Messy Rainbow Bun


Remember when a rainbow bun was the official going everywhere hairstyle? Now it can be this years back to school hairstyle.

Pro tip- adding the French braid leading into the bun will keep it tight and actually stay in.

Jazzed Up Low Pony Tail with Accent Braids


A low pony tail getting boring? Try this beginner friendly jazzed up one. You don’t need to have special braiding skills to create this back to school hairstyle.

Statement Rainbow Space Buns


A look that includes half up, half down, curls, braids and space rainbow buns? Now that is making a statement for a great school year.

Make this a picture day look or by adding clip in colored hair you can add this to your festive celebration hairstyles.

Hearts and High Ponys


Picture day, Valentines day, or any day for a matter of fact- add this look for your back to school hair style! The cornrows in a heart is the cutest touch.

Change up the color of the beads to match your celebration and your little will be totally accessorized.

Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts


Staying on the hearts trend for a second to show this adorable look. Is your little looking for something that doesn’t involve an up-do?

Add a pop of fun by shaping the sections in the front into multiple hearts.

Multi Sectioned High Pig Tails


Multi sections on top leading into high pig tails? Totally!

The ways you can accessorize this look is endless. Small clips, large clips, colored rubber bands and so on. All of this will lead to a look you’ll both love.

Braids and Curls


Looking for something that is not an up do? This mix of braids and curls is sure to flare up a great school year.

Don’t forget to peak the hearts on the scalp too!

Buns Down the Middle


Buns just straight down the middle are a way to mix things up. Adding a pop of braids really tie this look together.

Queen Bee of the Curls

Everything about this hairstyle is saying “I am a Queen!” Braids and curls go together so well in this mix up hair being partially up and down.

Don’t forget your accessories to bring that fun energy.

Mini Dutch Braids


Trying to find a way to jazz up keeping your little hair down? Look no further!

Whether you choose curls, straight, or their natural hair, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

Twist and Loops


Remember all the parting and sectioning of hair? This look is that BUT you flip them under and you have a great twist for your twist.


Party in the Back High Pig Tails


Don’t forget to style under the hair too! You can accomplish this look with high pony tails, buns, pig tails and more.

This is an excellent way to change things up a bit for back to school.

Pull Through Braids into Bubble Braid Pigtails


With the pull through braids you are getting all the pesky hairs from the face which leads into the trending bubble braids. Now this is a great look for the long hair littles!

Braided Half Up Style


Whether you want an everyday hairstyle or something for picture day, this should check the box. Natural hair, curls, crimping, or straightening the hair will be a great look.

Boys Back to School Hairstyles

Boy hair deserves some fun too. It’s important they know there are options to mix the school year up.

From man buns, to designs, or a classic slick back, see what they want to try out for back to school.

Slicked Up with a Splash of Fun


The look lately has been slicked back and we are loving it! But what about adding the slicked look with a little fun?

With a similiar length in hair, some water, gel, and a comb your son might just love this fresh take for their back to school hairstyle.

Natural, Clean Cut and Designed


Taking sensory into consideration, it is important to find a hairstyle that can be inclusive without needing much product.

Adding a design on the side can be a great way to mix up an everyday back to school hairstyle up.

Braids into a Man Bun


This is screaming back to school hairstyle. The braids leading into a man bun is a great way to make a statement.

Not only will it keep hair from being in their faces but it’s totally creative!

Curly Flattop


A flattop? Oh yeah! Curly hair doesn’t have to stop anyone from doing this either. The school year will be off to an old school start.

Fresh and Simple Cut


An iconic way to end summer is going back to school with this refreshing hair cut. Some dimension in the back with length in the front will be sure to rock the year.



With the right length of hair, cornrows are a great solution to making a hairstyle last. Not only is this a fun look but it will give them a break from having hair in their face all the time.

Classic Combover


A classic look that can’t go wrong. If your little prefers a simple, clean cut then why not!

Finding a great barber is a huge benefit when it comes to lining up their hair and keeping the fade blended.

Curly, Faded and Designed


Hello natural curls! If your child is rocking these curls, this is a fantastic look!

Not only can they show off the curls but they’re really emphasized with a nice faded, clean lines, and a design.

Length and Faded


Fades have so many options and this one is great. Whether you choose a lower or higher fade, the length of hair can also tie it together.

This look gives a lower fade with length that is styled perfectly.



Not fully committed to a mohawk? A fohawk can be that middle point for everyone. Going with this hairstyle leaves room open for other looks.

Skin Fade


This is an example of different fades. A skin fade can be a new change for your little wanting something different.

You can keep length on top which gives the comb over look when styled.

Drop Fade Comb Over


Not wanting too much skin on the side? Trying to get the fade look, length and a comb over?

You found the perfect look! Try this back to school hair idea out!

Design Placement Mix Up


Designs can be anywhere on the head. While typically seen on the side or the back of the head, you can really mix it up.

This will give a different look anytime you do it.

Quick Hairstyles

For those simple days, a cute and quick hairstyle is always needed. Hang onto these dearly because we all know the mornings we are full of exhaustion or are running late will approach.

When they do approach, you will be prepared!

Low Piggy Tails Easy and Fun


Low pig tails are a simple go to. A quick section off in the front, simple braids and there you have it. A look that doesn’t say we were running late today!

Hair Down, Sections Back


Don’t let this back to school hairstyle scare you. The curls are a bonus (making it a little extra if you wanted this for a picture day look) but you can keep the hair down and natural.

The quick 4 parts on top will get your littles hair out of their face and adding accessories fancies it up all while keeping this part of your quick mornings.

Parted Low Piggy Tails

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Pig tails are a classic but separating them gives a little extra something to the look. Easy and still a great look for back to school.

Mini Braids with a Pony Braid


Whether you add the mini braids in the front or leave them out, if your little has a lot of hair, this one is for you! Turn that simple pony tail into a quick half braid.

Slicked Back Braided Pony Tail


A slicked back pony tail is efficient but what about adding a braid to it? Now it’s efficiently cute! Give this look a go on your next laid back morning.

Pulled Back Twist Braids


Looking for something simple to try out? People of all skills can give this back to school hairstyle a shot!

Elastic Style


You now have a quick, easy and stylish go to back to school hairstyle. How fun is hair when you make something so simple look SO cute?

Stylish Messy Bun


A messy bun is a given for a quick morning back to school. Only if you could make it a quick process with a little extra style?

Quick Rope Twist Braids


An adorable look that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Perfect for a morning on the go.

Try this out the next time you are looking for a simple hair do.

Braided Half Up, Half Down


In a hurry? Try out this braided half up, half down. Simple, efficient and quick is the kind of hairstyle we all need on our list.

Elastic Pull Backs


Tired of the pony tails and pig tails? Give this quick look a try! By sectioning off 4 parts and grabbing a piece from each, your little will have a great hair down kind of day.

Half Up, Half Down Split Braids


While you are doing a half up, half down, take a few extra minutes and section off 3 pieces. Add a bubble braid in the middle and 2 side braids.

Accessorize as you want to really give it a jazzed up look.

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Be sure to hang onto this list of back to school hairstyle ideas and share it with your fellow mom friends! As our kids grow so does their style.

Including them into something like doing their hair will empower them. Not only will it give you a chance to bond with your child but it will also give you a sense of what they like or don’t like.

We know those back to school days come with challenges. No matter what kind of morning you are having the hair must be done! Grab one of these and head out for a great day!

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