22 Tips to Get Through Your Winter Pregnancy

Pregnant during the winter time? While you may be able to dodge the heat, you certainly can’t hide from the cold. Don’t let the winter blues bring you down – you certainly have something to be happy and excited about growing inside of you.

Don’t just trudge through winter, embrace it, and enjoy it. Here are some tips that will help you survive winter while being pregnant!

Stay Healthy

It’s true that being pregnant makes you more susceptible to viruses like the flu and the common cold. This is because the immune system of a pregnant woman is changed as the body works hard to care for the developing baby.

Not only can these illnesses be dangerous to you and your baby, but you’re limited on medications and pain relief to make you feel better.

1. Go to Bed Earlier

The days seem much longer in winter months as the daylight gets even shorter. As the sun sets, don’t be afraid to hit the sheets a bit earlier. Your growing and changing body is tired and yearns for rest. Don’t be afraid to succumb to the darkness and snuggle up earlier during this time. 

Having trouble sleeping from the commonly experienced pregnancy insomnia? Pregnancy pillows (like the one below), warm, soft flannel sheets, and aromatherapy will become your best bedtime buddy. 

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

2. Mask Up

Although we’ve come a long way from the pandemic, it’s still wise to protect your body during pregnancy. Pregnant women have a decreased immune system and are more susceptible to viruses during the winter time.

Have a sense of humor? Make this winter fun by getting a custom mask made that has sassy sayings imprinted on it such as, “Baby on Board-Stay Back!” or “Pregnant AF.

3. Eat Smart and Consider Calories

One of the best and worst things about being pregnant during the winter time is the holidays and feasts that come along with it. Christmas cookies are some of the most baked up treats and while it’s tempting to lick raw cookie dough batter, don’t do it!

With the threat of salmonella lingering, it’s just not worth the indulgent act. 

Pregnant mommies also only need a few extra hundred calories a day and holiday eats and treats can really pack on the extra pounds if you’re not careful. This can increase your odds of gestational diabetes and other serious ailments. 

So how can you combat excess eating? Have a healthy small snack prior to events to keep your blood sugar levels in check and to help you enter a party less hungry. 

Snacks like some apple slices with almond butter or a handful of peanuts and a tangerine (or any other fruit and nut combo) work wonders in quenching appetite and keeping cravings at bay. 

4. Wash and Sanitize Your Hands

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

Especially during a worldwide pandemic, it’s very important to wash your hands all the time. As other illnesses are still out there as well, you’ll reduce the chance of any germs entering your system by staying on top of this.

Wash your hands regularly after you come into contact with any public places or other people. Opt for a natural hand wash like Meyers Hand Soap, free of any synthetic fragrance, phlathates, or GMOs.

Hand sanitizer has also become my new best friend as I leave a bottle in my car, at the entrance of my house, and at my work desk. You never know when you’ll be in contact with someone else’s germs.

6. Get Your Recommended Vaccines

regnant women are at higher risk when contracting viruses like the seasonal flu or whooping cough. Mommy’s Bundle recommends to get your flu shot early — usually in your second trimester when you are feeling best to prevent contracting as many strains of the flu as possible.

The whooping cough vaccine (tDap) is also recommended by the CDC during pregnancy to prevent this dangerous bacterial infection.

6. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Winter weather leaves skin looking dull and drab. Exfoliation is key to a glowing complexion.

Whether you paper your body with a natural and organic all over body scrub or purchase a facial buff puff to scour away dry skin, you’ll look and feel like a new lady during winter months. 

Product ingredients scare you? You’ll be pleased to know that many facial services take pride in promoting all organic products, so it will be easy to find a healthy, natural exfoliation treatment and/or products to purchase. 

7. Know What Medications are Safe to Take

Infections go around during the winter months- that’s one thing that you can’t prevent. So if you do become infected, you’ll want to know what medications are safe during pregnancy.

From sinus and ear infections to strep throat or just chest congestion, you’ll want some pain relief or medication to battle the symptoms. However, there are many over-the-counter medications that are not safe to take during pregnancy.

Be aware of those when you’re at the drug store or ask your pharmacist or OB-GYN before you take anything or buy it for symptom relief. Here is a large list of most of the safe or harmful medications out there.

8. Hydrate

Just because it’s not 95 degrees anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay hydrated. During pregnancy you should always be drinking your maximum water intake (8-12 glasses a day).

Also, be aware of how much you’re drinking. Start to carry around an insulated water bottle as this will even help you track your water intake so you know you’re getting enough.

I love the Simple Modern water bottles with a straw because it helps me to drink so much faster than I normally would with just a glass of water.

Stay Comfortable

As if being pregnant wasn’t uncomfortable enough, add in the cold temperatures and lack of activities, and you’re bound to feel a little unnerved. Here are some tips to make your body looking and feeling the most comfortable as you get through your winter pregnancy.

1. Find Winter Maternity Clothing

This winter you may be lounging around at home much more than you’ll be venturing out of the house. Opt for super comfortable clothing that will grow with you and your belly.

If you’re trying to avoid purchasing “maternity” clothing, there are many staples that you can buy which can accommodate you as you grow, as well.

The biggest staple of all pregnancy clothing will be a good pair of leggings!

If you’re not ready to splurge on maternity leggings, these Satina high-waisted leggings are amazing for both during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and even when you’re not pregnant! For a one-size fits all legging, they really have the perfect stretch to fit you at your thinnest and at 9 months pregnant! For $13, give them a try!

If you don’t mind getting some maternity clothing, these maternity leggings by Girlfriend Collective are so comfortable and feel like butter on my skin. I seriously never want to take them off! They will fit perfectly through all stages of pregnancy as well.

Some more essential items include:

  • Long tank tops for layering : I absolutely love these maternity scoop neck tanks from Target because although they are labeled as maternity tanks, they don’t look it. They have extra length to stretch with your growing belly, but they don’t have that side touching so you can actually wear them when you’re not pregnant and they fit great!
  • Long cardigans : Due to the hormones during pregnancy, you may got hot and cold spells several times throughout the days. So layering is a great way to stay warm and cool when necessary.
  • Maternity jacket: Treat yourself to a maternity jacket which will grow with you over the cold winter weeks. Stretchy and warm, these waterproof coats are cut to flatter your figure and won’t stretch out your regular wool coats. 
These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

2. Buy a Belly Band

Being preggers in the winter means no easy, slip-on sundresses, but pants all season long. Although having to wear pants while pregnant in the winter sounds torturous, there’s a way to make it a little easier.

Contrary to popular belief, you can stay in your pre-baby bump pants with the help of a little friend called a belly band. This magical accessory extends your waist and allows you to wear your pants unbuckled or buttoned. The band sits firmly across the belly and stretches monstrously. 

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

While it feels odd at first, walking around with your pants undone; trust that no one can tell- just you! This belly band will save you loads of money and the band itself is actually pretty comfortable. Don’t embark on winter without one!

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3. Invest in Warm and Cozy Clothing

Whether you purchase a new pair of cozy pajamas, fuzzy socks, wooly gloves, or an adorable plush pom pom hat; you deserve some luxury and warmth during this stage in the game! Definitely take a break from buying everything for the baby and make yourself a priority too. 

4. Take Control of Dry Skin

If you are suffering from dry and cracked hands, heels, lips, or cheeks; you can take control of this situation. Slather on a rich, moisturizer, such as this lotion from Plaine Products.

Plain product’s lotions are all natural and free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates and palm oil. All the ingredients are non-GMO and blended with whole essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance. These are definitely “musts” to look for in your skincare during pregnancy.

Also keep some trial-sized moisturizer in your bag so you can stay soft and smooth wherever you go. 

Stay Safe

Winter can be dangerous for anyone, not just pregnant woman. However, when you’re carrying that precious cargo, you want to be extra cautious for the hazards of the winter.

1. Upgrade Your Shoes

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

Boots are made for walking-not falling. Being pregnant leaves your balance totally off. The last thing you need is to slip and fall on snow or ice. Upgrade your winter shoe game by picking up a pair of well tread boots that provide plenty of ankle support and structure. Always size up since your feet will swell toward the end of pregnancy too!

These boots don’t need to be unattractive or clunky either. There is a wide range of cute winter boots that are lined with fur, fleece, and that are designed in attractive colors. 

2. Invest in New Tires

When you’re driving around on winter days, keep in mind that you have precious cargo in tow! If your car doesn’t have winter tires on, it is wise to invest in a set that ensures safe travel since winter snow squalls can pop up in a moment’s notice.

Pricey? Definitely. Worth it? Without a doubt. You’ll want your car upgraded anyway when you’re driving your baby around. Strike up a convo with your car guy and ask him to recommend a great set.

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter

3. Assemble a Car Survival Kit

Winter weather can be unpredictable. It’s always wise to be prepared when driving longer distances (pregnant or not!) in case your car gets stuck in the snow. A car survival kit is just what you need to drive with confidence during these times. 

What should you include in your kit? Hands down, a large and warm wool blanket to protect you from freezing temps, a pair of gloves, an extra hat, and an extra pair of socks. Jumper cables are also a great addition. Get one pre-made from Amazon and throw in some additional items or put it together yourself!

You’ll want to have a few bottles of water, some non-perishable snacks, a cell phone charger, and emergency numbers pre-programmed into your cell phone. 

Also, never drive around on a low gas tank in winter months. Always keep it well filled so that you aren’t  in danger of running out.

4. Hire Help

Under no circumstance should you be out there in the cold shoveling your sidewalks or driveways when pregnant. It’s too risky! Pour some hot cocoa, turn on Netflix, and slip on some stretchy pants while your partner or a hired snow crew does all the work on the regular. 

5. Have a Plan of Action in Case of Inclement Weather

You’re going to have to go to the hospital for your delivery if it’s snowing or not (this is where those snow tires come into play). Because winter can be unpredictable, you may experience the fully fury of Mother Nature the day of your child’s birth. With roads being closed, super slippery, or not plowed well; it’s smart to develop several routes that will help you get to the hospital. 

6. Avoid hot tubs

Hot tubs and jacuzzis are popular as snowy weather comes. The hot water in these tubs are a major risk because of the internal temperature changes it causes your pregnant body.

Enjoy Yourself

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life! Winter weather and cold, snowy months can put a damper on things-but don’t let it! It’s still important to have time for self-care and socialization so that you come out of hibernation mode on top and ready to take on motherhood. 

1. Schedule Some Regular Indoor “Me” Time

On cold, snowy days, when there isn’t much to do anyway, enjoy some prenatal yoga or light exercise. Sure to put a little extra pep in your step, working out isn’t just great for you, it’s great for the baby. 

You don’t even have to pass up on winter sports. If skiing is your jam, consider picking up some cross country skis and gear to help you safely enjoy a variation of this outdoor sport. 

Exercise not your idea of some “me” time? Treat yourself to a new book, binge watch a new series, or get into a new hobby like baking, crocheting, or painting. A spa day or mani-pedi is always a good way to also get out of the house and take time for yourself.

Trust in the fact that regular “me” time is important, because when your little one arrives, it will be all about  the baby. 

2. Join in on the Festivities

No, you certainly can’t enjoy some champagne on New Year’s or some eggnog on Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a total party pooper. To survive the holiday season, you can knock back a non-alcoholic beer or glass of wine, both of which can be found at your local grocery store. Pour it in a decorative glass and feel like one of the group!

Don’t be afraid to whip up some yummy, holiday mocktails as well. These sip-able treats taste just as good as the real thing! There are recipes all over the internet that will help you embrace your inner virgin cocktail creative self.

3. Take Winter Maternity Photos

Although you may want to hire a professional photographer, you really don’t have to. You can take some gorgeous holiday photos even just on your smart phone!

Whether you’re standing in a silhouette in front of a Christmas tree or in a snowy field, let this season be a time to take beautiful memories of you and your partner before your bundle of joy comes into the world.

These 22 tips and tricks will help you to put yourself first and take proper precautions for the snow, ice, and cold to survive a winter pregnancy.

These tips will get you through your winter pregnancy & the holiday season with advice to stay warm, healthy, comfortable, & safe this winter
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