65 Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet You Will Actually Wear

Finding shoes during pregnancy can be a challenge. As feet grow, change and swell, your usual favorites can become your worst enemy.

I’ve rounded up 65+ pairs of shoes for almost any occasion/want/need! I hope that you are able to find several pairs that will work for your swollen feet now and postpartum!

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What shoes can I wear with swollen pregnant feet?

As your pregnancy progresses, your feet will change and adjust along with the rest of your body. While you go about your day-to-day life, you’ll want shoes to support you while still fitting the environment.

What to look for when shopping for the best pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

Avoid Laces – While you may get away with laces during the beginning of your pregnancy, it will become more and more difficult to lace up your shoes while your future bundle of joy gets bigger. Finding shoes that don’t have laces will save you a lot of frustration and breathing problems.

No buckles or straps – While buckles and straps may be better than laces, they still pose many of the same problems. Having them come loose mid-day without anything to help you refasten them will be something you’ll want to avoid.

Support – A must for any shoe is that it supports your feet and body without any issues. While pregnant, you’ll have enough pains and worries to deal with without adding your feet to the list.

Stretchy – Stretchy shoes allow for the ebbs and flows of swelling. Some days you may be more swollen than others, so stretchiness is nice to have.

Stylish – Being pregnant is not an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Don’t think that you can’t look stunning even while your body is growing a new life.

How I chose the best shoes for pregnancy

The best shoes for pregnancy are always versatile and most important comfortable. Before purchasing, I ask myself where would I need to wear these shoes?

It’s definitely okay to have multiple pairs of shoes, but if you are only buying them for a short period of time, I like to be practical!

Best pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

The “best” shoes is a bit subjective depending on your job, activities, etc. But overall, the best shoes should be supportive, comfortable, stretchy and stylish.


If you are pregnant in the summer or live where the weather is warm year-round, sandals are a great pregnancy shoe!

1. Cloud Slides

Cloud slides sound like a dream for someone with swollen feet. These are easy to slip on and have an easily adjustable buckle to fit your foot more comfortably.

2. Birkenstocks

I really love these traditional style Birks. The wide footbed allows your foot to have more space and be more comfortable in everyday wear.

3. Crocs Sling Back

Sling-back crocs are cute and the elastic bands are forgiving for swollen feet.

4. Birkenstock Flip Flop

This is another variation of the classic Birkenstock sandal. The flip-flop gives a bit of a different fit which is nice.

5. Sketchers Studio Kicks

Sketchers studio kicks are comfy and easy to wear. The cloth straps are easy to slip on and off.

Slip on Shoes

Slip-on shoes are probably going to be the easiest to get on and off of your swollen feet. Slip-on shoes are great for running errands in, going to the park, etc.

6. Sketcher’s No Limit Slip Ons

Sketchers no limit slip on shoes are easy to get on and off and have somewhat of a stretch. They are also very supportive.

7. Teva Moc Moccasin

Teva Moc Moccasin’s look to be very comfortable. Teva shoes are known for their support.

8. Bobs Ballet Flat

Bobs are always a go to, and so versatile! They come in tons of colors and prints fit for almost any occasion.

9. Crocs

Traditional crocs may not be the cutest footwear, but they have been trending lately! Crocs are comfortable and breathable!

10. Sanuk Pair O Dice

I love a good pair of slip-on shoes, especially for swollen feet, and these fit the bill!

Work Shoes

If you work in an office setting, you will want to find comfortable shoes that will accommodate your swollen feet that still look professional.

11. Hash Bubbie Flats

Flats are a must-have pregnancy shoe for swollen feet and these are mesh which is very forgiving and breathable.

12. Heawish Flats

These flats are so adorable and very flexible.

13. Dr. Scholl’s Loafer

Dr. Scholl’s is known for their comfortable footwear, but did you know their footwear is also cute?

14. Sketchers Sandal

This sketchers sandal is cute and comfortable. It comes in a variety of color options!

15. Sketchers Cleo Flat

Sketchers Cleo Flat is cute and comfy. It has quite a bit of stretch which makes is perfect for swollen feet.

Best trendy pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

If you are a pregnant mama that likes staying on trend, you will really love these shoe options!

16. Dr. Scholl’s Wedge

Sometimes, you just need a good wedge. These wedges are cute, comfortable, and trendy!

17. Quilted Sneaker

Quilted sneakers are a great way to elevate a look. This brand comes in several color varieties.

18. Adidas Comfort Slide

These comfort slides are perfect for summer errands or poolside. You can easily pair these with a t-shirt dress, jeans, shorts, or leggings!

19. Pillow Sandals

Pillow sandals are a hot trend right now! They may not be for everyone, but are definitely trending right now!

20. Platform Slip-on Sneakers

How adorable are these platform sneakers? I love that these are cute and comfy! They can elevate any look!

Most comfortable pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

Sometimes when you are pregnant, comfort trumps all! Having comfortable shoes is so important for those swollen pregnant feet.

21. Hey Dudes

Hey Dudes are a tried-and-true comfort shoe!

22. Cloudfoam Shoes

I love these sneakers. They are comfy and a great versatile shoe to have around.

23. OOFOS Shoe

These mesh sneakers are a great option for comfortable shoes. Not only are they comfy on the soles of your feet, but the mesh makes them very forgiving and stretchy.

24. Crocs Anti Slip Shoes

Crocs are notorious for being comfortable and these slides are so cute!

25. New Balance Trail Running Shoe

New Balance has always been a brand that I love, because of the comfort level they provide. These trail runners are supportive and comfy!


A good pair of sneakers is a must in your wardrobe, pregnant or not!

26. Sketchers Sneakers

Sketchers is another favorite brand of mine. Their sneakers are comfortable and give great support.

27. Dr Scholl’s Madison Sneaker

I love the Madison sneaker! It comes in tons of colors and is so comfy to wear.

28. Adidas Puremotion

I love that these do not have any laces and just have elastic bands that make them easy to slip on and off.

29. Reebok Dailyfit Walking Shoe

Reebok Dailyfit walking shoe is a wonderful option to have in your closet, especially if you are needing a good shoe to workout in!

30. Sketchers GoWalk Sneaker

Another Sketchers tried-and true shoe! I like that these do not have any sort of elastic ties or anything, which makes them better for swelling feet.

Winter Shoes and Boots

31. Chaco Chukka Boot

Chacco makes amazing shoes that are durable! These boots are no different. They are a bit of an investment, but will last forever!

32. Ankle Snow Booties

I love these cute ankle snow boots! They are easy to get on and keep your feet protected from the cold.

33. Cozy Slippers

During the winter, every pregnant mama needs a good, cozy pair of slippers!

34. Dr. Scholl’s Bootie

This Dr. Scholl’s bootie is so cute and has great tread!

35. Slip On Bootie

These boots are similar to the boots above, just taller on the ankle which is nice if you deal with quite a bit of snow.

Most Breathable Shoes for Pregnant Swollen Feet

If you are pregnant in the spring/summer/early fall you need breathable shoes! Pregnancy feet sweat is something that is different than any other time of my life!

36. Mesh Sneakers

Grab yourself a good pair of mesh sneakers. Make sure that they are supportive too!

37. Breathable Mesh Flats

If you are a corporate gal, these are perfect for work and double as a great for church or date night!

38. Light Weight Sneaker

These sneakers are super lightweight and breathable!

39. OLUKAI Sneakers

How cute and trendy are these breathable sneakers?!

40. Breathable Loafers

I am loving these sneakers! They are like a ballet flat/sneaker hybrid.

Best Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are great to have in your wardrobe and so easy to clean!

41. Canvas Loafers

These slip ons are cute and come in a ton of color options.

42. Low Top Slip Ons

I love these Vans look alikes! They have a ton of color options as well!

43. Toms

Toms are some of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are easy to wear with almost anything.

44. Low Top Loafers

How cute are these low top loafers? They would be so easy to slip on and run *or waddle* out the door!

45. Memory Foam Loafers

These mules are adorable and I love the fuzzy inside!

Active Shoes

46. Chaco ZCloud

I have a pair of these sandals and I love them. I love the adjustable strap, perfect for swelling feet.

47. New Balance FuelCore

These tennis shoes are a great option if you are looking for active shoes.

48. New Balance Cross Trainer

I also really like these as an option for active wear tennis shoes.

49. WhitIn Zero Drop Sole

These drop sole tennis shoes are unique and look to be perfect for active mamas with swollen feet!

50. Sketchers Summit Sneaker

Of course, I had to throw in a Sketchers option!

Most versatile shoes for pregnant swollen feet

It is important to have versatile shoes in your closet, that way you aren’t purchasing a ton of different shoes for different occasions.

51. Dr. Scholl’s See Me Sneaker

These booties are easy to slip on and versatile to wear with tons of different outfits.

52. Dr. Scholl’s Ruler Loafer

How adorable are these loafers?! Perfect for a night out, church or work!

53. Dr. Scholl’s Luna Sneaker

The Luna sneaker is a bit more of an elevated sneaker. You can easily dress these up or down!

54. ECCO Fashion Sneaker

I love these fashion sneakers. The high top and zipper elevated them to almost a bootie with the comfort of a sneaker.

55. Knit Ballet Flat

This knit flat is so cute and comes in a bunch of different colors.

Easiest shoes to put on

Your best bet for easy to put on shoes is going to be something that you can simply slip on.

56. Slip On Clogs

I am loving these slip on clog shoes! Adorable and easy to put on.

57. Casual Knit Flat

How cute are these mesh flats?! They would be very easy to get on and off.

58. Comfy Suede Flats

I am in love with these suede flats!

59. Canvas Sneakers

I love the elastic across the top of these sneakers making them stretchier and more forgiving.

60. Boston Suede Clogs

These potato shoes are back in style and I am glad! They are cute and so easy to get on and off.

My favorite pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

61. Rubber Birkenstocks

I love these rubber birks. I can get them wet at the splash pad, throw them on with almost any outfit AND they come in lots of colors.

62. Crocs Flip Flops

Crocs flip flops are simple, cute and comfy! Easy to throw on and go with anything.

63. Dearfoams House Slippers

We know my love for a good slipper and y’all, these are it!

64. Dr. Scholl’s Booties

These booties are so adorable and perfect with almost any outfit.

65. Sketchers Go Walk Slip On

You need a good slip on sneaker, bottom line and these are fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet

How can pregnancy affect your feet?

During pregnancy, your body produces the hormone relaxin. This hormone gets your body ready to stretch during labor.

Unfortunately, this hormone can cause your feet to get wider and longer. Some women’s feet go back to their pre-pregnancy size, and some do not.

What should a pregnant woman do if her feet are swollen?

If your feet start to swell there are a couple of things that you can do.

  • Elevate your feet
  • Ask for a massage from your partner
  • Hydrate
  • Reduce standing in one place
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Swimming

Does walking help swollen pregnant feet?

Short walks can help reduce swollen pregnant feet because walking increases blood flow to the affected area. Be careful not to walk for too long though because swelling can get worse!

Swollen feet are just one of those glamorous things that we have to deal with during pregnancy! Finding the right footwear can make swollen feet more manageable.

What were your tried-and-true pregnancy shoes? Leave a comment below with your favorites!

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